Thursday, October 1, 2009

A whole lotta randomness/ Thankful Thursday

So I love the items on Glamlist..... just found this cute dress (sorry for the blurriness)
I have only purchased one thing from Glamlist and it took FoReVeR for me to finally receive it... 2 months maybe 3.! WTF, I know a little ridic!
So I guess I will just have to swoon over it, because my impatient personality can't wait that long for a purchase to arrive. =(
I just downed a whole lotta carbs for lunch! And I don't care.... well kinda I do!
I was in the back heating up my leftovers from last night and t.p assistant was like "whatcha cooking" I said noodles and potatoes... she looked in my bowl and was like "that's a whole lotta carbs, aren't you suppose to be watching that?" Ummm... no. no I'm not. As I am thinking in my head, sister like you have any room to talk! Jus' sayin!
So my mom informed me the other day, that she works with my (stay with me now) ex husbands... best friends.... girlfriend. Mom my really likes her, and they didn't know the connection before the other day. My mother being the pain in the ass that she is..... decided to inform her how much she disliked my ex family, and his new wife (which is her friend). Ummm.... awkward? Just a little I would say! Then my big mouth mother was like the house they are in my daughter and him built and she got none of it....... REALLY MOM, it's none of her business and I am sure she already knows the story.
I've never met this girl, and don't plan on it. But I SERIOUSLY dislike her bf and I am sure he is part of the reason why my ex cheated... anyhoo.... I am sure this girl felt a little awkward, and my mom really likes her a lot, so I would hate that things get weird between them in the work place.... should I drop her a message on facebook (That's the only way I know to contact her) and let her know not to take what my mom said to heart, and that I am seriously over it (it's been 4 years for goodness sakes) I am happy, and my ex seems happy so that's all that matters. Or do I just drop it and not contact her? Advice would be great!
Thankful Thursday
~Fall Weather
~ Weekends
~ Wine Festival (*)
~ Concerts (*)
~ Christopher
~ Best Friends
~ Amusement Parks (*)
~ Halloween
(*) are things that I will be doing this month
Catcha on the flip side.......

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