Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sorry 'bout that...

Little rant earlier! It seems that I am always B*t%C%h@n about that chick lately!

So moving on to much "funner" things...

Living by the beach, I always love all the beach houses. It's like another world down by the beach (of course along with the pricey price tag as well).

So here at the beach it's like a religion to name your beach house. So when Chris and I were on our way down to the beach, I asked what he would name his beach house..... his response " I don't know". He asked what I would name mine and I said "Don't be Jealous"......

Yes, I want a beach house just like this to name DON'T BE JEALOUS So mega millions..... pretty pretty please pick my numbers already! Geezzz... whats a young girl gotta do to win some mulla?

So I've been craving some really crazy things lately (no, I'm not preggy). Like last night, after Chris's softball game, we went to a local sports bar with some of the team mates. I was really craving a big fat juicy cheeseburger.

So me being the big pig that I am ordered the "Death Burger" loaded with cheese, chili, bacon, mushrooms, jalapenos and onion!

Lemme explain something really quick...

1. I can't really stand bacon... the smell or the taste....
2. I hate hot/spicy foods....

Can I just say I LOVED THIS CHEESEBURGER! Chris ordered the same thing as I did, and I am sad to say I ate more then he did! (don't judge) =( And there fries were PHENOM!

So my next craving I just had would be fried pickles.... hopefully I will get some of those on Saturday!!
And that's it for my randomness today.....

Hope all you fantastic people are having a great Tuesday!



  1. are you sure you're not preggo??? these sound like major pregnancy cravings...hmmm?

    haha. your beach house is AMAZING and i would be so jealous.

  2. That burger sounds DELICIOUS. I'm not into bacon really, but I love jalapenos!

  3. HAHAHA! I have had weird "pregnancy cravings" all my life... until I became pregnant. Now I just want everything I see, but nothing weird or out of the ordinary. However I have had MANY food aversions- I no longer like steak, burgers, or meat of any sort. I will eat turkey and chicken though! Also I used to LOVE Coca Cola... and now I only like Sprite, Sunkist, and Gatorade. lol

  4. that beach house is amazing looking!!!

    how crazy, i just had a fried pickle for the first time at the zoo today. twas quite nummy!!

    i crave different food all the time, it's normal ;)