Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Lets play make believe......

Okay... well hopefully someday down the road it won't be make believe.

It's that time of year when everyone starts getting engaged. And I can help it I've been bitten by the wedding bug.

Marriage is know where in my future... but it's still nice to dream right?!?

I've already done the whole "Proper" wedding...

I had it in a Church...

I had the big white ball gown with the cathedral train....

I had the long gowned strapless bridesmaid dresses...

I had the reception in an "members" only club.... blah blah blah.....

So I think this time around (if it ever happens) it will be totally different.

I want it to fun and spunky... and VERY bright. Something that is more me.

I want a beach wedding. Something along this type of style......... with a few more chairs added of course! And more towards the evening... not in the middle of the day.

And I want a black dress! Not a white one. Weird? I think not... I've already been married. I want something that is totally different. Plus isn't that black dress to die for?

And a bright colored cake like this... with all the fun colors... I want the teals.... purples... greens... pinks.... orange...reds..... okay pretty much all the colors

And parasol's for the girls to have..... well at least just for the pictures. In all different colors...

And black bridesmaid dresses as well. But I would like all of them to wear bright heels all in different colors to match the parasol's.
And I had a picture of the bouquet that I some what wanted... but silly me forgot to post it.. Whoops.
So there you have it. Maybe someday I will have my beach wedding, until then... I have pictures to drool over. =)
Hope everyone has a great HuMp DaY!
~ciao bitches


  1. I love the bright colors on that cake! And the black gown is gorgeous!

  2. Umm, gorge bridesmaids dresses. I would wear those both in an instant. Fun! :-)

  3. that is one pretty big black dress!!
    i love the bridesmaid dresses too, they are so cute!!

  4. That looks fun! Can you invite me? In fact, I'll even offer to officiate for you... I hear its only $25. :)

  5. That will be a beautiful wedding! I love the dress-gorgeous!

  6. I love the idea of a non-traditional dress!

  7. loving the last dresses


  8. FUN! Love the black dress :) Invite me!! HAHA

  9. Looks like an awesome wedding! Love!

  10. that black dress is AMAZING!

  11. love your ideas!!! although I think if you go for the black gown (which is absolutely GORGEOUS) you should throw some color into it... like maybe a broach, sash, etc. kinda throw in your colors in the parasols, cake, etc!

  12. I love the dress, and the bridesmaid dresses too!!! and the colorsss :D