Monday, August 31, 2009

woo hoo...

For GREAT t.v.! Forget taking a nap when all the old classic movies are on.... "For Keeps" was just on and now "Pretty in Pink"!


Itsa' Monday...

Besides the weather being gloomy, I am loving today!
The high for today is going to be 72... which is a whole helluva lot different then what it was on Saturday.. a nice humid 98 degrees!
I love the fall, and everything that comes with it!
And you know what make it even better? I am getting off early today! Holla! =)
Chris, and I were suppose to go out of town, but that didn't happen, so I decided to take a half day anyways. =)
First thing on my list when I get off is to take a nap!!! I have been so exhausted lately.
And then Chris and I are going suit shopping.
Chris is like a girl, when something comes up that requires him to dress up he has to rush out and get something new. So since we have a wedding this weekend to go to, and then his nieces christening at the end of September.... a suit shopping we must go!
Here is a quick run down of my weekend for ya....
Chris finally arrived home @ 2:30. He gets out of the car and none the less carrying a case a Bud Light Lime. Which then leads us to play quarters (I am getting better at this useless game).
I was pretty much dunzo by 3:20, when we ran out of beer. The guys went to store to get more subliminal's, while I took a nap.
Woke up to Burger King for dinner, and then went and played cornhole with a few of his friends.
Went to the beach with a group of friends. Chris surfed, which he was stoked there were actually decent waves (BIG thanks to T.S. Danny!
After the beach we went and met his softball buddies and their wives at their sponsers resturant and had a fabulous dinner.
Chris and I both had....
Chicken Cabernet - sauteed with mushrooms, onions and tomatoes in a cabernet reduction with fresh
mozzarella cheese and garnished with bacon crumbles
here is my take on it...
Imagine a little toastini with fresh mozzarella, and then a bite size piece of chicken, smoothered in a yummy sauce.... x's 5 of those little fella's = delicious (And they are probably really easy to make)!
Then headed back over to one of their houses to play cornhole AGAIN! Chris thinks he is "Nasty" at it (Go Figure)!
I did my daily Sunday babysitting routine! Yes, I am almost 30 and still babysitting! I have been babysitting Whitney for almost 16 years now (EHH... really showing my age). She is handicap, so it's totally different and it's a little extra mulla in my pocket.
Finished babysitting at 5:00, went back to Chris' house, rested for a bit and then met two of our friends for dinner at Aldo's!
I normally get the....

Our fresh ribbon noodles tossed with traditional white
sauce, peas & Proscuitto ham ( ~ hold the peas)
but the special they mentioned which was....

Hand cut 8 oz.Filet of beef cooked to perfection, topped
with a delicious Cognac and peppercorn sauce and lump crab meat and mushrooms, served with
a side of linguine aglio olio (I substituted the linguine for the fettucine mentioned above).
And to top it off, I left in tote with their homemade apple pie with cinnamon ice cream.
I hope all you had a fantastic weekend too!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Yum Yum Yum

Dinner was great, but I seriously feel like a lard ass! Especially after eating the Red Velvet Cheesecake (No, I didn't eat the whole piece, but it's still staring at me)!
OH HELLS YES....... Dirty Dancing is on! Nothing like a classic move on this stormy night!
Wishing everyone a lovely night! =)
Lookey at where this lucky lady is going tonight! With these two fabulous people (My SIL and Nephew). =) And although it's not through marriage anymore (She nor I are married to the brothers anymore)... she is still nothing less then my SIL!

And this is what I have to look forward to this weekend! I mean geez.... looks like the East Coast is bound to get some type of Hurricane this year!
And I am sure Chris is going to be stoked when he gets home because he will actually have waves to surf on.
(early Sat Am.. that is where I am located)

Ahh.... yes, and this stud of a muffin returns sometime tomorrow!

And I think we are going to one of my favorite restaurants tomorrow for dinner it's called Aldo's. They have the BEST Italian food!

Chris emailed me the other night and said they had Taco night on the ship, and that they were awful! And then persisted to tell me he wanted good Italian food so he wanted to go to Aldo's! (Umm... hello, you don't have to twist my arm! I am totally down to go.)

So I haven't stuck to my No Carbs... I feel slightly bad about it, but seriously I live for bread, pasta, french fries, chips etc. etc. etc....
My breakfast consisted of Kettle Chips and coffee........
My lunch consisted of Kettle Chips and errr ummm..... 5 pieces of Dove Chocolate (You know the yummy ones with caramel in the middle).
But I strictly ate them for the words of wisdom sayings inside the wrapper!
~ Make someone feel good
~ Happiness is the experience of living every minute with love, grace and gratitude.
~Do all things with love.
~Open your eyes to the love around you.
~ Patience is a virtue.
And all 5 pieces were worth it!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I Want Wednesday....

