Monday, March 26, 2012

Why... Hello There!

Wowzers... it's been awhile! Hope all is well in blog land.
I thought I would give you some updated photos of Max, or as I like to call him Sir Fatness.

Here is his one month old picture (Feb 18th).. such a peaceful chunky monkey

And here is his most recent one (March 18th)... as you can see he's not so happy!

So far, everything has been great with him. He went for his 2 month check up on the 19th and he is weighing in at 14lbs and 24 inches long. =)

His sleep schedule is awesome!  We normally give him a bath around 8:45- 9ish, then feed him, put him down about 9:30 and he wakes up about 4:30 or 5 for his next bottle. Occasionally he will change it up to keep me on my toes and get up at 3:30 (like last night). As for his naps.. well they seem to be getting shorter and shorter every month.

He is becoming very vocal, and is rolling over from his tummy to his back.

Two more weeks we will be taking our first road trip to New York with him! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he sleeps like he normally does in the car. It should definitely be interesting.

As for me.. I am FINALLY getting back to normal! The hoo-haaa is recovering nicely after the thirty plus stitches (or as I like to call it vaginal reconstruction). And I am still trying to get on a schedule for getting everything done in between nap times.

I am hoping in April I can start getting on a workout schedule, as well as healthier eating habits to lose this forty pounds that needs to go bye bye before the summer months.

Hope everyone is enjoying there Spring so far!