Wednesday, September 30, 2009


And when I am away on vacation, and I return I DO NOT....... I repeat I DO NOT CARE HOW "BUSY AND HECTIC" it was while I was away!


Ummm... okay.. NO

So anyone else have the problem from coming back to work after being off to find nothing you do was done???

I came in today from being off for two days too......

~ Charts not being filed in two days (thanks)

~ Patient forms not printed for today... so every one is up my butt looking for there shi*

~ Charts not pulled for today

~ Phone calls up the waaaazoooo of patients to call back

And then the co-worker who was suppose to do my job while I was gone, proceeds to tell me that she was texting people to confirm appointments!

Umm.. WHAT????? You know how co-workers throw stuff out there like you are suppose to catch on and jump on their bandwagon..... yeah, totally not doing that!

1. It's my personal phone! The office doesn't pay my phone bill! But if you would like to pitch in $30 or $40 a month towards that bill, I'm game!

2. I already hate being on the phone 24/7 at work, which is why I prefer texting. So if I have to call and text patients at work, I can tell you now that I will be out of contact with all my friends because I am not going to want to do anything with my cellie when I get off of work!

ehhh.... I am so annoyed!


P.S. Just because I am off work, does not mean you can.....

~rearrange my desk... I have my post-it's where I want them...

~put my pens back where you go them (I returned to two pens at my desk ... neither of them I use)

~mess with my chair setting

~move my computer around

KEEP YOUR GRIMY PAWS OFF MY STUFF! Please and Thank you's!

I'm bizzzack!

Not that anyone cares, or that I am a big deal or anything. =)

NY was great! Yet again, we ran out of time to make it into the city AGAIN.... (I mean really babe it's 30 mins away!!) So, I am going to cross my fingers that we can go during the holidays, because I would L.O.V.E. to see all the store windows all done up.


The Christening went great.... here are a few pictures ....

I love this picture of Chris and his niece Bailey!
Bailey in her long white gown.....

Chris and I before hand....

She's just starting to keep her bobble head up..... I caught her just in time before she face planted it!

And when they are the best..... but really she is a good baby.

So yeah that was the weekend! I love going out of town. =)

Dove Fact of the Day:
"Believe in and act on your dreams"

Thursday, September 24, 2009


I saw on here not that long ago (at least that I remember) someone posted a website, that also makes quilted handbags like Vera Bradley. Does anyone know what I am talking about???? It's racking my brain and I can't find it anywhere... google apparently doesn't even know what I am talking about!!! HELP HELP HELP PLEASE!!!


Eeewie's.... and YAY's!!

I just returned back to work from a little break, and came into a patient Vomiting in the bathroom! Why was he vomiting you ask? Because he had a tooth ache and decided to take a percocet that his friend gave him! Really dude! You shouldn't take medicine that isn't yours (duh) especially when you don't know the effects it will have on you! And then I proceed to get yelled at by his wife on the phone because we referred him out to get his extractions, and weren't able to do them in our office. Well ya know what lady? If you husband took care of his teeth and didn't have yuck mouth with a nasty infection, yeah we could have done them!
Would you all have thought there would be so much drama in a Dental Office?? Cause there is!
Now time for the YAY!!
A BIG thanks to DeDe over @ Weathering the Storm, for my very 1st award!
So here are the rules:1-Thank the person who nominated you for this award.
2-Copy the logo and place it on your blog.
3-Link to the person who nominated you for this award.
4-Name 7 things about yourself that people may not know.
5-Nominate 7 Kreativ Bloggers.
6-Post links to the 7 blogs you nominate.
7-Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know they've been nominated.

Here are my 7 things about me.......

1. I am possessive about my things at work, and hate when people sit at my desk and move/take things that aren't theirs!

2. One of my favorite sandwiches is a cucumber, onion and ranch in a pita shell topped with salt and pepper.

3. When, or if I have kids I only want 1 or 2

4. My niece and nephew call me Aunt KiKi instead of Aunt Carrie. I asked my niece the other day what my name was and she said KiKi, and I said no my real name and she said I don't know!

5. I would be happy eating pizza everyday, I love it all.

6. I love my mom, but the past few years our relationship hasn't been that great. (she's still a little bitter from hers and my dads divorce over 5 years ago! Time to get over it!)