Chris and I have a Wedding to go to on the September 6th, and what better reason to buy a new dress! =) I think this might be the lucky winner! And it's on sale for $39.00... can't beat that!And to wear these fabulous heels to go with it! Which are on sale too for only $30.00!

30 Day Shed..

If you don't mind me asking..... how many of you out there are doing this? And is it worth it?

From the looks of it, I might be the only person left that hasn't bought this miracle DVD!


Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Although, Chris thinks I need to write him an essay of a letter EVERYTIME I email him while he is out.... and I told him I expect nothing less then 5 lines from his emails....... I love it when he sends me emails with two little words

***** MISS YOU*****

Ahh... just makes my heart melt! Especially when he lets his BIG New York attitude down and is super sweet! =) <3

I can't wait to see his face on Friday!

sweet dreams bloggettes


Keep your fingers crossed for me....

I just found out I may be going from this spectacular grill piece tooo........... This new grill piece!

I am so excited! =)

Monday, August 24, 2009

And this is how it went down..........

So my Friday consisted of me hanging out with these two little rug rats (my niece and nephew) at my dads pool. Why no pool pictures?? Well that's because I am a snob when it comes to which photo's to post and none of them from that day were good (at least none of me)! Call me vain, but you know you all do it too! =)
(Skylar & Zander)
Saturday I spent the night with these ladies....... (events from that night below)
Can I just say, I went to the most lame-o Bachelorette Party ever! I know that's mean to say, because I really do adore the Bachelorette!
Start of the night... we all meet at my girlfriend Carey's house and wait for the limo, we all had to pitch in $50 (which I really didn't have a problem doing.. but I have other feelings about that situation which I will spare you). There were suppose to be 20 girls going and only 10 of us went (not including the bride to be).
First off the invitation said Limo will pick us up, then we will head to one of our favorite local Mexican restaurant for dinner then a local bar area downtown.
So this is how it played out.... We get to the meet location for the limo, the MOH and the Bride are late... we finally get situated in the limo and head off to dinner... get to the restaurant everything is going great, and another couple there ordered the Bride a shot of Tequila... and here we go.. she starts complaining that she doesn't want to take the shot (Umm.. hello, don't be rude! Someone bought that for you)! She finally takes it after staring at it for 3 minutes.
Then she signs up to do a song for Karaoke, and then says she doesn't want to go up by herself, so she starts recruiting girls to go up with her...
We leave dinner and try to figure out where we are going to go and start the night..... but of course something is bound to go wrong! The Brides sister has lost her ID, so yeah, now that's going to be a problem getting into the bars... and then on top of that another girl was under age (Granted she had a fake ID, but it was expired** note: I do not agree with fake ID's**, but at least she had one).
So the Brides sister who works, down at a local bar at the beach, decides "Hey lets just go to the bars at the beach so I can get in"!
I am already thinking to myself this isn't going to be a great night... (love the company, but not the scene).
So we end up going to the beach. Mind you it's nearing the end of summer, and our beach is BIG vacation spot, so all the people that are down there are A.) Tourist B.) Young Teeny Boppers C.) Drunken A$$holes.
Not my idea of a fun night!
So the whole night we are bar hopping from bar to bar.
We get to another Bar and a few of us know the owner, so he sends over a shot, jello shooters, and a bottle of Campaign. Once AGAIN, the Bride doesn't want to take the shot, and is complaining that she doesn't feel well. (from this time, the complaining has been going on for almost 3 hours). I finally said something at like 11:30...
Me: Look if your not feeling well, tell us and we will take you home!
Bride: Well I don't want to ruin any one's night
Me: Trust me, (in my sarcastic voice) your not going to ruin our night!
Bride: Well I don't know if I want to go yet....
Me: Well you need to make up your mind

She ended up staying, but still pouting. Come to find out she wanted to meet up with the boys (the bachelor party)! WTF??
I mean seriously...... my Divorce Party was WAY better then this lame-o party!

****Note to self: Self, next time you get married and have a Bachelorette Party, please inform people that No ID/Underage = They don't go!**** Thank you =)

Which leads me to my Sunday. After sleeping in until 9 and then falling back asleep until 11:30, I finally decided that it was time I showered and started my day. I cleaned out the car, and then spent the afternoon and evening with two of my favorite people... Kerri and Blake! I love them... they are so awesome. <3 href="">****************************************
Sorry for the ranting and raving.... all of that probably makes no sense at all, but my mind is still in a clusterfuck from Saturday night!

So I hope everyone has a FaNtAsTiC night.... 3 Men and a Baby, just came on and it's one of my all time favorites! So I am off to watch it until I fall asleep. =)

Bed hog..

this is what I woke up to this morning! My little bed hog.. she is normally spread eagle on her back showing her goodies, but she must have known I was getting ready to take a picture of her.

Why she sleeps sideways, I have NO IDEA! But I would like to blame this on Chris. His motto is for his baby girl "she does what she wants"! Ummm.... yeah that is until she chews one of his shoes, and then it's a totally different story.

