Monday, December 7, 2009

full glass of Hater-Aid .....

Boy am I in a foul mood today!

~Let me start off by saying I LOVE Christmas music, I however want to pull my hair out when ever I hear this duet! And go figure, the radio station we listen too just played two of their Christmas songs right back to back.... THANK you 2wd (radio station) for adding to my already terrible Monday!

~Dear T.P assistant,
I could really give two shits that you finally convinced your mothers boyfriend to purchase you a real cell phone. Just another reason why I have little respect for you, your a grown woman... get your shit together and stop expecting people to baby to you.
~Is anyone else tired of hearing about Tiger Woods?? I mean seriously.... does this surprise anyone?? Cause I am not surprised at all..... why would you want to be faithful to your beautiful wife and kids?!?
Add him to the bag -o- douche.
~ I saw some movies this weekend...
Friday: I went to my girlfriend Christie's house for homemade soup and movie night.
we watched FUNNY PEOPLE.
Ughh... It was HORRIBLE, not funny at all. I give it an F- ... negative 20 stars. I don't even know why we didn't turn it off.
Saturday: After putting up the tree and decorating a little bit for Christmas, Christie called me again to see if I wanted to go see NEW MOON. So I went..... loved it.... hated the last scene. I mean I know it's for the start of the ECLIPSE, but really! I give it an A-.... and 15 stars. =)
I alright... I am done being Capt'n Cranky Pants and rambling for the time being...
~Just wanted to let a certain someone know... cough.. cough summer, that my fingers are crossed for good news today!
~ciao bitches


  1. ugh! yes, Tiger is such a doosh bag!!
    and funny people, not funny or good!~

  2. LOL!!

    Quote of the Day:

    "Add him to the bag -o- douche."

    Love it chica.

  3. I saw Funny People a week ago and hated it too. It wasn't that funny and lasted too damn long. Seriously the last 20 minutes I was on Facebook not even paying attention. It gets a big FAIL from me!

  4. Tiger? Over it. Bag o douche? Love it. I'm cranky pants too.

  5. I totally agree with everything you just said!!! (especially the one for summer!)

  6. bag-o-douche he has been added, ha!!
    you are too funny! hope your day is gettin better hun.

    p.s. praying for summer as well!

  7. Tiger. No comment on him. Bleh. Hope you feel better soon! XO!

  8. That's too bad that Funny People is so bad. It looked promising when it came out, but I've heard a lot of negative reviews.

  9. Cant stand the Toger thing anymore.