7. Chris pissed me off just a tad right now! =) <--- does that count? =) And I pass this award onto...... (although I know some have recieved it before, they keep my days entertained. =))

Kristen @ K. Law: Inspired

Elizabeth @ Gangl*icious

Mayra @ life is BANANAS

Sarah @ a life more exciting

Annie @ Chapters of our life

BLC @ The Company She Keeps

Whitney @ Peace, Love and Big

Love your blogs girlies.... thank you for all the entertainment! =)

Big Apple here I come....

In less then 24 hours I will be on the road heading to the BIG APPLE.... and I can't wait! =) 5 days in New York will be a nice (MUCH NEEDED) break for me.
Although it would be better if I didn't have to drive any of the way, but I know that won't be the case.
I always take the first shift of driving which is Virginia to New Jersey, and then he takes New Jersey to New York. I refuse to drive in either of those crazy states. It's bad enough, I still have a heart attack when he drives in the city.
On another note I would like to give a shout out to both my Mother and Step Mother because it's their BiRtHdAyS! =)
So needless to say after work I will be super busy
~ Still have to pack
~ Have to go pick up my camera
~ Pick up Chris's suit (forgot to do that while he was gone...whoopsie)
~ Do something for my mom for her Birthday (hoping my sister cooks dinner tonight)
~ And drop off my rent money! Booo...
I hope everyone has a terrific weekend... try to get into some trouble, but not to much trouble! =)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Friday take me away........

Can I just say, I am ready to go home already! I wish I worked in a place where I had my own little cubicle. AWAY FROM EVERYONE! (I totally have my serious face on when I say that)

Here is a little recap of what I have to deal with at the Dental office.......

August 3rd, we lost our main hygienist, because she moved up north. We only had two hygienist here in the office, one full time and one that only worked a half day on Mondays.

So now that she is gone we have 3 hygienist who come in on certain days...

B: Who worked the half day on Mondays, now works a full day on Monday and Wednesday.

D: Who took on the Tuesdays

M: Took on Thursdays

So all three of the new hygienist had worked here years prior to me being here.....

"B" (Monday girl) already had "M" working for her that Monday day because she was going out of town.... the old hygienist was in here getting some of her dental work finished and told "M" (Thursday girl) that she would probably be the "go to girl" when people needed to take off or whatever. Well "M" was like if that's the case then I won't pick up my phone when the office calls..... As I am hearing this, I think to myself... this is going to be an issue already.

So the following week when all the new hygienist were suppose to start, we get a phone call bright and early on Monday from "D" (Tuesday girl) apparently she was in a motorcycle accident over the weekend and broke her arm/hand, and was going into surgery the next day for it. She proceeds to tell us that she is only going to be out for 2 weeks??? (yeah, my thoughts exactly.. 2 weeks for a broken arm/hand that you are having surgery on?? I don't think so!)

So "L" our office manager was like I will just see if "M" can pick up Tuesdays until "D' gets better. I looked at "L" and said..... "M" said she wasn't go to be the "go to girl"! Of course she didn't listen to me, asked her anyways and "M" said as long as it just for a week or so and not permanent. Me being the mature co-work looked at "L" and said "told you so"!

Yesterday comes around and "L" tells me that we need to block "M" off early on Tuesdays and Thursdays so she can leave early.........


Yes, I understand she isn't normally scheduled to work on Tuesday's, but if you can't do the hours then you shouldn't have committed to them! So I mean I can kinda understand about her wanting to get off a little early on that day, but Thursday?? That's her regular day to work and she now wants off early too???? WTF!

Note: The Office hours are Monday - Thursday: 8 to 4!

Not a hard schedule to deal with.... and she doesn't see half the patients in a day that the other hygienist did, because she needs a good hour and 15 mins with each patient instead of 45 mins that I am use too.

So "L" called "D" this morning to see when she was going to be able to start, and she said probably 6 weeks!!!!! Yeah, that isn't going to fly with "M" I can tell you this right now..... and personally I don't have the energy to deal with these RUDE patients and reschedule them because someone is to antsy to get the hell outta here!

Yes, I have a piss poor attitude today!


And Friday can't get here soon enough! Thank goodness Chris took off on Friday! I decided we are leaving butt ass early to head to NYC! I need to get the hell up outta here for a few days!

Sorry for being a Debbie Downer. I am just super irratated today.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

if it makes you happy...

Guess who's home?????? This yummy stud muffin! I can't wait until I get to see him in 2 hours! And while I was cyber stalking.... I just pee'd my pants a little when I came across this GREAT picture of Chris! I cut out everyone else, but I think it was his prom or something
or a wedding! Thank goodness he decided not to keep his head shaved!

not me .... but....

