Wednesday, December 16, 2009

the boss...

Chris comes home tomorrow, date night is on Saturday and he still won't tell me or give me any hints on where we are going!

While I was facebooking I saw that his softball team has a tournament on Saturday. So I emailed Chris to see if he was playing on Saturday and if he was would it mess up our date night. And this is what I get in return....

Chris: I don't know am I?

Me: I don't know I saw the B posted something on P's page asking what time the game was on Saturday. Does this mean if you play our date night will be ruined?

Chris: Never.

Me: Can you quit with the minimal words please! And what does "never" mean?

Chris: It means date night is on regardless if I play or not woman. Your going to stop talking to me like that over email. I know you think you can get away with it but don’t forget whose the boss and who will be back soon

Me: Okay! And that’s to the date night thing… not the boss thing! Because we ALL know that’s not true!

I love that he has a sense of humor and thinks he is KING DING A LING!


  1. hahaha!!
    you two are cute!!
    i hope your date night is wonderful!!

  2. Awww! So adorable! Can't wait to hear what he planned for date night! :)

  3. lol cute flirtation! my husband and I are the same way :)

    p.s. I'm from Va, good ole' Northern Va ;)



    Did the Perricone lady contact you yet?

  5. jajajajajajaja so funny!!! my bf also jokes about him being boss... hilarity