Thursday, December 31, 2009

Questions & Answers... and New Years Resolutions

Answer time for those of you who asked some questions. =)

Mrs. KLaw asked: Chicken or the egg? Brad or George? Sleep or Sex?

~ I am going to have to go with Chickens. The big man up in the sky, had to have just made humans.... so I think he must have just made the chicken too. (did that make sense?)

~ Although I think Brad is hotter, I don't really care for people who cheat on their Husband or Wife. So my pick will be George... he's a player everyone knows that going into a relationship with him, and he doesn't hide it.

~ Can I pick both? There are some days where I/we are just exhausted and we go to sleep, but other days it's on like DoNkEy KoNg! Yaknowwhaddamean?

Ms. Annie asked: How come you started your blog? How much time do you think you spend on blogs daily? Do you blog from work?

~ I guess I thought it was just somewhere to put down my thoughts, vent about stupid stuff etc. The first blog I came across was .... and baby makes 3 @ I don't know how I came across it, but I was intrigued to read about people and their experiences, their ups and downs. So I figured.. what the H.E. double hockey sticks I will try it out.

~ I probably spend 2 hours on blog including my minimized pop up reads. (is that a lot?)

~ I log on after I open the office. (is that bad?) I keep it minimized and look at the update post every so often and comment. I am on the phone all day long, so while I am calling to confirm appointments I read in between. * NOTE: I do get my work done though!*

I totally feel like a slacker now, but I promise you I am not!

Mrs. Geez Louise asked: (I think these were questions for this, but if not I am answering them anyways). Can Chris move off the ship if he makes 1st? How did I get my hair to look so cute at the game?

~ Chris owns his house with one of his roommates, so he only lives on the ship when they go out to sea or when he has duty.. which is every 4 days right now! =(

~ As for my hair.... to be honest with you I am surprised it stayed like that. I curled it in the morning and doused it with hairspray (which I NEVER use). During the 3 1/2 hour car ride turn to 5 1/2 I started running my my fingers through my hair, and you know at the back of the neckline where your hair gets super knotty (at least mine does)? Well I thought I was going to have to break down and bust out my hair brush, but thankfully I didn't my fingers worked fine! (And I am pretty sure I have a bald spot back there now) Oh yeah, and I was vain and looked in the vanity mirror like 100+ times! =)

Ms. Caro asked: What ya doing for new years? Any resolutions?

~ New Years Eve (tonight) Chris and I are going out to dinner with two other couples for dinner. I like to go to "fancy" restaurants (so my friends say), but I know my friends (just one couple) and I know I will hear them grip about it being to expensive blah blah blah. So we are just going to one of our favorite Mexican spots. After that, it's up in the air. We have a few house parties we were invited too, or we might just go back to one of our friends house to play games.

~ I have a few New Years resolutions... I posted them after the questions and answers. =)

Miss Kriss asked: I'm not so good at asking questions...So, umm, how bout you just tell me your favorite brand of denim?

~ By far my favorite brand of denim would be Citizens of Humanity! Ahh... one day I will get back into my skinnies!

Ms. Whitney asked: What is one thing you won't eat?Where do you see yourself in the next 6 months? 5 years?

~ One thing I will not eat is RAW Fish! Yuck.. I loved cooked fish, but not raw.

~ 6 months I see myself doing the same thing I am doing now. While Chris is out to sea I will be saving..saving..saving.. so when he gets back we can sell his place and purchase one of our own. And saving for a new car! =) Oh... and workin on the tan!

~ 5 years, I see myself hopefully re-married, with a child or two. And hopefully doing something with photography!

Ms. Carol asked: fave comfort food?

~ Brownies for sweets, and Mac -n- Cheese for salty! Either of those make me VERY VERY Happy!

And last but surely not least...

Ms. Llama asked: New year resolution?

~ My New Years Resolutions are posted below. =)

Thank you everyone for the questions! =) And helping me do a post.

Now lets talk about...

(via we heart it)

Let me first start off by saying, 2009 wasn't to shitty to me. I actually enjoyed it. So I am not eager nor excited to say good bye!

I however, am not looking forward to turning 30 this March! But hey, 30's are the new 20's right?

So here it goes....

~My New Years Resolutions~

* Lose 15lbs before my 30Th Birthday! (I have 68 days to do this.)