Misadventures of a Newlywed is holding a give away! So head you little or big booties over there and enter! ~c

Happy 1st day of FALL....

This is my favorite time of year! And therefore I am in a FaBuLoUs mood today..... well also because Chris comes home today as well. =)

Here are some reasons I L.O.V.E fall...

~ Turtlenecks: (not the frumpy ones)... the nice form fitting ones that look great with Jeans or skirts. (I like my shirts long and I can never find ones that are long enough... and then when I think I found one it shrinks.. so if you know of any good ones PLEASE let me know!)

~ Jeans: I love jeans, not that it matters because I wear them all year round even when its almost 100 degrees out! Crazy? Yes! But I hate my legs and do anything to cover them up.

~ Boots: I own a few pairs, and I am looking to extend my collection..

~ Jackets/Coats: I have a lot of jackets and coats one for pretty much any occasion.

~ Scarfs: I don't own any fashionable scarfs, so I think this year I am also going to invest in some of these. I love the look of them, so hopefully I can pull that trend off.

~ Apple Pie = Me a Happy Girl!

~ Football

~ And my favorite holiday HaLLoWeeN!

So just a few things that I look forward too.

What do you all like about fall???


Monday, September 21, 2009

Just another Manic Monday......

Ha ha ha..... just started writing my post with the lovely header as Manic Monday and guess what song just popped on the radio??? The Bangles: Manic Monday! Ha.... it's a sign! ***Sorry for that randomness. *****
I have a pretty easy job, yeah... it gets stressful like any other job and I am pretty much OVER IT right now! And I am sure it doesn't help being stressed with a few other issues going on in the "good ole' life"right now.

Can I just say thank goodness for mini road trips! I will be NYC bound in 4 days and I can't wait!!
So my weekend was kind of lame........I did a whole lotta of nothing!
Friday, I went and saw the new movie Love Happens with Jennifer Aniston. It was cute... it dragged out a little bit, but all in all it was pretty good.
Saturday, my Dad threw my Step Mom a little birthday shindig. Can I just say that I thought my family had issues. But my Step Moms side of the family has some MAJOR ISSUES!
Sunday, went to a local sports bar with some friends and received a big upset from the Patriots with a loss to The Jets! I mean seriously Brady lock it up you Big Sissy Pants!
Which then leads us to this ugggghhh... of a Monday.
I can honestly say these past 10 days Chris has been gone, have been the longest so far! I am glad he is coming home tomorrow.
Hope everyone had a great weekend and is having a way better day at getting back to the grind then I am!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Gettin my HAR DID!!!

( photo from the insider)

And this is the color I am aiming for! Ahhh........ I adore Kate Beckinsale... just all around perfect in my eyes! =)

And ...... getting my caterpillar of eye brows waxed up!


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

......... (can't think of a corney header)

Kinda excited to get off work in about......... 15 mins to go hangout with Kerri the preggo chica shown below. She's due Oct 13th, but I think little Skylar Reese is going to make her appearance sooner, rather then later! Ahh... just had to throw this picture in here, This is Kerri's hubby and Christopher... PURE TROUBLE when these two get together!

And I am also excited about these little yummy coffee drinks. If you like iced coffee and haven't tried these, stop what you are doing and go get some ASAP! It beats paying $5 for starbucks, since I am living on a budget. =(

........ And I am hoping to go get this little camera either today or tomorrow! I can't wait!

So that, is that! I'm blowin this popsicle stand!
might be back later...

The life of a dog...

These two trouble makers brighten my day! This is Layla and Bailey (her bff). Bailey was pouting up on the bed and Layla joined in with him!


P.S. See Chris' purple... I mean "blue" walls?!? I think he has finally come to admit that the color he picked out was purple and not blue, because he now wants to paint his room a light gray. =)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

hee hee hee....

I am not a big Obama fan.... I like nor diss like him, but I L.O.V.E. that he called Kanye a Jackass!

~ c

Can it be Thursday yet?

Today is going by so slow! Anybody else having a slow day?

And on top of it, I woke up this morning thinking that it was Wednesday.

Here are two pictures from the wedding we went to last weekend.

Excuse the double chin in this last picture! BLAH..... but on the good side of that.... I woke up this morning, weighed myself and I am down 3 lbs! YIPPIE SKIPPIE. It's not a lot, but it's a start. =) Only 17 lbs. to go.
Hope everyones day is going a little better then mine!

Monday, September 14, 2009


I can't believe Patrick Swazey passed away! =( So sad........


NYC bound in 11 days....