I mean seriously it's a king size bed Layla... move over and give mommy some room!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Fall where are you.....

I am so ready for Fall! Not that I don't love being all tanned up in the summer, but seriously me and the heat do not get along at all! It never fails, if I am out in the heat for too long I always get a raging headache (I've learned to take Ibuprofen before hand now).

Maybe it's me showing my age? I use to stay out in the sun all day long growing up, now it seems like I can only bear it for so long now. Ewww.... whats happening to me?? I don't like it!
Well I started my day nice and early, I took Layla for a nice, hot morning walk. Now it's time to hit the shower and head to my Dads pool for a bit.
This 100+ degree weather is for the birds! Bring on the fall, because I am ready for the turtlenecks and boots!
Everyone have a FaBuLoUs day!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Procrastination or just plain Lazy...

So I FINALLY went a got links taken out of my watch, that Chris got me for errr..ummm... Valentines Day! I know, I know, BAD girlfriend! But I did it, so that will be a nice surprise for him to see when he gets back. I really honestly think, he thought I didn't like it! But I really do adore it! I haven't worn a watch in years. So I think he will be VERY happy to see I got off my lazy butt!

Here is a picture of my Lovely Movado watch he bought me....

So now that is out of the way I have 9 minutes left for my THANKFUL THURSDAY! So here it goes.......
#1. My BFF Jessica, I LOVE her dearly! We don't get to see each other as much as we use too, but she will always be my BFF (and my hair stylist). I would do anything for this girl, as she would do the same for me! <3>
(her lipgloss be poppin)

#2. My Christopher, he is my complete opposite, which I love (to some extent)! Wouldn't change a thing about him!<3

(he thinks he's so cute)

#3. My dearest Kerri, enemies turned besties! what can I say! =) We are like two peas in a pod AND share the same FaBuLoUs name! And our B.F.'s are really good friends too, which is always a bonus!

(Chris and I went to her and her hubby's baby shower last weekend)

#4 Catherine a.k.a Cat! =) She is total tomboy, but girlie at the same time. She keeps it real and will tell you how it is whether it be good or bad!

(here she is in her favorite spot Miami)

#5. Jessi, the newly wed. We've been friends since high school, and I truly adore her. She is always there to pick me up when I am down. And I am super sad the stupid Swine Flu happened during her original date for her destination wedding (which Chris and I were scheduled to go until military put restrictions on enlisted to go there.... so we went to Jamaica!) She rescheduled her date, and had her dream wedding in Cancun, Mexico.

(This picture was taken on one of her many weekend get aways with her then Mr. to be. Yeah, he would just wisp her away for surprise trips! I told her I was going to send Chris to her hubby to learn some lessons.)

#6. Que' Sarah, another high school enemy turned bestie! She moved away for a few years to N.C., but her and her hubby FINALLY moved back to the area, and now we only live 10 mins away instead of 3 hours!

(Sorry Mike didn't mean to crop you out)
#7. Last, but not least... my token Asian friend Gwen. Another balls to the walls kinda gal! She's a germophobic, so she comes off rude when she doesn't shake people's hands.... I politely have to explain her situation to people. She truly is GREAT!

(She has GINORMOUS boobs, so this picture I picked so people wouldn't stare)

So those are who I am Thankful for this week! My besties. Of course I have tons more girlfriends and guy friends... but those are the top 7! They love me for who I am, and have been by my side through the good and the bad, and I truly appreciate ever single one of them. =)


I am heading to bed, Chris had me up at 3:30 this morning to drive him to the ship, so I have been extremely tired ALL DAY LONG. Plus Layla needs a little TLC. Chris' roomie called me at work today and said Layla had been throwing up all day!!! So I finally got to the house she seemed fine.. hasn't thrown up anymore, but her eye had goopies in it, and it was kind of pink! =( So like a good mommy, I went and got a warm washcloth and wiped it out. =)

Can dogs get pink eye (is this a stupid question)?

Nighty night fellow bloggerettes! Have a fabulous Friday!


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Guess what I got talked into today?????

NO CARBS for 2 weeks!!!! Yeah, you read that right! And for anyone who knows me, knows that this will be a BIG challenge for me. How I let my co-worker (aka big sister from another mister) talk me into this I have NO IDEA! I am sad to say that I am not totally looking forward to these next two weeks, and I am hoping for once I can actually stick to some what of a diet. Although I hope it works, because I would really L.O.V.E. to get back into my Citizen Skinny Jeans, because right now they are just marinating in my closet! =( Plus I need to seriously lose 20 lbs (I totally have my serious face on)!

My lovely co-worker decided this while we were looking at my new Alloy catalog, and while I was sitting there drinking my mega high calorie, high carb special from Starbucks. She brought in brownies for a co-workers birthday she allowed me one, and I only drank half of my Starbucks! Only to find out we were having Panera delivered for lunch! I stuck to the salad and added turkey to it. Yippie........... salad!

