Wednesday, October 28, 2009

So I may or may not have played hookie from work yesterday! =) I wasn't feeling all that great yesterday... I could have sucked it up, but I decided to use a sick day anyway.


Dear Jade Nicole,

Your 23??? Cause you look tad..... way bit older!
I am tired of hearing you whine every time you make an appearance on THE HILLS. It's clear that you and Brody have some issues, and I wish you two would finally call it quits! Your uber jealousy towards every girl friend of Brody's is supper annoying too! jus' sayin.


P.S. I am team Kristin! Her and Brody are fab. together!

Anyone else think this girl is a little ridiculous?


Can I just tell everyone how excited I am for Halloween this weekend! The weather here is suppose to be GREAT a nice 75 degrees! Can I get a woot... woot! And I am thinking I might do the spray tan so I don't look so pasty white in the mass photos I plan to take.

Hope everyones hump day is going well... =)

~ciao bitches


  1. Girl, I def have the same hate for Jade and I am TOTAL Team Kristin! Following your awesome blog!!!


  2. Amen. I watch it this morning and I have to agree with you she is super insecure and super jealous. I wish Brody would give her weathered ass a big boot. I think all guys will be staying away from her once she and Brody break up. She's a major head case!!!

  3. Um YES! I just watched the Hills from last night at lunch and thought the same thing! She SUCKS!!!!

  4. i don't watch the hills so i don't know who that chick is but yes she looks a little old for 23. i'm team kristin all the way too. love her!

  5. okay totally jealous of your 75 degree weather!!

    LOVE the hills!! her jealousy makes an otherwise pretty girl ugly!! she is just way too jealous about everysinglething!! drives me crazy!! kristen is not my favorite but i her better than jade.
    biggest disaster on the show last night, heidi's sister dancing on the beach!! WTF! HAHAHA!!!

  6. AMEN sister! I just don't get her! She is just cutting the last shred of her relationship with her poopie attitude. Hope your having a great day! = )

  7. Could not agree more! This chick needs to GO AWAY!