Wednesday, September 16, 2009

......... (can't think of a corney header)

Kinda excited to get off work in about......... 15 mins to go hangout with Kerri the preggo chica shown below. She's due Oct 13th, but I think little Skylar Reese is going to make her appearance sooner, rather then later! Ahh... just had to throw this picture in here, This is Kerri's hubby and Christopher... PURE TROUBLE when these two get together!

And I am also excited about these little yummy coffee drinks. If you like iced coffee and haven't tried these, stop what you are doing and go get some ASAP! It beats paying $5 for starbucks, since I am living on a budget. =(

........ And I am hoping to go get this little camera either today or tomorrow! I can't wait!

So that, is that! I'm blowin this popsicle stand!
might be back later...


  1. have a fun night!
    a new camera, how exciting!! i want one of those!!

  2. I love that coffee to go!! And your friend is the most adorable preggo lady ever!!! And the name she choose for her baby is beautiful!!