******************* ~ I HATE DIETS~ *********************

So the birthday girl at the office today is the dental assistant. I don't really get along with her...... well not that I don't get along with her, I just don't have time for her drama or pettiness! This is pretty much all I hear at work.....

~ how broke she is (p.s. its so UN-classy to talk about your financial problems with patients... they really don't need to hear it)! I can go on and on about this subject, but I will spare you all.

~ her boyfriend: he is abusive, has a drinking problem, doesn't pay for anything, barely works, and yet she hands over her paycheck to him?!?! (does anyone else see this as a problem?)

~ her kids: well sweetheart nobody told you to go get knocked up at the age of 16! And have 2 baby daddy! (** this is not a dis to single/young mothers**)

~baby daddy drama: that explains its self!

So yesterday, my Office Manager asked what we were going to get her, and me being the blunt person I am lately said "I'm not getting her anything"! "I didn't get anything for my birthday from anyone, so why would I get her something?" ***Yes, I am that girl! The one that doesn't give because she doesn't get. But it's not like that all the time I promise! Cause I know God doesn't like ugly.***

Is that mean of me that I didn't get her anything?


So Chris leaves AGAIN tomorrow morning for another week.... then he gets home again leaves in 13 days... then goes back out for another 11days.... to be home for 10 days to just turn around and leave again for another week!

I seriously hope they go out for the cruise sooner rather then later. I just want him to go and get back! Tis' the life of dating someone in the Military.

I hope everyone had a good HuMp DaY! Anybody do anything fun or exciting?

I'm off to go cook my low carb dinner for Chris and I...... chicken and broccoli!


Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Anyone else have a T.P. co-worker, that sometimes you just want to, ummm... I dunno smack around?

I do... jus' sayin!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday... Oh Monday

So here is my weekend RUN down for ya:
After a long 10 days Chris finally got home that afternoon! Only to find out that he would be leaving AGAIN on Thursday for another week! =(
The weather was kind of crappy so we took a long nap, and decided at 10 o'clock that we would go meet some friends at a local Tavern for a few drinks.

We had a ton of errands to do before our good friends Blake and Kerri's co-ed baby shower that afternoon. I must say I always love going to baby showers, something about seeing all the cute little things people buy. The Guys on the other hand, didn't look so thrilled about being there. But like a good friend and boyfriend Chris came along in tow. =) I did here all the Guys say "This is my 1st and last baby shower". They just don't get all this hype for a new baby! The picture below is the Diaper Bag I purchased for the new parents to be.. isn't it cute! I did however like a bad friend stray away from their registry at Babies R Us. I don't know what it is, but if I see something that I like better at a cute little boutique I always pick that up instead. And I (not that this matters but... ) didn't really care for the diaper bag they registered for. I was just crossing my fingers that someone didn't purchase the one she registered for.... and nobody did THANK GOODNESS! Not only did Kerri love it... it actually matches the stroller her mom bought her! BONUS!

* Funny note: Kerri opened her present that Chris and I had given her, and bless his heart, he thought that it was a purse or a beach bag! C'mon Babe really??? We are at a baby shower!

That night we went with two of our friends to our FAVORITE Japanese Steak House Otani's for dinner! Then went back to Chris' house and played Quarters (which come to find out I am not very good at).

It was a beautiful day, and since I am lucky to only live 5 mins away from the beach, so that's just what I did. Chris and I and two of our friends met us down at the beach so they could surf. And surprisingly there were actually decent waves (this hardly ever happens here in Va Bch). We ordered pizza for dinner, he played his roommate in PS3 college football while I finished the book Hope In A Jar. Which was an excellent book, if anyone cares! =)

Which brings us too......

Today at work I am playing Travel Agent for Dr. Foster. My job title is Admin. Assistant, but I consider myself as his personal assistant!

So while I am here on this beautiful day stuck inside an office, Chris is enjoying a day of golf! Phooey on him!

Not to much planned for tonight, Chris starts on another Softball team tonight, so it looks like I will be at the softball field for about an hour or two tonight.

Hope everyone has a great Monday!


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thankful Thursday = My Friday

A few things I am thankful for.....

~ Lip gloss

~ Starbucks

~ My HaNdSoMe Boyfriend

~ My GiRlFrIeNdS (no drama)

~ Baby Girl Layla

~My J.O.B

~ Family

~ My Health

~ High Heels

~ Handbags

~ Lemon Pine-Sol (almost forgot that one)

Speaking on Crackbucks, my lovely co-worker (a.k.a my second mom) gave me a gift card yesterday for there, for dog sitting her 4 crazy dogs last weekend. Unfortunately not that I need a gift card to go there, but it's nice when you don't have to spend your own money on it. =)

I love that we have a Drive Thru Crackbucks a block away from work. It makes it so convenient! I go there quite often, often enough that they know my drink order, that when I start they interrupt me so I don't have to spew the want list for my drink. They nick named it the "Diabetic Coma" a.k.a Caramel Macchiato. =)

here is my order when I go...

