Wednesday, December 16, 2009

If you like Pina Colada's .... and getting caught in the rain....

If you're not into yoga If you have half a brain If you'd like making love at midnight In the dunes on the Cape Then I'm the love that you've looked for Write to me and escape."

Sorry for that blurb... that songs on the radio right now! =)


Your Horoscope - Today, Dec. 16, 2009
A female visitor who needs a little tea and sympathy could come to your door today. She'll probably have some problems that she wants advice on, carrie, but she could also bring some information, possibly involving new scientific or metaphysical studies, that you should find fascinating and that you'll want to pass on to others. This information could trigger insights of your own. Write down your ideas, as you'll want to remember them

Umm..... dear horoscope people you lost me after Carrie... jus' sayin!

The first part before that was true, one of my besties is having a hard time today. =( So I told her to get a sitter for the baby, and I was taking her out for dinner and drinks. =)

I mean suriously is it Thursday yet??? This week has gone by sooooooo slow it's ridic!

I am ready to start my Holiday VaCa.... and get the helloutta the asshat of an office I work at. Well not really asshat, but I am just over things and ready for my VaCa.

Is everyone ready for the Holidays?? Any special plans going on?

~ciao bitches


  1. I was singing that song this morning too. I cannot really afford to go to the airport...but if I had the money, i would be in Bora Bora again!

  2. lol! I love that song!
    plans.. not really, just hang with family and then head to NYC to watch the ball drop!