Monday, October 12, 2009

Rainy Monday...

But it's all good in da' hood, because today is flying by! Which is always a GREAT thing for a Monday.
So here is a little run down of my weekend.
After I finally got Chris's lazy buttocks up off the couch, we went to go see our friends Blake and Kerri up at the hospital. We ended up staying with them until 5:00, when they were ready to do the epidural. And at 6:45 pm little Skylar Reese Spell was born. She weighed in at 8lbs 4 oz. =) Sorry I didn't take any pictures of her because the "Mommy and Baby" room was super small. And about 20 people in there. So as soon as I get some pictures I will post them. =)

After the hospital we were suppose to go to our friends surprise party... but shame on us we didn't go.... we took our baby girl out for a walk.

She's so spoiled that she really doesn't know how to play fetch.... kinda sad!
And here I just added a picture of my niece... another Skylar Reese

And my nephew..... Zander Rian

So Friday night since we didn't go to the party, we decided to hit up Diary Queen and watch Schindler's List. =)
Chris and I did some charity bartending. My Office Manager is part of a non profitable organization that raises money for charities, so she asked if I would help out. So me being the good person that I am agreed and volunteered Chris as well! =) Can't really complain when it's free drinks, food and music. =)
All I have to say about Sunday is that New England Patriots may want to look at a new Quarterback..... just sayin!

So Chris and I FINALLY decided what we were going to be for Halloween! 1920's "Gangster" and Flapper! I think I am going for this costume right here..........

I hope everyone had a great weekend!
Is it sad that I am ready for the weekend already? A group of us are going to the HUGE wine festival this weekend. The weather is suppose to be great, and I can't wait! =)
P.S. Hilary over at is having a FABULOUS giveaway! Go check it out. =)


  1. Great costume ideas and sounds like a fabulous weekend! I'll take anything other painting these days.

  2. cute costume!!
    sounds like you had a great weekend!!
    my pup is not all that great at playing fetch either, when he gets tired of playing he goes and hides his "baby."

  3. your baby girl is ADORABLE!!! i love her. i'm such a dog person. i'm swooning over her more than anything else on this post. lol.

    love the costumes. you two will look great!

  4. Sounds like you had a fantastic weekend.

  5. F.U.N. halloween costumes!!! You must show us pics with y'all wearing your attire :)- puppy doesn't know how to play fetch either. Lol

    WoW...your neice has some AMAZING curls!!!