* Debt free: This is continued from last year... but I should be debt free by March 1st! (only $3ooo left)

* Start photography classes

* Try and put 60-70% of my paychecks into savings

* New car

* Spend more time with my nephew and niece

* To be a better friend (to finally stop talking about visiting and do it!)

So there you have it!

I want to wish EVERY ONE OF YOU a SAFE, HAPPY and FUN filled New Years Eve!

until 2010....

~ciao bitches

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I feel like poop...

My throat is sore, and I have an annoying cough!

And to add to the already bad day, Chris just text me and told me that his (annoying... self centered) roommate, just got capped to 1st class!

*For all you non-military peeps out there, that means basically he got a promotion in the military with a salary increase... by A LOT!*
* Capped = You got lucky and had a second chance*

I just hope Chris isn't too depressed about it when I see him tonight. Chris studied his ass off for that 1st class test and did 26 points BETTER then his roommate! But since Chris just came on the ship, and his asshat roommate butt kissed and got sailor of the quarter, which is probably the only reason why he got capped.

And he is that type that will be rubbing it in and bragging about which makes me even more mad!

Sorry for ranting about this... it just frustrates me!


I don't have much to talk about lately..... so lets do what a lot of people are doing and do

Questions & Answers

You ask... I'll answer! =)

~ciao bitches

Monday, December 28, 2009

Work is overrated...

But it pays the bills!

After being off since last Thursday, it was definitely hard coming back to work today! And I mean VERY HARD!

So I haven't posted in awhile... not that anyone cares. I have A LOT of catching up to do with reading every one's Holiday adventures.

But here is a little update on what has been going on over here at the beach...

Saturday the 19th, the BIG date night was a blast! We had so much fun at the Holiday Symphony.

Well.... except for the walk to the Chrysler Hall where it took place. The same night the Hockey game was going on as well, so there was NO parking in the garage unless you had a pass!!! So we had to walk for what felt like forever from where we parked... In the freezing cold... in a dress.... with it snowing.... in 5 inch heels! Ehh.. not fun.

Then we get there and Chris says, " I guess I could have dropped you off in the front".... Umm.. yeah a little late for that, so I told him I wasn't walking back afterwards, and that he could go get the car while I waited. =)

Get ready for a butt load of pictures... unfortunately none are from Christmas. =(

Here are the other pictures from the Giants vs. Redskins game........ Mind you I am not a Giants fan nor a hater. My team is the Patriots... I was just there supporting my Dad & Chris. My excited face, in the long car ride on the way up to Maryland/D.C...

My Dads excited face... His first NFL game! And no I did not shove him in the backseat.. he insisted on sitting back there.

And my Babes' excited face.... I think he needs a new one, because I have this same picture from last years game!

Fed Ex Field... and all the traffic!

Chris and I tailgating in the parking lot!

My Dad the cone head... Chris and I harped on him for awhile about his hoodie. But in his defense he had a ear infection and didn't want it to get worse.

My Dad and I

I got a shot of Eli Mannings buttocks! =)

And I forgot to get a picture of the final score... but this will have to do. After this picture the stadium started clearing out.. there was actually more traffic to leave after the 3rd quarter then when the game was finally over. Which was very nice for us! =)

This Jolly old man was sitting in front of us! I am sure he was VERY WARM!

And Chris and I thought this was HILARIOUS..... I am sure everyone knows about the Plaxico Burress incident.... few rows down a guy refurbished his Plaxico jersey.. I outlined it so you could see it a little better.

Plaxico and I went to High school together and I graduated with his bro Ricky..... and as funny as it is about what he did... I still have nothing but love for my old school mate!
So there you have it! My 2nd journey to a Giants game. One day I will make it to a Patriots game!
It looks like everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I am excited to hear about a few people getting engaged...a BIG congrats, especially to Jenni! =)
Can't wait to see all the wedding plans.
Have a great Monday! =)
~ciao bitches

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas Eve.. Eve!

I am soooo... over seeing SNOW! I was jealous at first about not getting any (well not a lot.. I'll get to that later.), but this past weekend being up in the Maryland/D.C area I am over it now.

We had a blast at the Monday night football game Giants vs. Redskins. The skins if you don't know got demolished! Which made my Dad and Chris VERY HAPPY!

