Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ima do it my way...

I can't seem to get the new Fabolous/ Keri Hilson song outta my head... I love it. =)

Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday!

So going back to yesterdays 2nd post... I told myself that I wasn't going to snoop to try to figure out where Chris is taking me on our "Date Night".......

but I ruin every surprise and I went snooping!

I think he is taking me to go see the Nutcracker! YAY!!!

But I am not getting my hopes up.

Not much to blab about right now... soooo..

~ciao bitches


  1. ooh fun times! i haven't been to the nutcracker since i was a wee one but i remember loving it.

  2. Ooooh! FUN! We're actually going to The Nutcracker that night too, haha (but in Kansas City) We used to go every year as a family, and I haven't been in a few years. Can NOT wait :-D

  3. FUN!!! That is exciting :) My sister went and saw it this past weekend! Loved it!

    ...haven't heard that song yet, but I'll check it out now!

  4. oh you are so lucky I'd love to go see that show!

  5. Ohhhhhh, that would be a killer date night!

  6. lol how devious of you!!! reminds me of the many many Christmases that I found my presents... or the times I've seen our bank statements with charges for flowers before I got them from my husband :) hehe

    Hope you get your Nutcracker wish!!! ta-ta girly!

  7. The Nutcracker would be such a fun date! I hope you're right!