*Grande Iced Caramel Macchiato
*In a Venti cup
*Extra Extra Ice
*2 Raw Sugars
*Extra Caramel
*With Whip Cream

(Don't judge..... and yes, I know this is probably why I can't lose those 10 lbs.!)

Moving right along...... I really want this Coach bag! It actually just might be my next big splurge!
But I really want to buy the Nikon D70 camera! Which one do I get? The purse is the cheaper of the two?!?

I stopped into Bath and Bodyworks the other day, and of course couldn't pass up the lip gloss. I did get the buy two get one free... but out of the three that I got, this one I like the best. It smells like Orange Creamsicles.
Thank goodness, it's almost the start of my weekend!
The three of five of us are still here at work.... Doc has already left. The Drama Queen Assistant has left early AGAIN! (yet she still complains about not having everything done, and not having enough hours... well DUH! Hello dummy stay until 4 o'clock like the rest of us)!

So here I am blogging.... My Office Manager is playing with her new Crackberry Curve... and the Hygienist is on Facebook! =)

Here is my run down for the weekend...

Friday: Lazy day waiting for Chris to get home, and he isn't able to tell me due to security reasons! BOOOO..

Saturday: One of my Besties Coed Babyshower. =) She's having a girl her name is going to be Skylar Reese. Funny thing, that's my nieces name which I picked out! =) Great minds think alike!

Sunday: Funday.... going to the beach hopefully if the weather ever decides to clear up! Keep your fingers crossed.

Anyone doing anything fun this weekend?


Wednesday, August 12, 2009


This week is dragggging by! But ONLY one more day until Chris gets home... YAY!! I can already tell I am going to go insane when he is gone for 8 months! (sigh..)

Not feeling so hot tonight! =( I hope everyone had a fabulous Hump Day.. I'm off to bed.
nighty night!


Monday, August 10, 2009


The crackberry dried out over night, and it is working! =) Although the little stickers inside my phone says there is water damage, I'm not forking out money for a new one if this one is working still! Call me cheap, but I have other things to buy like clothes or shoes! =) ~c

Never fails..... (beware.. Lots of Rambling)

Why is it that I can ALWAYS count on Monday's that I will be swamped with patient phone calls???? For once I would just like to come in on a Monday, open up the Dental office, drink a cup a coffee, and check my email without one phone call before 8:30! Just once, that's all I am asking.

Here is a run down of my morning....

7:50: Get into the office

8:00: Check in some patients

8:10: Phone starts ringing.... and of course it has to be a patient, that I always dread coming in (I know that's mean, but I promise I only have a handful)... More on 8:10 patient in a min.

8:12: Another patient scheduled for the afternoon calling.... (more on 8:12 patient in a moment as well).

8:15: I have a mental breakdown, get up from my desk, walk to my Office Manager crying (literally) and tell her that I need to go home and that I don't have time to deal with these people today!

****** Yeah, the first 15 minutes of me being in the office, SERIOUSLY nobody deserves crap first thing in the morning on a Monday none the less!

Okay, so about the 8:10 patient. I am a pretty friendly person, but one thing that ANNOYS me the most is when patients come in or call and they can't speak English. I always do my best to accommodate them, but I mean c'mon your in America learn just a little... PLEASE! Okay that rant is done. So the patient calls in... (mind you she doesn't speak English well... use whatever accent you would like if you are reading this.)

Patient: Yes, I had a call that you needed to move my appointment from 11 o'clock ( I automatically know the patients voice)?

Me: No, we have you down for 12:00. When did the "person" call you?

Patient: No someone called me and told me they needed to move my appointment at 11 o'clock.

Me: No, ma'am we have two patients at 11 o'clock, so we wouldn't have put you at that appointment time. We have you down for 12 o'clock today!

Patient: But somebody called

Me: I called you on Thursday to confirm your appointment, but we have you down for 12 o'clock are you still able to make that one?

Patient: My card says 11 o'clock

Me: Well, I am pretty sure that I wrote down 12 o'clock on your card last week when you came in for your original appointment. Remember when you were 15 minutes late, and you still had to talk to the Office Manager about your insurance? And we had to reschedule your appointment because the hygienist didn't have enough time to clean your teeth?

Patient: Well, my card says 11 o'clock!

Me: Hold on one second....... * at this time I go to the Office Manager and tell her that I can't talk to her anymore, and that the patient isn't getting the point.

~ enter in the 8:12 call.... I pick it up, and it's another patient. Her and her daughter are scheduled in the after noon right back to back starting at 2:30.