I have tons of pictures to post, but here is my favorite one! And look at the awesome seats we had! =) Not much to complain about being only 12 rows from the field. Is everyone one ready for the holidays???

~ciao bitches

Friday, December 18, 2009

Let it sNow.... Let it SnOw... Let it sNoW

It never snows here in Virginia Beach, but guess what???????????????????????

They are calling for rain/snow tomorrow with snow at night! WOOOO HOOOO..

Which let me make something clear, when they call for snow here it doesn't snow, it rains and that's about it.

Last year when we were suppose to get our "BIG" snow storm, they closed the schools and everything, and we never even got so much as a flurry and it was sunny out!

Hope everyone is having a great Friday morning. =)

~ciao bitches

P.S. Chris finally caved last night and told me where we are going... I am sad to say it's not the Nutcracker.. he didn't even know it was playing.

BUT we are going to the Symphony which is all holiday music, so I am still really excited. =)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Oompa Loompas & Opposite attraction....

I went spray tanning last night.. I had the option of going in the booth to where it does it for you or have an employee spray you. I opted for the booth.

NO WAY, NO HOW was I going to have some stranger spray tan me butt naked NO THANK YOU!

I was a little nervous at first, but it seemed pretty easy. The girl went over all the steps to do and that was pretty much it.

But let me just tell you when they tell you to put on that certain lotion beforehand put TONS of it on!!!! I just did the minimal like I was putting on my regular lotion and it didn't help.

And then afterwards you have to get out and blot off with a towel.. which is fine... but when you have a tiny mirror and hardly no lighting in the room it makes it kind of difficult.

I just noticed a big blotch spot on my forearm that I have to blend in some how.

And my face looks like this..... Well not really that bad, but it sure is close to this.

I took a shower last night before I went, and the lady told me to wait 6 hours before I shower, so I am praying that some of the color comes off or blends in a little more.

Next topic...

Do Opposites Personalites/Traits really work out better in a relationship? Or does Similar Personalites/Traits work better?

Chris and I are complete opposites, well not complete..... but enough for us to get along perfectly (majority of the time).

Here are a few...
~ Chris is Northern.... I am Southern... (actually I am boarder line, but he says I have a southern accent)
~ Chris is outdoorsy... I am not
~ Chris a go with the flow kinda guy.... I have to have plans
~ Chris saves his money..... I spend and pretty much live paycheck to paycheck (that will change in 2010)
~ Chris likes to drink.... to where I will have one drink and be fine
etc... I could think of a million more but my head hurts (I think I am getting a head cold).
The reason for this topic today is because one of my girlfriends and her husband are just the same... in every way possible...
~ In shape
~ Both stubborn
~ Hardheaded
~ Loving
~ Drinkers
But boy when they fight.... THEY FIGHT!
I've never really been in this type of situation before, and it always seems like I am over there when their fights begin.. and I always try to play peace maker, but like I said they are both hard headed and there is no reasoning with them when they start up.
I am not saying mine and Chris's relationship is everyday all day peachy keen and we never get into spats because that would be a lie. But we never get into like our friends do...
So the question is.....
Are you and your lover Opposite or Similar?
Think about it and let me know. =)
Hope everyone is having a great Thuriday!
~ciao bitches

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

the boss...

Chris comes home tomorrow, date night is on Saturday and he still won't tell me or give me any hints on where we are going!

While I was facebooking I saw that his softball team has a tournament on Saturday. So I emailed Chris to see if he was playing on Saturday and if he was would it mess up our date night. And this is what I get in return....

Chris: I don't know am I?

Me: I don't know I saw the B posted something on P's page asking what time the game was on Saturday. Does this mean if you play our date night will be ruined?

Chris: Never.

Me: Can you quit with the minimal words please! And what does "never" mean?

Chris: It means date night is on regardless if I play or not woman. Your going to stop talking to me like that over email. I know you think you can get away with it but don’t forget whose the boss and who will be back soon

Me: Okay! And that’s to the date night thing… not the boss thing! Because we ALL know that’s not true!

I love that he has a sense of humor and thinks he is KING DING A LING!

If you like Pina Colada's .... and getting caught in the rain....

If you're not into yoga If you have half a brain If you'd like making love at midnight In the dunes on the Cape Then I'm the love that you've looked for Write to me and escape."

