Thursday, October 29, 2009

It's beginning to look A LOT like Christmas

Well not here in Virginia Beach it's not.
Weather Forecast for this weekend:
Today: Hi 65 Low 57
Friday: Hi 70 Low 63
Saturday: Hi 80 Low 63 (thank goodness it won't be freezing)
Sunday: Hi 72 Low 5
So I think today at work, while in between taking mass phone calls & stalking blogs, I am going to start making my Christmas wish list for Chris. =) And also work on my list of what I am going to get family and friends. Sounds productive doesn't it? =)
Also, I am thinking about not doing the normal mass presents for Chris this year (yes, he is a spoiled brat). I think I am going to do more of a HANUKKA type thing and do like 6 days of CHRISTMAS.

Only because I want to give him Giants tickets and that game is on Dec 21st. (And that's why I went with 6 days and not 5 days, which I know 5 makes more sense,but I would give him the tickets on the 20th). Are you still following that? Or did I confuse everyone with it not really making sense?!?

So here is the list of items that I want to give him...

Day 1 Dec 20th: New York Giants Tickets
Day 2 Dec 21st: IDK.... but something to give him during the game?? Any ideas?
Day 3 Dec 22nd: IDK =)
Day 4 Dec 23rd: IDK =/
Day 5 Dec 24th: IDK =(
Day 6 Dec 25th: PsP Go (Yes, he is 30 and wants a little game system), but he wants one to take on his 8 month cruise, so he can watch movies in his etty bitty rack. =)
(Great list huh?)
Chris has informed me this year that he wants to be brave and go out for BLACK FRIDAY to do all of his shopping! I've informed him, that this means we will be getting up probably at 1 am and out the door by 2 am.
I think I kinda scared him when I said that, but what's the point of actually par-taking in BLACK FRIDAY if your not going to get up butt ass early and hit all the sales??
I have a feeling he is going to try to back out of this, but I'm going to put on my little bitch panties and throw a fit if he does. I definitely can assure you that!
Well since HaLlOwEeN is right around corner, ChRiStMaS is tailing right behind,and because I like to plan a little in advance..... I found this for next years hAlLoWeEn costume.


I figured since Chris won't be here next year for HaLlOwEeN I can go solo as Frosty. =) Cute huh?

Well since today is my Thuriday, I hope everyone has a SAFE and HAPPY HaLlOwEeN!

My P.o.S Dell laptop is being ridiculous again! (Never again will I buy a Dell. The Mac Airbook is first on my Christmas wish list for Chris)

So hopefully I get to blog stalk this weekend if not, it will have to wait until Monday! =(

~ ciao bitches

p.s. I spent waaay.. too much time making this blog colorful!


  1. that costume is so CUTE! i love it! i hope you dress up like that even if you're alone. and what's this about an 8 month cruise?!? explain.

    happy thursday to you darling!

  2. that is FROSTY? Man...I thought he was an overweight white guy.

  3. That was cute!
    I would NEVER go out on black friday! I decorate that day for Christamas.
    How did you change your font colors? I can't do that.Very creative!!

  4. Hi again, It's me! I figured out how to change the font. Yeah, that's right, this is why I'm going more blonde... LOL :)

  5. love the costume! that's the first time I've seen it. clever :)

  6. Cute cute frosty costume for next year girly! And I LOVE that you're giving him Giants tickets! That's gonna be so freaking fun! I will definitely think on some other gifts as ideas to give him at the game.. Hmmmm... You sound like you've got some seriously creative juices flowing tho-psp AND Giants tix?! Goodness! :)

  7. You are SO CUTE. I love that you are getting Chris so much for Christmas (and that you're already thinking about it because I am totally already in the Christmas spirit).

    Thanks for your comment about boys. It's good to know that even though there are horrible bitches husband/boyfriend stealers out there, that there are still some good guys, even if they are few and far in between!

  8. WOW!! You're a giver. Jajaja I've been thinking of getting the huns PJ pants, but apparently I've got to step it up a.lil.bit! LOL

    I hope he enjoys his giftys