Patient: Carrie, me and my daughter can't be there at 2:30. I called last week and talked to Linda, I called in advance. My daughter doesn't get out of school until 2:30! You try to get from this place to yours in that certain amount of time!!

Me: Well I spoke to you personally, and you reschedule those appointments for those times!

Patient: Well, I told you she doesn't get out of school until 2:30!

Me: I can't remember every patients schedule, just get here when you can.

Patient: We will be there by 3.

**** Insert breakdown right here!

Now the funny thing about the non English speaking patients is... she came into her appointment, and had her appointment card out and said "See I told you the card said 11 o'clock." And I looked at the card and I said " Yeah, your right it does, but that appointment was on August 4Th, your original appointment that you were late for!" Her response.. "Oh"! I mean really, I am all for fessing up to my mistakes and hell we all make mistakes, but if your going to call me out for something PLEASE make sure your right!!! I get pure enjoyment and satisfaction when I get to prove people wrong, and I am not nice about it.

So she comes to check out from her appointment, and I give her the balance which was $152.00. She takes out her checkbook, and writes a check and signals me to stamp it with the office name, she hands me the check and she has it written out for $1502.00! Again, SERIOUSLY! Tell her kindly that she didn't write the check correct and she asks me to write it for her because she doesn't know how too! RIDICULOUS!

As for the patient and her daughter.. well she came in with a funny comment that I was on a roll this morning, with attitude and she was afraid I was going to hurt her. I said I won't be the one doing the hurting the Doctor will be back there! And like any good frustrated employee would do, I refused to check her out when she was ready to leave. =)

YEAH..... Sorry that was a lot! And that was just the morning.. imagine the rest of my day!

Anyone else have any crack patients/clients or ridiculous co-workers??

Hopefully my night goes a little bit better. Have a groovy night!


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Damn it....

Excuse the language, but I broke my crackberry tonight... kinda in a bad mood! =(

Saturday, August 8, 2009


If you happen to be reading the post I just posted... please mentally switch the pictures around in your head! I had a bit of a blonde moment, and forgot which one I put where. =) Yes, I also know that the picture shows up while you are posting the blog, but me being the smart one and still learning this whole blogging world out, hit some button and all it shows is the format code... So excuse my blondeness for a hot second. =)

~ c

Oh thank Heaven for Big Sisters!

I know I have mentioned a few times about Chris' flowerbed's being in DESPERATE need of weeding. I finally caved in and decided to do it this weekend while he is gone. (I know, I'm so sweet) Well me being the girlie girl that I am, I once AGAIN recruited my big sister to come over and help me (knowing in my head that she would take over and just do it herself, while I supervised). She doesn't mind getting all hot and sweaty and dirty... but me on the other hand, NO THANK you! Not unless, I really have too, and that doesn't happen often!

So after my sister was done weeding, and I was done supervising, we headed to my Dads pool.

Here is a picture of Layla... she isn't to fond of swimming, sbe is more of a " let me play on the steps" kinda puppy. But in all fairness sbe is still a puppy. Look how cute she is here!

Does anyone know if Rotti's like water or don't like water? I've heard a few different things??? Chris and I think she has too much junk in her trunk... her ass end just sinks when she is in the water!

Here she is dunking her head under the water, trying to get the ball.

Well that's about it for tonight. Off to go curl up in the bed. Nothing like a good rain storm and a good movie on the boob tube (Senedipity). Hope everyone has a spectacular night!


Goood Mornin to Ya...

I am wondering to myself, why exactly am I up so early on a Saturday? Oh well... guess I should jump start my Saturday.

One of my girlfriends and I went and saw the Ugly Truth last night, and it was Hilarious! It's definitely a buyer. The next two movies on my list are.....

The Time Travelers Wife and Funny People.

On to something else...

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a big music junkie. I love hearing new music before it comes out on the radio. So if you have any good music choices please send them my way!

My favorite two Cd's right now are Matt Kearney and Inner Party System! Both are excellent!

I hope everyone has a Great Saturday! It isn't looking to pretty here today, so I think I might do some yard work at Chris' house.



Friday, August 7, 2009

Yay.... the sun is shining....

Looks like I might make a stop over to my dads pool to layout. =)

So, I think Layla is a little depressed that her daddy is gone. She's still a happy puppy, but not nearly as energetic like she is when Chris is home. Their little "daddy, puppy" relationship is kinda ridiculous..cute ridiculous of course! But also a sickening cute. Maybe she likes to get annoyed, poked, wrestled with and bitten by him (yes, he bites her)? I don't do any of those things, I'm the lovey, let me smush you kinda mommy. Maybe she doesn't like that? Maybe I'm the one that annoys her? No that can't be right! I do everything for her.....

~ I take her out butt a$% early/ late at night, when she rings the bell to go potty (cause we know daddy can't hear it).

