Monday, November 28, 2011

Happy Late Thanksgiving..

Holy Cow... a lot has happened since the last time I posted. Chris and I moved into our house. We are still trying to get everything situated and organized, as well as trying to get Max's room all put together.

We had our couples baby shower two weeks ago, which turned out great. We ended up getting so much stuff. I can't wait to put everything to use.

Thanksgiving morning we had a little scare. I ended up going to the hospital and hanging out in Labor and Delivery for two hours. Ended up just being a bacterial infection.. which I am now on medication for.

I also found out I am severely anemic, which I had to go to the Hematologist for that... ended up being a waste of time.. all they did was take blood and schd. me another appointment for three weeks once they get the blood results back.

And lets not forget my face breaking out like I am back in middle school! Actually I don't think I have ever had my face break out as bad as it is. Thank goodness its just basically my chin.

I am just so ready for this little boy to make his appearance.. I am over having no energy... not being able to eat and especially looking forward to getting this Picc Line out of my arm.