Sorry for that blurb... that songs on the radio right now! =)


Your Horoscope - Today, Dec. 16, 2009
A female visitor who needs a little tea and sympathy could come to your door today. She'll probably have some problems that she wants advice on, carrie, but she could also bring some information, possibly involving new scientific or metaphysical studies, that you should find fascinating and that you'll want to pass on to others. This information could trigger insights of your own. Write down your ideas, as you'll want to remember them

Umm..... dear horoscope people you lost me after Carrie... jus' sayin!

The first part before that was true, one of my besties is having a hard time today. =( So I told her to get a sitter for the baby, and I was taking her out for dinner and drinks. =)

I mean suriously is it Thursday yet??? This week has gone by sooooooo slow it's ridic!

I am ready to start my Holiday VaCa.... and get the helloutta the asshat of an office I work at. Well not really asshat, but I am just over things and ready for my VaCa.

Is everyone ready for the Holidays?? Any special plans going on?

~ciao bitches

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

If I ever have children.... or should I just say a girl...

I will be that mother..... that...
dresses ...

her like....


( All pictures via Dimples and Dandelions)

Jus' sayin! Are those outfits not adorable?????

Slow Tuesday!

Ahh.... it's almost Christmas!

Thank goodness I only have 3 presents left to get. Well actually one because my Brother and Sister want money. Layla looks thrilled doesn't she?

I am actually glad 2009 is almost over. I am ready to do my taxes, and get that nice little check in my hand! =) And I am crossing my fingers that this years is a WHOLE LOT more then the last two years, since the dipshit who screwed up my W-2 form isn't here anymore!

Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday! =)

~ciao bitches

P.S. it's National Cupcake Day, so go splurge and eat one up! =)

Monday, December 14, 2009


Thank you Summer for still holding a contest, even with all you have been going through! I am SUPER (just screamed at work when I saw the news) EXCITED that I actually won something! =)

A million thank you's!


Friday, December 11, 2009

Not so sure....

Do you ever regret making plans with someone?

Because that's the dilemma I am in right now. I told an old friend that I would meet up with her at Starbucks at 12 to catch up, and now I am REALLY regretting it.

This old friend I have know since middle school... we use to hangout all the time, and then we lost contact after she had her baby in high school. We then got back into contact and we use to hangout ALL the time.

She was a bridesmaid in my wedding, and we did pretty much everything together.

Until the day my world was rocked with the news my Husband wanted a divorce.

I know normally you would lean on your friends the most in such a drastic time in ones life, but she worked for my FIL, so it was a little awkward. She is the kind of friend that would put my business out there for them and to let them know how hard of a time I was having with the divorce. Or she would relay messages back and forth about their family to me and personally I didn't want to hear it. I would like to think that she didn't do this stuff on purpose, but she is one that likes the drama and likes to be in the center of EVERYTHING.

So I distanced myself from the whole situation, and started hanging out with my old girlfriends. After I made this decision my life despite the whole divorce seemed like a big relief off my shoulders. No more drama, no more relaying information back to them. I was free, to enjoy my 20's the way that I should have.

Back to this year and a big 3 years later, I received a random phone call from her at work, she started crying hysterical on the phone to me about how her marriage is over, and that her husband was cheating on her blah blah blah.. and that when he got back from sea that they would probably get a divorce.
I gave her my sympathy and left it at that.

I found her husbands email address on the ship, and emailed him asking what the problem was because I just received a phone call from his wife crying saying he was cheating on her.
(I only did this because I know how the old friend is and is VERY dramatic over every situation)

He responded and told me that he wasn't cheating on her that there was a girl on his ship that he was friends with (normally I would totally say cheating, but if you knew this guy you would know he isn't that kind). I said okay. Just wanted to make sure nothing else was going on.

Well the day before Thanksgiving I ran into her husband walking into Target, we talked said Happy Holidays and went our separate ways.

I just had a bug up my butt the other day, and decided to text old friend to see if everything was still going good between her and her husband since I had ran into him the other day.

We text back and forth for like an hour and then she invited me to go get Starbucks on Friday, I said sure.....

Which leads us to today, I am really having second thoughts about going to meet up with her. I don't want to be pulled back into the drama of her life. I adore her husband and kids, they were seriously like my second family, but I just don't think I can handle her right now.