~ I let her sleep on my side of the bed, even though Chris has to be up my butt while he sleeps too (I secretly love this... don't tell him), which leaves me NO room what-so-ever!

~ I take her on her much needed walks

~ And giver her treats when she has to go in her crate

~ And occasionally I sneak her french fries every now and then

So Layla, please quit pouting around the house, daddy will be home in 1 week (yay)! And please stop being "that girl" that when you get depressed you stop eating (your not fooling anyone, we all know you can eat... A LOT). xox ~ mommy

Moving on.....

Does anyone else love the smell of lemon Pine-Sol??? I am kind of obsessed with it. I probably go through maybe two big bottles a month! Chris calls me crazy, and he thinks I secretly go into the bathroom and "huff" it. I don't huff it, I just open the bottle just to get a quick whiff of it (don't judge me). Maybe I should take some stock out in it???

Anyone else obsessed with any crazy smelling stuff??

Well....... I guess it's that time, time to out of sloth mode and get my day started.

I hope everyone has a FaNTaBuLoUs weekend!


Thursday, August 6, 2009

Wish me Luck

So I entered my first chance at winning a give away.... cross your fingers. I don't have much luck with winning things though! =(

Go to


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Walkin Wednesday

Thank goodness tomorrow is Thursday! DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA here at the work place! Same girl who complains, same 3 situations she ALWAYS complains about, just different days! I personally (and I know this is mean) don't feel sorry for her at all! Either change the situation you are in OR deal with your choices you make. Just my opinion!

Anyone else have this problem?

So I made it through day 1 of Chris being gone! It wasn't to bad. I hate that I can't just text him or call him whenever I want. =( He did email me a couple times today, and when I got to work this morning I had a "Good Morning" email from him on my work email, which was nice start to my morning.

Here is a picture of the first night we met. Did I mention to you that I thought he was a complete asshole???? Cause I did! Well apparently he thought I was a total bitch! =) And look at that... things worked out for the better. He is now one of my Best Friends and my BF

In the picture: Scott (aka Birthday Boy, Roommate (Vomit)! Chris, Adam, My BFF Jessica, and Me
That whole "bitch" first impression that Chris got of me is TOTALLY NOT TRUE! You can't tell from the picture, but the reason I was being quiet (not a bitch) was because I just had my brackets put on for my braces! My mouth was sore and I was a little self conscious of having them on in the first place...... so it wasn't me being a bitch I was just being quiet! =)

I know I said I would post the pictures of damaged shoe my precious puppy chewed up, but for some reason my crackberry isn't letting me send pictures!!

So I posted these little snap shots that I took of her the other night while Chris was packing.

Her she is after about the tenth picture I took of her... this is her "Annoyed" look.

Does anyone else have a T.V. junkie dog?? For this habit I would like to thank her lovely Daddy! I mean I know they say dogs can't actually see the T.V., but Layla can! I have pictures to prove it..........

Here she is..... In this picture she is watching Baseball!

And here as you can see, she is watching The Dog Whisperer. This is her favorite show of all time! (Maybe she will get some hints about how bad it is to chew things that aren't suppose to be chewed!) So yes, Cesear Milan is her favorite.

Well time to go eat my leftover lunch Wonton soup for dinner, and take Layla and I on our new nightly ritual of walking. I hope everyone has a GrEaT night! =)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Booo Hooo... Tuesday

So Chris left today for 10 days! =( And the only contact I will have with him is through via email (ugghhh... sigh). What's 10 days right.... plus this is just getting me ready for when he is gone for his 7-8 month cruise. Which really makes me sad to think about because he will be gone for ummmm..... pretty much......... wait let me fix that he WILL be gone for ALL the Holidays! Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Valentines Day, My Birthday, St. Patricks Day, Easter, and possibly 4th of July! NICE huh! It's ridiculous, but it's the price you pay for dating someone in the military <---- I always said I would never date anyone in the military and HA.. what do you think about that..... here I am 10 years and 1 divorce later, I am dating someone in the military. Not that I had anything against military guys, but my Dad was in the military and hated that he wasn't home much.... and here I am with Christopher a.k.a Babe..... LOVE HIM... he is GrEaT! We are total opposites so it works out perfectly.

Chris is the laid back, easy breezy, go with the flow, doesn't like making plans kinda guy. Which I find really weird since he is from NY.

As for me, I am the have to have a plan, lets go do something, freak out if something happens that I can't control, cry cause I am frustrated kinda gal.

He keeps me grounded, and I keep him organized! =) Perfect combo I think.

I am randomly thinking~ Hmmm.... what to do for dinner??? The office was suppose to do a dinner date at one of our favorite restaurants down by the beach Chic's Cafe, but that just got cancelled! BUMMER! Although I was secretly wanting it to get cancelled. Maybe I will grab a quick dinner and possibly take Layla on a nice walk tonight.

Speaking of darling little (big) Layla.... she was not Mommy's favorite little girl this morning, not AT ALL!

