Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I'm just asking......

Can work send ME home from being "SICK" every month, when Aunt Flow comes into town???

I hate this week...

I am starting to hate work...

And I am really starting to hate the T.P. Ass. even more...



  1. I think everyone is having one of those weeks this week. We're all pissy! I'm sorry.

  2. Oh no... I'm sorry you're having a bad week. Those are just the worst. Maybe this will cheer you up... I am leaving a little blog award for you over at my blog this afternoon :)

  3. haha i WISH we could go home when it's that time of month! i's basically a sickness...right?!

    love your blog and thanks for visiting mine!! tomorrow I will have a be on the lookout!

  4. you know what? we ladies really should get the week off when aunt flow comes to town...she's a bitch to handle so work should understand.

    hope the day gets better for you!

  5. the bitch came to visit me last night, about 2 in the morning.....i was in too much pain to sleep. i felt fine at work today until some jerk made me cry...i don't cry at work....thanks flo!!
    i'm feeling your pain darling!
    hope the rest of your week is MUCH BETTER!! xo

  6. ew ill be there next week! Ick. I suggest listening to some Matt & Kim. Even on the worst day it can cheer me up!