So the question really is......

To go? Or not to go?


Thursday, December 10, 2009

I don't have much luck....

BUT........ Jessica over @ A Blog to Brag About is having a blog makeover give away! Umm... how awesome is that?!? So go show her some love and maybe you or I could be a LuCkY winner! So scoooooooch on over pronto!
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You can find her lovely page here.....

~ciao bitches

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My nephew & niece furbabies

Lulu &


Aren't they the cutest.... I mean not as cute as Princess Layla... but they sure come close! =)

~ciao bitches


After the last post about it raining the sun decided to prove me wrong and came out.

Stupid Hump Day.....

While everyone is getting this........ We are getting rain.... rain.... and more rain!
The temperature yesterday was 45 today it is in the 70's and tomorrow it will be in the lower 50's.
Maybe this year we will get some snow, but I'm not holding my breath we NEVER get snow here in Hampton Roads.
I've been in a funk lately.... nothing to blog about... nothing exciting happening in my neck of the woods.
Happy BLAH Wednesday.
~ciao bitches

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ima do it my way...

I can't seem to get the new Fabolous/ Keri Hilson song outta my head... I love it. =)

Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday!

So going back to yesterdays 2nd post... I told myself that I wasn't going to snoop to try to figure out where Chris is taking me on our "Date Night".......

but I ruin every surprise and I went snooping!

I think he is taking me to go see the Nutcracker! YAY!!!

But I am not getting my hopes up.

Not much to blab about right now... soooo..

~ciao bitches

Monday, December 7, 2009

I have a date....

Chris is out to sea yet again... but I love getting emails from him.

Like this one.......

Chris: Hey babe, sorry I haven’t written you but I’ve been super busy, so how are things going? I have a surprise for you when I get back, so keep Saturday night the 19th open. How’s babe and her toy? Did you ever look to see about those bills on my dresser? Well write me back I’m going to watch some football. Theres some good games on today, k miss you

Me: Whats happening on the 19th??? Can you give me a little more?? You don't have to tell me what it is, but is it a thing to where I have to get dressy?? Casual? Good or Bad? xo~c

Chris: So I’m taking you on a date Saturday so I want you to dress nice if that’s ok with you. How’s everything going?

Me: okie dokie! Ummm..... where are we going????? Some place fun? Nevermind that... of course its fun! =)

So needless to say I am now on a liquid and minimal food diet until next weekend, because NONE of my dressy clothes fit me. =(

My mission...... to drop 3-5lbs (or more) in two weeks!

full glass of Hater-Aid .....

Boy am I in a foul mood today!

~Let me start off by saying I LOVE Christmas music, I however want to pull my hair out when ever I hear this duet! And go figure, the radio station we listen too just played two of their Christmas songs right back to back.... THANK you 2wd (radio station) for adding to my already terrible Monday!

~Dear T.P assistant,
I could really give two shits that you finally convinced your mothers boyfriend to purchase you a real cell phone. Just another reason why I have little respect for you, your a grown woman... get your shit together and stop expecting people to baby to you.
~Is anyone else tired of hearing about Tiger Woods?? I mean seriously.... does this surprise anyone?? Cause I am not surprised at all..... why would you want to be faithful to your beautiful wife and kids?!?
Add him to the bag -o- douche.
~ I saw some movies this weekend...
Friday: I went to my girlfriend Christie's house for homemade soup and movie night.
we watched FUNNY PEOPLE.
Ughh... It was HORRIBLE, not funny at all. I give it an F- ... negative 20 stars. I don't even know why we didn't turn it off.
Saturday: After putting up the tree and decorating a little bit for Christmas, Christie called me again to see if I wanted to go see NEW MOON. So I went..... loved it.... hated the last scene. I mean I know it's for the start of the ECLIPSE, but really! I give it an A-.... and 15 stars. =)
I alright... I am done being Capt'n Cranky Pants and rambling for the time being...
~Just wanted to let a certain someone know... cough.. cough summer, that my fingers are crossed for good news today!
~ciao bitches

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Why is there all these good shows on...

Somethings Gotta Give
Fever Pitch

And I'm glued to the show SNAPPED! Not that I plan on killing my spouse or boyfriend or anyone else for that matter, but this show just sucks me in! Have you ever watched it?


