Wednesday, October 14, 2009


What do you do, when you are randomly stalking peoples blogs, and you come across someone that has the same blog name as you???? Do I change my name? I mean this blogger had her own cute, fab. little "just a girl" button! Ehh..... totally not fair. I would say that she would need to change hers, but it's totally clear that she's probably been on here longer! I mean for goodness sakes she has her own button.

Sooo.... do I change my name or keep it the same? A little advice would be great here... Please and Thank yous.

Maybe a change would be good. I think next payday, I am going to look at someone customizing my blog anyways, but if I change my blog name do I lose all my wonderful 23 followers, and the million that I follow???


So my Office Manager was checking her text messages on her cellie today.... I am going to give you the scene of what happened....

She's in her office and I am up at my desk which is probably a good ummmm 10/15 feet away.. and I am checking out a patient....

OM: Hey what does IDK mean...

Me: I don't know

OM: Me either

Me: I look at the patient I am checking out and we both bust out laughing........ I yell back to her and tell her NO Linda... It means I don't know!

OM: Oh...

I seriously almost peed my pants when she said that. It was so funny. =)


Moving on to more random things for today's post....

I get home from work today, and I look at my text and I have one from Chris which says...

"Ur like the gun to my holster babe"

........ and this is why I love him! He is just as random as I am!

Everyone..... have a fabulous night!



  1. I say keep it! Just because some other girl has the same name doesn't lesson how fantastic your blog is! I am pretty sure I could find someone with the name Ocean Dreams as well, so you should totally stick with it sweetie! Thanks for stopping by my blog, now you have 24 followers! XO!

  2. i think you should keep your name!! WHO CARES?! :) Just be your own individual and work it!!! :)

  3. Here's a thought, copywrite your name, then it's yours! You can do that on Google if this is a google blog! Make your own button, I had for my buttons, she has $5.00 buttons. I'm sure your blog is better than hers anyhow!!

  4. Keep your name or I'll get confused. ;)

  5. keep your name! Screw the other chick :) But just an FYI, you can change your header to something different if you'd like, but the blog address would stay the same. Easy fix.

  6. STay where you are because i love your blog!!!

  7. I would say keep it. I'm sure there is someone out there with our name. Oh well!