Just a quick run down on our precious little 10 month old Rottweiler. She is a super cute, and a very smart dog. And when I say smart, she's smart.... I taught her how to ring a bell on the door knob, when she has to go out to go potty, she has a time out spot when she is bad, she sits a the snapping of the fingers, two snaps she lays down, and she gives High Fives!

Anyhoo... So I had to get up this morning at 4:30 to take Chris to the ship, so we have been trying to slowly let her out of her crate while we are gone (we tried this before, 2 playstation remotes nibbled on, 1 remote control demolished, 1 pair of electric sunglasses in her belly, 2 blankets torn open, 1 flip flop later). So we are getting ready to head out the door, she knows we are about to leave and gives us this "really I will be a good girl this time, if you just leave me out of my crate" look. being the sucker I am said lets leave her out. I wasn't going to be gone that long. So I closed ALL the doors to the bathrooms, closets and other rooms, I pick up all the remotes out in the living room and along with his roommates sneakers, and his girlfriends flip flops and we walk out the door. Really I mean everything was picked up! I walk into the house from dropping Chris off, and I am greeted at the door by his inconsiderate roommates golden retriever Bailey... no sign of Layla. I look out back (because the roommates have a tendency to just put her out back) she isn't there. I look down the hallway and see all the doors are closed, and automatically know that she's in the room and most likely not in her cage. DING DING DING.... correct! Walk into the room she comes running to me and notice that there are pieces of stuff EVERY where on the carpet. Turn on the light and she DESTROYED one of my favorite pair of black sling back heels, that I have only worn maybe 3 times (I took pictures, they will be posted tomorrow)!!! He dumb*!$ self centered roommate (yes, the birthday boy who I got into it with) locked her in the room, and for who knows what reason! Just another reason to not like the guy!

Me = Not a Happy Momma
So that was my interesting morning. I was mad at her, put her in time out and went back to bed. She eventually hopped up on the bed to sleep next to me, because she knew I was furious with her, but I ignored her. So since I was mean to her this morning, I guess I could go out and take her for a long walk. I'm such a good mommy! =)

Well I am outta here! Gotta go get some grub and go see baby girl (Layla). =)


Monday, August 3, 2009


Diet starts today! I jumped on the scale this morning... and didn't like the three digit number that popped up. Maybe the battery is about to die on the scale, you know how that always gives you crazy numbers?? Anyhooo.... diet starts today. =)

Case of the MoNdAyS....

Ehh.... back to the grind AGAIN!

My weekend was un-productive.

Friday: Went to my Dads pool to catch some rays.

Saturday: Like a good girlfriend would do, went with Chris to his softball game out in the sweltering heat of 100+ degrees. Thank goodness that they weren't on there "A" game, and actually got done at a decent time. Went home cleaned up and went to dinner down by the beach. Then met up with some friends at a local dive for Chris' roommates birthday.

I don't know what it is about grown adults and their DRAMA!!! I mean I know everyone has a little bit here and there, but seriously when it starts to be a constant thing, you would think that, that person(s) would take a step back and be like dude.... let me look at the situation and maybe change something?!? Wishful thinking yeah, I know! Anyways... we are at the bar celebrating his roommates birthday, everything is fine and dandy until about 12 am and birthday boy see's some girlfriends of mine that he doesn't really care for, and totally starts flipping out on Chris and I. Like I intentionally invited them out, just to spite him! 1.) Ummm Hello... it's a public place they can go where they please 2.) It's not like it was a private party and 3.)I mean really NEWS FLASH..... I DON'T CARE ABOUT YOU AND WHAT YOUR ISSUES ARE. So yeah, some choice words came out of my mouth at him (which by the way made me feel a WHOLE lot better), he and Chris got into it and then Chris and I left.

Before I get called out for being rude on this guys birthday, let me just say that this was long over due. I am not one to cause a big scene or cause drama, but this guy is very self centered and only looks out for himself. And he CONSTANTLY yells at me for no reason or from something he hears.... it's a little ridiculous. He and Chris have been friends for years and have lived together for quite sometime and have been through a lot.

Did I mention that his roomie and I had a fling (way before Chris and I started dating)well we did. Not so proud of that fact right now, but yeah. So everyone says he is a little bitter about that whole situation, but seriously....... Chris and I have been dating for 2 years now, he has a girlfriend..... time to grow up! Just my thought on that.

Sunday: Hungout.... and Chris' roomie tried to apologize, but I didn't accept it and left it at that. I have no respect for the guy. I will be cordial and whatever, but I'm not over extending my arm to him or going out of my way to help him or invite him anywhere anymore... washing my hands clean of that situation.

And here we are good ole' Monday! BLAH...... it has been non-stop ever since I arrived at work today. I am ready to get outta here, and go spend some time with Chris (he is going out to sea tomorrow for 10 days). =(