Friday, December 4, 2009

Who doesn't like a Pee Test????

Well if you don't you suck.....

jus sayin'

but to fix my mistake (thanks summer =) )

here is the giveaway link.... the correct one!


You want this???

Your going to have to go visit the lovely Summer over @ B is for Brown! She is holding ANOTHER.... Perricone giveaway! Yippie.....


Christina over @ Down and Out Chic is holding a cute giveaway... go check her out.


Thursday, December 3, 2009

This week I've become...

An alcoholic. And I recruited my sister to be one with me. =)

I need wine bottles... so I can make a pretty Christmas arrangement on the fireplace mantle. (pic via google)

I only have 3 bottles in my possesion right now and I need about 6 more!

I've become a WINE-O...

~ciao bitches

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Lets play make believe......

Okay... well hopefully someday down the road it won't be make believe.

It's that time of year when everyone starts getting engaged. And I can help it I've been bitten by the wedding bug.

Marriage is know where in my future... but it's still nice to dream right?!?

I've already done the whole "Proper" wedding...

I had it in a Church...

I had the big white ball gown with the cathedral train....

I had the long gowned strapless bridesmaid dresses...

I had the reception in an "members" only club.... blah blah blah.....

So I think this time around (if it ever happens) it will be totally different.

I want it to fun and spunky... and VERY bright. Something that is more me.

I want a beach wedding. Something along this type of style......... with a few more chairs added of course! And more towards the evening... not in the middle of the day.

And I want a black dress! Not a white one. Weird? I think not... I've already been married. I want something that is totally different. Plus isn't that black dress to die for?

And a bright colored cake like this... with all the fun colors... I want the teals.... purples... greens... pinks.... orange...reds..... okay pretty much all the colors

And parasol's for the girls to have..... well at least just for the pictures. In all different colors...

And black bridesmaid dresses as well. But I would like all of them to wear bright heels all in different colors to match the parasol's.
And I had a picture of the bouquet that I some what wanted... but silly me forgot to post it.. Whoops.
So there you have it. Maybe someday I will have my beach wedding, until then... I have pictures to drool over. =)
Hope everyone has a great HuMp DaY!
~ciao bitches

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Lisa over @ Fantabulously Frugal is having a phenomenal giveaway(s)

Go swing by her her fantastic blog and enter.... and mention my name.... and all of the other good stuff!

You can find her here.......

Happy Tuesday!

~ciao bitches


The lovely Aubery over @ Made you Blush is having a Holiday giveaway with a whole bunch of goodies. Go swing by drop her a line and show the girl some love. =)

you can find her here....

Hope this brightens everyones Tuesday!

~ciao bitches

Who's ready for a piece of this.....

Ahhh.... I love this time of year...

The Holidays and all the yummy food....

All the decorations......

Then the bad starts happening...

You start getting that extra 5 or 20 pounds attached to your buttocks.... thighs.... stomach... and in my case arms as well....

Just to have Victoria Secrets do this too you.........

I personally LOVE this show and it makes me want to starve myself for weeks.... just to get their body.

But hey, who am I kidding... we all know that's not going to happen. =)

Anyone else excited to watch the runway show tonight?

~ciao bitches

Monday, November 30, 2009

So I think I am going to do something I thought I would never do....

Get an artificial pre-lit tree.

I love going and getting a real tree, but given that Chris is in and out all the time with work, I figured this would be the best thing to do. He leaves on Wednesday and won't be back until the 17th... so it really doesn't leave us a lot of time to go tree hunting.

I guess I will just have to get a Yankee Christmas candle to get that evergreen smell.

On another note...

Chris and I went and saw The Blind Side last night... it def. gets a big A+ in my movie rating. It is the best movie I have seen all year (I haven't seen New Moon yet). If you haven't seen it.... go ASAP to go see it.

I've heard some reviews say that Sandra Bullock did a crappy southern accent, but I thought she was suburb.

Hope everyone had a nice Monday back at work. =)

~ciao bitches

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Fat & Happy and Hello's.....

HELLO to all my new followers!

I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving. Mine went by too fast... and I am already starting with the Monday Blues!