I can't wait to get out of this city for a few days! =) It's always nice just to have a little change in scenery every once in awhile.

So the weekend was a little lame-o..... actually a lot lame-o! =( Here is my recap jus' in case you wanted to know.

Friday: Got up at 4:30 a.m. to take Chris to the ship, got back to his house and went back to sleep, at least until Layla decided to start doing her little hummy whinny thing to me. (She's so needy) So I laid in bed and finished this FaBuLoUs book.
(photo from the

I am a BIG Nicholas Sparks fan, so I didn't have to think twice about picking this book up. Although I am a little disappointed, I read today that they are making a movie from the book and Miley Cyrus is going to be playing the main character ....... ehhh... I'm not a big Miley fan and it has now turned me off from wanting to see it. Sad, because the book was so good.

Saturday: Ran some errands, hung out with my Sister and her two off springs. Nothing to exciting at all.
Later that night.... I am sad to say (kinda... okay, not really) I jumped on the Twilight bandwagon!!!! The books, never really seemed to grab my attention. And seeing as I was super bored Saturday night, my sister mentioned that I should start the series. My reaction was "EHHHH..... I'm not to sure about that" I caved in started it.... didn't go to sleep until 4 o'clock in the morning, because I couldn't put it down and finished it on Sunday! =)
(photo from
So, now I am starting on the New Moon. I saw that the trailer came out today for the movie in Nov. and I can't bring myself to watch it since....
1. I haven't seen the movie Twilight yet and...
2. I am only on page 100 of the New Moon and I don't want to ruin anything.

Sunday consisted of me babysitting yet again! So that took up my whole day.

Which of course brings us to this BLAH Monday....

**** Note to self*****

Self... If you ever start dating someone that....

A. Verbally abuses you...

B. Physically abuses you...

C. Tries to kill you (at least twice? Maybe more).....

D. Takes all my money...

E. And doesn't have a job......

Please smack yourself repeatedly until you get the f'ing clue that your better then that and deserve more! And to call my family so they can take care of the lil' douche bag! ~xoxo Please and Thank Yous

Just to fill you in... the T.P. assistant FINALLY moved out this weekend when her BF tried to strangle her! So you can only imagine the drama that took place here this morning when the news got to the office! Nobody should have to go through this situation, and as I have said before, I can only feel so sad about this because she has had numerous times to leave and never went through with it!

But I am sure there will be more drama tomorrow, considering that she went to go see him after work today! GO FIGURE.....

Anyhoo... on to happier things.... Look at these cute little things I bought today!

(Picture from whiskey militia)

I purchased 3 pairs of these Electric's today from Whiskey Militia... and ummm.. hello the best part is they were only $8.99! HOLLA! They were originally $90, so naturally I bought myself a pair as well as my sister and my brothers step daughter a pair for Christmas presents!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! =)

Off to patiently wait for 7 o'clock to watch my boys STOMP the Bills! =)


P.S. Kanye, I know that I am probably the 758,493,029,827,190 person to tell you this, but your a COMPLETE ASS! Loved you in concert, but didn't love you so much last night!

blogger illiterate

Did it again...... tried to change my background and it's a no go! I feel like I am going to be Blogger Illiterate forever!

Seriously, I never have this much trouble with computer related issues!


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Brown Chicken Brown Cow.......

Thankful Thursday:

~ That my Grandfather is okay, he had surgery on Tuesday and HE DOESN'T have cancer! BONUS!

~ That Chris will be here for the Holidays afterall

~ Thursdays = My Fridays (Don't be Jelly!)

~ Fall Weather! I love getting tanned up in the summer, but I hate the heat. So god bless 70 degree weather!

~ Grateful patients who bring goodies to us here at the office. (Panera Bagels yesterday, and a BIG BAG of Snicker bite sizes today!)

~ Ellen being the new judge on American Idol

~ Peanut Butter and Jelly Sammies.... my choice of lunch lately. =)

~ Road trips! Chris and I are headed to his hometown NYC at the end of the month to see his family. Maybe this time we can make it into the city! Keep your fingers crossed for me!
Not So Thankful for...

~ Co-workers who pawn off there work onto you! I mean really I have my own stuff to do. Ummm hello... all your doing is trying to find extra tickets for the Virginia Tech game for your son...

~ Chris leaving for 8 months the day before my BIG 3-0 Birthday! =(

~ All this rain we've been having.... enough already geez!

Anyhoo.... on to bigger and better things.

Since I didn't post yesterday

Just wanted to mention that, I pass my time at work (In between working and playing travel agent), by reading everyones blogs. (It seriously makes my day go by fast.)

