Thursday, December 31, 2009

Questions & Answers... and New Years Resolutions

Answer time for those of you who asked some questions. =)

Mrs. KLaw asked: Chicken or the egg? Brad or George? Sleep or Sex?

~ I am going to have to go with Chickens. The big man up in the sky, had to have just made humans.... so I think he must have just made the chicken too. (did that make sense?)

~ Although I think Brad is hotter, I don't really care for people who cheat on their Husband or Wife. So my pick will be George... he's a player everyone knows that going into a relationship with him, and he doesn't hide it.

~ Can I pick both? There are some days where I/we are just exhausted and we go to sleep, but other days it's on like DoNkEy KoNg! Yaknowwhaddamean?

Ms. Annie asked: How come you started your blog? How much time do you think you spend on blogs daily? Do you blog from work?

~ I guess I thought it was just somewhere to put down my thoughts, vent about stupid stuff etc. The first blog I came across was .... and baby makes 3 @ I don't know how I came across it, but I was intrigued to read about people and their experiences, their ups and downs. So I figured.. what the H.E. double hockey sticks I will try it out.

~ I probably spend 2 hours on blog including my minimized pop up reads. (is that a lot?)

~ I log on after I open the office. (is that bad?) I keep it minimized and look at the update post every so often and comment. I am on the phone all day long, so while I am calling to confirm appointments I read in between. * NOTE: I do get my work done though!*

I totally feel like a slacker now, but I promise you I am not!

Mrs. Geez Louise asked: (I think these were questions for this, but if not I am answering them anyways). Can Chris move off the ship if he makes 1st? How did I get my hair to look so cute at the game?

~ Chris owns his house with one of his roommates, so he only lives on the ship when they go out to sea or when he has duty.. which is every 4 days right now! =(

~ As for my hair.... to be honest with you I am surprised it stayed like that. I curled it in the morning and doused it with hairspray (which I NEVER use). During the 3 1/2 hour car ride turn to 5 1/2 I started running my my fingers through my hair, and you know at the back of the neckline where your hair gets super knotty (at least mine does)? Well I thought I was going to have to break down and bust out my hair brush, but thankfully I didn't my fingers worked fine! (And I am pretty sure I have a bald spot back there now) Oh yeah, and I was vain and looked in the vanity mirror like 100+ times! =)

Ms. Caro asked: What ya doing for new years? Any resolutions?

~ New Years Eve (tonight) Chris and I are going out to dinner with two other couples for dinner. I like to go to "fancy" restaurants (so my friends say), but I know my friends (just one couple) and I know I will hear them grip about it being to expensive blah blah blah. So we are just going to one of our favorite Mexican spots. After that, it's up in the air. We have a few house parties we were invited too, or we might just go back to one of our friends house to play games.

~ I have a few New Years resolutions... I posted them after the questions and answers. =)

Miss Kriss asked: I'm not so good at asking questions...So, umm, how bout you just tell me your favorite brand of denim?

~ By far my favorite brand of denim would be Citizens of Humanity! Ahh... one day I will get back into my skinnies!

Ms. Whitney asked: What is one thing you won't eat?Where do you see yourself in the next 6 months? 5 years?

~ One thing I will not eat is RAW Fish! Yuck.. I loved cooked fish, but not raw.

~ 6 months I see myself doing the same thing I am doing now. While Chris is out to sea I will be saving..saving..saving.. so when he gets back we can sell his place and purchase one of our own. And saving for a new car! =) Oh... and workin on the tan!

~ 5 years, I see myself hopefully re-married, with a child or two. And hopefully doing something with photography!

Ms. Carol asked: fave comfort food?

~ Brownies for sweets, and Mac -n- Cheese for salty! Either of those make me VERY VERY Happy!

And last but surely not least...

Ms. Llama asked: New year resolution?

~ My New Years Resolutions are posted below. =)

Thank you everyone for the questions! =) And helping me do a post.

Now lets talk about...

(via we heart it)

Let me first start off by saying, 2009 wasn't to shitty to me. I actually enjoyed it. So I am not eager nor excited to say good bye!

I however, am not looking forward to turning 30 this March! But hey, 30's are the new 20's right?

So here it goes....

~My New Years Resolutions~

* Lose 15lbs before my 30Th Birthday! (I have 68 days to do this.)

* Debt free: This is continued from last year... but I should be debt free by March 1st! (only $3ooo left)

* Start photography classes

* Try and put 60-70% of my paychecks into savings

* New car

* Spend more time with my nephew and niece

* To be a better friend (to finally stop talking about visiting and do it!)

So there you have it!

I want to wish EVERY ONE OF YOU a SAFE, HAPPY and FUN filled New Years Eve!

until 2010....

~ciao bitches


  1. Loved the question and answer :-) Have a fabulous and safe time tonight and see you next year, haha ;-)

  2. I blog at work too, don't worry I think most bloggers do. ;)

    Happy New Year! Hope you have fun tonight!!

  3. Blog at work...never (I wonder where I am right now lol)

  4. Mmmm mac-and-cheese! That would be my choice too! Happy new year!

  5. This was great! I'm with you with the whole Brad/George thing.... still disapointed in that cheater!

    Hope you get to that photography class and of course the rest of your resolutions! (but I like looking at pics, so I'm selfish with that one) Happy new year!