So here is a little recap from Thanksgiving..... and few pictures to add some color. =)

Let me start off by say Wednesday night wasn't very pretty... well it was, but I was a little over dramatic with Chris and his roommates.

I planned (in my head) that Wednesday when I got off work I would go over to the bachelor pad to start prepping for Thursday (any sane person would do the same). I get over to the BP and I walk into the boys being all dolled up and ready to hit the town!! Umm... excuse me.... WTH do you all think your doing??? Chris's response is "we are going out to get some dinner and have a few drinks".... I pretty much flipped a lid.... and said a few choice words. Thank goodness my sister was there because she pretty much put the fear of god in them..... they still ended up going out.. which was fine, because at that point I didn't want any of them in my face. And I may or may not have told my sister... might poison them.

But after their 5 1/2 hour "Dinner & Drinks" they told me how much they appreciated me...

Movin on........ Thursday came.... made the lovely breakfast... which for some odd reason I didn't take pictures of... I think I was just trying to stay on schedule.

Then time for lunch..... made the yummy lunch.. which again.. no pictures... sorry...

And on to the feast.... I did take pictures of this! =)

My very 1st turkey ........

It looks small in this picture, but it was huge in real life... it was a 20lb turkey...

My pretty table scape.... AND the very first bouquet of flowers Chris has given me...... (I think that was an ass kiss move to make up from the night before)

And the adorable little turkeys..... I had one at each place setting. (props to everyone who posted how to do this cute little treat)

Another view of the table scape...

See those little acorns in there??? I seriously had to argue with my 4 year old niece for about an hour to let me borrow her acorns. Don't ask why she started a collection of acorns, but I now know that she is a little anal about letting people borrow them. I had to trade her popcorn seeds for the acorns... and a promise to bring all of them back! Ehh.. really Skylar... get over yourself!
Sad thing is.... she's a spitting image of me.

This I am sad to say is the only picture I have of the turkey reveal.... =(
In between cooking the feast.... Chris ended up getting sick. He had a 101 fever and the cold chills. So needless to say he didn't get to enjoy dinner at all....... and NO I DIDN'T poison him! Although he swears I did. I just told him it was karma for being a douchenozzle the night before (a'la klaw).
We didn't even eat the homemade apple pies I made or the cheesecake cupcakes.... =( I did however manage to make the Banana Frosters... by that point I needed a little Captain Morgan in my life....
Friday, we woke up.....(not butt ass early as we had planned, to do black Friday) Chris ended up sweating out his fever we laid around and ate leftovers for lunch.... and Chris ate his plate I saved for him from the night before.
We finally went and hit up Best Buy.... and what did we get........
An early Christmas present from Chris!
Hi, I'm Carrie and I'm a PC. (although I didn't get mine for free)
Yes, I know I was talking about getting a Mac, but after Chris was talking to me about it, he mentioned a good point and that would be... that if anything ever happened to the Mac or it needed to be serviced that I would have to take it to the APPLE store. Ummm.... yeah... I'm totally lazy when it comes to stuff like that and he had a good point, I wouldn't want to take it in.
The APPLE store is a good 30 minutes away from where I live and that just seemed like a hassle.
I am super excited... no more holding in my adapter to charge my Dell! Good bye prehistoric laptop.... Hello... sleek white HP! I love you.... I shall call you...... Frannie. =)
And just a little random tid bit about Virginia...... we have thee most craziest weather here..... It can be nice and warm in the morning...... to turn around to have it sunny on one side of the house... and storm clouds on the other side..... skittle size hail.... and then it turning freezing.
And this happens all year round.......

~K~..... it's late... I need sleep.... sorry for all the randomness....
~ciao bitches

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

almost time to gooooo....

Alright ya'll............... 1 hour and 45 mins and I will be heading out of Hell (aka work) to start prepping for the feast!

I just want to wish every one a BIG

(for like the millionth time)... and for everyone to be safe... and responsible... blah blah blah. Because I need everyone back full swing on Monday! Got that?!? I need you gals to keep my day busy, full of smiles and laughs. Please & Thank yous.

~ciao bitches

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Heidi you biznitch....

(photo from US weekly)

Ummmm....... really

On top of your Beauty.......... fashion style.... and Uber cuteness.....

you just had to go and show everyone up and walk the Runway 5 weeks after your baby girl!