So two of my favorite blogs to read are having give aways... so go check them out.. (here is the link to there page, still trying to figure out how to post just the name thingy you click on)

First one Kristen (She's super hilarious and I love her verbage that she uses)

Second one is Dollface (Living the fab. life in NYC. Lucky her!)

So now that, that is done.......

I hope everyone of you bloggerettes are having a fabulous day!

I am so ready to start my weekend, although it's been a short work week, it's still been a lil' crazy here at the work place.

Chris and I are going to a new Greek restaurant over by our houses tonight. I don't think I have had much Greek food except for gyro's. So if anyone has any good suggestions of anything to try, please let me know. =)

until later....


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Are you ready for some FOOTBALLLL......

Next Monday it's on like Donkey Kong! My boys the Patriots are going to stomp the Bills A$$e$! Jus' Sayin! Although I am not a big Brady fan (he is wonderful we all know DUH!), but Randy Moss is my boy! Can't wait to sport the Moss jersey next Monday. (My boys Randy & Tom)

Here is a little snippet from the Super Bowl I did not care for... although Giants are my 2ND pick for a football team, Chris is a BIG, HUGE Giants fan! And I was okay with this loss to the Giants for only ONE reason... Plaxico Burress...(before he shot himself!) We went to high school together.. YAY... notsomuch now though since he pulled a Cheddar Bob move and shot himself... anyhoo.... Chris and I were not friends this day, at all!! I actually left the party we were at and didn't say good bye to him. Ha ha ha! =)

(Excuse the hand gestures)

(and babes and I again,and Mark the boy in the back is a Cowboys fan! BLAH BOOO....)

Can't wait........

So quick run down from this weekend.....


This is Chris' "Boys Night Out", when he doesn't have to work the next day. Which I am totally fine with, but I don't understand why he doesn't just give me the invite to go out with him, when I know he is going to call me at 1:00 for a ride home?? I mean really..


Remember the American Music Festival that was going down this past weekend, that I really wanted to go to!?! Yeah.. that didn't happen! =( Instead ended up going suit shopping with Chris (we were suppose to do this on Thursday!). $$$$ later we walked out of the store at 9:30, and we both got lazy and didn't do anything.


Got up early and went to Chris' softball game. They came in 2ND place! YAY! And he normally would stay after and finish drinking all the beer they have left, but I was being a royal b!tc#. (yes, I admit it!)It was hot out, I hadn't had anything to eat and I had a horrible headache, that was making me nauseous!

Went and picked up one of Chris' suits for the wedding that afternoon. And then I took a nap, and woke up and got ready for the wedding. I didn't take any pictures at the wedding because I thought my camera was charged and ready to go, but it was a no go. So as soon as I steal some, I will post some. =) After the wedding, we went down and met some friends at the beach and had a drink and were home by 12:30.
The weather sucked, here in Va Bch, it rained ALL DAY LONG. So Chris and I watched Pay it Forward, and then I took a nap.... A LONG nap... I didn't wake up until 8:30! Chris woke me up to eat dinner, he made spaghetti with homemade meatballs and garlic bread. Yummy!
Which then leads us to this lovely rainy Tuesday! I feel like I live in Washington State with all the rain we have been having!
Thank goodness only two more days until the weekend! And Chris leaves AgAiN on Friday until the 22ND. =(
My nephew Zander started all day Kindergarten this morning! He rocked his little foe hawk too. (Pictures to come later)My sister just called me and told me he was crying when he got off the bus. This is how there convo went...
Sis: Zander are you crying
Z: Yes!
Sis: What's wrong?
Z: I just missed you MOM.
Sis: How long have you been crying?
Z: I only cried twice, once in school and just now on the bus.
Sis: When were you crying at school?
Z: In the soccer room
Sis: In P.E.?
Z: No, in the soccer room with all the balls while I was waiting for the bus.
Sis: Waiting for the bus to come home?
Z: Yes.
Sis: Why would you cry then, you were on your way home to come see me crazy!
Aww... I love him! He is great!
Work place drama is still alive and kicken! T.P. assistant, decided that she wasn't moving out of the place where her and her W.T. boyfriend live! Apparently he wrote her this really long "sweet" note blah blah blah...... Long story short she is still there.... and a whole lot more drama to come.
Today was the new Hygienists first day, and I can already tell it's going to take me awhile to get use to her. The previous hygienist only needed 45 mins with patients.. this one needs an hour, and probably an hour and 15 for new patients. I never pulled charts from the previous hygienist, because we are trying to go paperless, well the new one wants her charts!
I mean seriously.. get it together.. time to move out of the old ways of doing stuff and get with the new age stuff!
I will blog some more later.... gotta go to the Devil aka Target!
P.S. Kristen over at Kristen's Place is doing a fall giveaway! Go visit her and drop her a line. =)

