Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I feel like poop...

My throat is sore, and I have an annoying cough!

And to add to the already bad day, Chris just text me and told me that his (annoying... self centered) roommate, just got capped to 1st class!

*For all you non-military peeps out there, that means basically he got a promotion in the military with a salary increase... by A LOT!*
* Capped = You got lucky and had a second chance*

I just hope Chris isn't too depressed about it when I see him tonight. Chris studied his ass off for that 1st class test and did 26 points BETTER then his roommate! But since Chris just came on the ship, and his asshat roommate butt kissed and got sailor of the quarter, which is probably the only reason why he got capped.

And he is that type that will be rubbing it in and bragging about which makes me even more mad!

Sorry for ranting about this... it just frustrates me!


I don't have much to talk about lately..... so lets do what a lot of people are doing and do

Questions & Answers

You ask... I'll answer! =)

~ciao bitches


  1. That really stinks! Sorry about Chris.
    I hope you have a Happy New Year!

  2. YOu and me both with the captain cranky pants. I'm sorry.... hope it gets better.

    Chicken or the egg? Brad or George? Sleep or sex?

  3. poor chris! that totally sucks!!
    i hope you feel better soon and get outta your funk!

    how come you started your blog?
    how much time do you think you spend on blogs daily?
    do you blog from work?

  4. Hope Chris makes 1st soon!!!! Tell him not to be a grump! It will happen! Can he move off the boat when he makes 1st? And how did you get your hair to look so stinkin cute at the game? My hair is looking more like a FUZZ ball these days then bouncy and lovely...Help me lady! Dang, that was a lot of questions for one comment! Baha! Feel better lady! BOOO to sickness!
    Lurv ya.

  5. What ya doing for new years? Any resolutions?

  6. Aww! Sorry for your craptastic day, girlie! I can definitely feel your pain!

    I'm not so good at asking questions...So, umm, how bout you just tell me your favorite brand of denim! I'm perpetually on the search for the perfect pair of jeans, so I think am going to start taking a poll! :)

  7. Sorry girl! Just remember.... everything happens for a reason! And I believe that Chris will get his chance too! :)


    What is one thing you won't eat?
    Where do you see yourself in the next 6 months? 5 years?

  8. Feel better! My question: fave comfort food?

  9. LOL at your sausage comment. I promise. I'm tiny but have the flabbiest arms ever!

    Have an amazing New Year's, hon! Feel better soon!

  10. oh man. sorry love. hope today is better :)

  11. ohhh noo feel better...you cant be sick on new years!
    new year resolution?

  12. military talk! that makes me feel like I know secret stuff.