Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Busy Busy Busy..... Beeeeeeee

In about 20 days.. this lucky guy will be home... and on the sweet land instead of the sea.

Which is putting me in panic/stress mode, because I have a BUNCH of stuff still yet to do!!!

Lets take a look shall we...... And see why I have been MIA from blogger... and everything else.

This wallpaper crap is for the birds..... I can't finish this side until the bathroom is done, because that's the designated area for the bathroom stuff. And you see all those dark spots on the wall where the wallpaper is down?? That's all the left over glue that I have to scrub off. FUN??? notsomuch!

On to the next project......

I only have a few touch ups to do on the top... and then I will wait until the spring to actually put up the new screen... figure it's already in the 30's some days here and we aren't going to be hangout outside until spring anyways so that can wait.


Another pain in the butt project..... but only because I had to peel nasty 1960's wallpaper down in here too... and ALSO scrub down the walls (see above picture for details). I am picking up the vanity today... I can't wait to have a bathroom that is fully functional again.

And my new love..... I love the push button.. the only thing I don't like about the new throne is that the seat and lid are plastic... which those will be getting changed out to porcelain sometime soon.
I am loving the new tile in the bathroom....

Here is a project that originally wasn't on the list of things to do..... I re-painted the living room/ den. I am in love with this chocolate brown color.

Another view of the living room... still need to find some pictures/ art work to put up there.. I have something in mind.. so hopefully I can get around to doing that as well.

The other side of the living room/ den... along with my little fake tree. It works for now... when Chris and I get our own place... We will be getting a real one, and hopefully much bigger.

I still would like to add in some feathers here in the topper ... that way it softens it up a little bit.

And this is what I did last night, after I took a break from scrubbing the glue on the bathroom walls... helped my friend decorate her MAC DADDY Christmas Tree! I am so jealous of her tree... I can't wait to have a real one.

Alright... so there is it is.... that's what I have been doing lately.

I'm exhausted... worn out and sick of wallpaper!

Hope everyone is having a great day.

xo~ ciao

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Yes, I know it's early to be posting this... but hell I already decorated for Christmas with the little bit of stuff that I have. So I figured.. I am already ahead with that might as well skip to the New Year.

1.) Seriously start on my savings

2.) Send Birthday and Anniversary cards

3.) Stop eating out as much.. and bring my lunch to work

4.) Cook more

Those shouldn't be to hard to accomplish.

Now that Chris will be home in 27 DAYS!! I won't have to cook for one anymore (which is seriously kinda hard).

I've been busy busy busy on the bachelor pad. This past weekend I recruited my sister and friend to come over and help out.

I got a wild hair up my butt and decided that current living room color (light blue) wasn't cutting it anymore and decided to paint it a chocolate brown color. And I must say.... it looks two thousand times better then it did before. I painted that on Friday night... and then painted below the chair mold the same color as the hallway so that way I have some sorta flow-age of color through the house.

Saturday the girls came over and since it was in the low 70's I figured we should start outside that way all outside projects are done before it gets freezing. We ripped the old screen off the back porch and got to work painting the beams white...and the ceiling a light aqua color, my friend Danielle's husband came over and removed the old nasty 1970's outdoor fan and replaced it with a new white pretty fan.

Saturday night my sister, my niece and friends daughter stayed the night with me.. and we put up my Christmas tree and got it all decorated. Now if only Chris' roommate would keep all of his crap out of the living room and quit junking up the pretty room.

Tonight I plan on painting the foyer and maybe the dining room... after that it's back to peeling wallpaper in the bedroom (yes, I am still tackling that project!). =(

Hope everyone is enjoying there short week.

xo~ciao bitches

Friday, November 19, 2010

almost that time......

23 days until my God Son Jonathan McDonald Moulton a.k.a Jack is due to make his appearance. I can not wait to squish him! And I know that I will be getting baby fever after he arrives.


And a little over 30 days until my LOVAH boy gets home from his 7 month deployment! ACCCCKKKKK.... I can not wait. I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off, trying to get everything done.

I have 4 projects started and have yet to finish any of them... and I still have two more that need to get done.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. I hope after all my projects I will be back to normal and actually blog consistently rather then once a month.

xo~ ciao bitches

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Why is it that some people in work places think that they are more "important" then others??

I lost a friendship over one of my co-workers over look on an insurance issue, and one that she felt no need to write off.

But when her daughters baby daddy comes in he gets his cleaning for free.... and has an ass load of cavities ... and when I say ass load, I mean ASS LOAD $2000 worth of fillings.

So baby daddy come in today to get one of his fillings done, on my daily sheet of payment it has down that "co-worker paying", and when I go to check him out it posts, and says NO CHARGE DISCOUNT. W.T.F!!!! He isn't a family member........ I am sorry he is a dead beat who just got out of prison and is worthless.

I am so tired of other people getting special treatment, just because she feels like she has been here for years that she deserves it.

April will mark my 5 year anniversary here.. and I have only received one pay raise! I am thankful to have a job don't get me wrong.. but I am at that point now to where I am coming to work, do what I get paid to do and that's it. I'm not going above and beyond, when nobody does that for me.