I hate you! Not really... I am just super jealous of all your dedication to get back in shape!

Whole lotta goodness.....

Okay... so the Big Bird cartoon wasn't that funny yesterday... well a little it was, but .. anyways....

So I was superduper busy last night with getting the menu planned for Thursday and going grocery shopping..

On top of that my guest list went from 4 to 8! WTF!?! That all took place while I was at the grocery store.

And since this will be my first official Thanksgiving that I will be cooking, I decided to go ALL OUT...

So ladies I present to you my menu....

Egg Cheese Ham Casserole
Banana Bread
Cheddar Broccoli Potato Soup
Ham Cuban Sandwiches
Creamy Bacon Filled Crescents
Cheesy Mashed Potatoes
Collard Greens (not for me)
Pearl Onions
Cranberry Sauce (straight from the can)
Green Bean Casserole
Broccoli w. Cheese Sauce
Red Wine
White Wine
Home Made Apple Pie
Vanilla Ice Cream
Banana Froster's Drink (Yes, I know I put Froster's instead of Foster's that is the name of the drink)
Followed by a whole bunch of games.... should be a fun time.
I'm kinda nervous about cooking for everyone... and I pray to the big man that I don't screw up!
Hope everyone is having a wonderful Tuesday! =)
~ciao bitches

Monday, November 23, 2009


Hey er' body!
Looks like everyone had a great weekend!

Here is a little recap of the weekend

Friday: Came into work for a few hours.... then I decided to hit up Off Broad way, just to browse and then proceeded to walk around the store with a box in hand for 20 mins. I am sure the store workers thought I was up to something. And after sending my girlfriend a picture she justified my wanting these shoes and I ended up purchasing my very 1st pair of booties! They look almost just like this... except they are peep toed and have a little ruffle at the ankle part. (sorry couldn't find the exact picture of the shoe).

So after my purchase I went and hung out with my girlfriend who justified my purchase... she drooled over them... tried them on.... and decided she wanted to go get a pair. =)

Saturday: Went and picked Chris up at 6:30 in the morning from the ship.... just to head straight to his softball tournament. We were there until 7:30 pm... which makes for a LONG day!

Has anyone else ever ordered $40 worth of food from McDonald's?? Neither had I until Saturday, when I went and got food for the whole softball team.

This is how that order went...

McD's Man: Can I take your order
Me: Yes, just warning you it's going to be a long one, but I need to get 3 double cheeseburgers no onion no pickle, I need to get 1 fish fillet, 2 McChicken's and 20 McDouble's, a fry and a coke.
McD's Man: Did you say 1 McDouble?
Me: No I said 20.... they aren't all for me
McD's Man: Whoa.... alright.. here is your total

So I pull around and give him my check card.... and he said pull forward.. they will have you sign your receipt up at the next window...

Young McD boy: Here's your coke
Me: Thank you
Young McD boy: You really didn't need 20 McDouble's did you?
Me: Ummmm....Yes I did.... which I already paid for them

You should have seen the look on there faces.....

Saturday night we were suppose to go watch the UFC fight, but decided to be sloths and stay in.. I think we were asleep by 9:30.

Sunday: Chris woke me up at 8 for no reason. Well actually his reason was because he couldn't sleep, he decided to wake me up. So we did yard work, and cleaned out his gutters. And then we went to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch some football... and stuff our faces.

So YAY to the Giants for finally getting off their losing streak!

Only time you will ever hear me say YAY for the Cowboys... and their pathetic win...

Go Kansas City for the BIG win over Pittsburgh

And of course my team gets a BIG shout out for their win GOOOOO... PATRIOTS!


So I am going shopping tonight for the big feast on Thursday

I am making the boys sit at the dining room table this year.... no sitting in the den in front of the television... we are doing things the correct way this year. =)

Is anyone else cooking?

Does anyone have any good recipes they would like to share???

Please and Thank you! =)

Gotta... run.... works stressin' me out.... have a great night everyone.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

I did it....

..... well everything but join the circus! =)

If anyone likes Bloody Mary's and wants a good mix... the Zing Zang mix is delicious! By far my favorite. =)

~ ciao bitches

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

This is what I want to do today.......

I want to down 20 Bloody Marys... super spicy

And devourer 2 bags of these!
That's the kind of day I am having!