Thursday, December 17, 2009

Oompa Loompas & Opposite attraction....

I went spray tanning last night.. I had the option of going in the booth to where it does it for you or have an employee spray you. I opted for the booth.

NO WAY, NO HOW was I going to have some stranger spray tan me butt naked NO THANK YOU!

I was a little nervous at first, but it seemed pretty easy. The girl went over all the steps to do and that was pretty much it.

But let me just tell you when they tell you to put on that certain lotion beforehand put TONS of it on!!!! I just did the minimal like I was putting on my regular lotion and it didn't help.

And then afterwards you have to get out and blot off with a towel.. which is fine... but when you have a tiny mirror and hardly no lighting in the room it makes it kind of difficult.

I just noticed a big blotch spot on my forearm that I have to blend in some how.

And my face looks like this..... Well not really that bad, but it sure is close to this.

I took a shower last night before I went, and the lady told me to wait 6 hours before I shower, so I am praying that some of the color comes off or blends in a little more.

Next topic...

Do Opposites Personalites/Traits really work out better in a relationship? Or does Similar Personalites/Traits work better?

Chris and I are complete opposites, well not complete..... but enough for us to get along perfectly (majority of the time).

Here are a few...
~ Chris is Northern.... I am Southern... (actually I am boarder line, but he says I have a southern accent)
~ Chris is outdoorsy... I am not
~ Chris a go with the flow kinda guy.... I have to have plans
~ Chris saves his money..... I spend and pretty much live paycheck to paycheck (that will change in 2010)
~ Chris likes to drink.... to where I will have one drink and be fine
etc... I could think of a million more but my head hurts (I think I am getting a head cold).
The reason for this topic today is because one of my girlfriends and her husband are just the same... in every way possible...
~ In shape
~ Both stubborn
~ Hardheaded
~ Loving
~ Drinkers
But boy when they fight.... THEY FIGHT!
I've never really been in this type of situation before, and it always seems like I am over there when their fights begin.. and I always try to play peace maker, but like I said they are both hard headed and there is no reasoning with them when they start up.
I am not saying mine and Chris's relationship is everyday all day peachy keen and we never get into spats because that would be a lie. But we never get into like our friends do...
So the question is.....
Are you and your lover Opposite or Similar?
Think about it and let me know. =)
Hope everyone is having a great Thuriday!
~ciao bitches


  1. J and I are def opposites!
    However, I will say we have not had as many of those big blow up fights as I had in previous relationship where the guy and I were more alike.

    I think we balance each other and our differences make it easier for one of us to say "Sorry" when we need to.

  2. Err, too bad on the spray tan! I'm sure it will fade out soon enough for your big date on Saturday :-D I spray tan before weddings that I'm in and haven't had any problems, thankfully! (other than that awful smell!)

    Greg and I are a good mixture of both, I think it works out well... though we're both stubborn. When we were younger we would have THE WORST fights, always been alcohol is involved. Maybe that contributes to your friends' issues?

    Hope you're having a great day :-)

  3. spray tans can be the devil! ugh! sorry!

  4. I've been tempted to try the spray tan but I'm scared of having results like yours. Eek.

    I sound a lot like you and my fiance sounds a lot like Chris so I guess we're opposites as well but it works :)

  5. Nick and I are similar in most ways. I don't think one way is better than the other. It also depends on if you like to spend a lot of time with your significant other or if you prefer to each do your own thing - for example outdoorsy stuff. If he really wanted you to go fishing with him and you hated it, etc. My mom is married to an outdoorsy man, and she goes with him on fishing trips and just enjoys being outdoors taking in the scenery.

  6. Oh boy sorry about the bad tan, I am sure it will wear off soon! Hmmm, about the BF question. I would say we are both alike, but both very different. I think variety is important in a relationship. If he has something that you lack, then it helps you out when you are needing an opinion or want to switch things up. Like, I think because you like to spend $ your BF is a good head of reason to help you spend less. This is how it is for my BF and I. Also...I think couples that have too many similarities fight because they are TOO alike, you know? As long as you are in alignment for the same goals, then I think you are all set!

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  7. We're DEFINITELY opposites!!!! As in we reaaaally don't have anything alike!!! Well maybe we're both from the same country!!! LOL