Thursday, September 3, 2009


I hate getting bad news!
I went over to my moms house today, just to find out my Grandfather went into the hospital! =((Apparently they thought (My grandmother and mother) that he might just have another blood clot. He has had several in the past and has gotten through them just fine.
But come to find out it's not a blood clot and he has a major mass in his stomach which they are 90% sure is Cancer. He goes into surgery on Tuesday! =( He was just here in April and he seemed in good health. I am just hoping that they caught it before it is too late!
So after that news.... about 20 mins. later, my oldest brother calls and apparently his 5 year old step-son has the Swine Flu, he is kickin around with a sever cough, both lungs full with crapolla and 103 temp! Poor little fella.
They say stuff comes in 3's, so I am just waiting for the next bad news to come!
Off to go get my ass kicked by Jillian ~ YIPPIE
Hope everyones night is going better then my night!

Thankful Thursday...

hmmm.... things that I am thankful for.....
* 5 day weekends
* Friends
* Family
* Chris
* Being almost debt free
* My sore body....
I have more that I am thankful for, but I am having brain delay today, from hanging out with these great people last night! =)

Me and my co-workers (minus the t.p. assistant)
And the whole gang with the Doctor! Thank goodness that we had off today, because 5 hours at the bar last night, we would ALL be hurting a great deal today.
Hope everyone's day is going great...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Dear Jillian Michaels,

It would be really nice that inside every DVD, you gave out a vehicle handicap pass! Because my legs are seriously like JELL-O today!

See ya tonight, on my living room floor, and just FYI I will be cursing the whole time through!


Arts & Crafts...

Yesterday and this morning I played Travel Agent at work.... and this afternoon I played Arts & Crafts!
Not your typical "Admin. Assistant" job I can assure you that!
So while I sit here and slowly wait for 4 o'clock to roll around I decided to blog for a little bit. =)
The office is having a going away dinner tonight for the Hygienist a.k.a My Big Sis. =( So sad I am going to miss her SO MUCH! =(
(Photo's to come tomorrow)
Anybody else ready for the long weekend????
I have a busy weekend planned, so I am grateful that I only have to work a half a day tomorrow since everyone else will be off.
The American Music Festival is taking place here this weekend at the lovely beach... and I am pleased to announce the GREAT line up we have!! (I am only naming the good ones.)
~ Boys II Men
~ Black Crows
~ Sister Hazel
~ Tonic
~ Marcy's Playground
And a few others I haven't really heard of.
So Chris' doesn't know this yet, but that's what we are doing on Friday night.. ha ha ha.
Saturday, Chris has a softball tournament so it looks like we will be at that ALLLLL... day long! Which I am not complaining cause I love watching my babe play. He's so awesome (*vomit*)!
Sunday we have a wedding (crazy, mellow dramatic bachelorette I blogged about last week). Thank goodness Chris is going to be with me! It should be a good time with old friends. =)
And Monday I am sure is going to be a fabulous beach day. Sun.... friends... food... and drinks. Can't ask for anything better then that!
Hope everyone had a great Hump Day!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


The weather here is SpEcTaCuLaR! =)
And thank goodness my day is over! I played "travel agent" all day today for the Doctor. Not that I mind, but being a "travel agent" on top of my regular work load = not so fun!
Drama /T.P. assistant finally got her ass straight and decided to move out of the place her and her now ex boyfriend are living at (It's about time sister)! And come to find out she is going to file bankruptcy in a few months since she is in so much debt?!?! Do people really think this is an easy way out? I mean I understand that sometimes people have to do what people have to do, but seriously she's 25 years old! Anyhoo... lets just hope her DRAMA filled life... won't be brought into the office anymore!!!
Moving right a long.....
I decided to jump on the band wagon and purchase the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred!! My sister and I are starting tonight, and I am super pumped about it! Although from what I hear I probably won't be super pumped tomorrow. But I miss my size 4 jeans..... 8's just aren't the same!
So please cross your fingers that this works for me! ~~ Please and Thank yous! =)
So I am off to the Devil a.k.a Target to get some weights. I might possibly blog again tonight, but if I don't I hope everyone has a beautiful night!