Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Slow Tuesday!

Ahh.... it's almost Christmas!

Thank goodness I only have 3 presents left to get. Well actually one because my Brother and Sister want money. Layla looks thrilled doesn't she?

I am actually glad 2009 is almost over. I am ready to do my taxes, and get that nice little check in my hand! =) And I am crossing my fingers that this years is a WHOLE LOT more then the last two years, since the dipshit who screwed up my W-2 form isn't here anymore!

Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday! =)

~ciao bitches

P.S. it's National Cupcake Day, so go splurge and eat one up! =)


  1. I wish we had a cupcake shop near us that sounds so goood!

  2. That makes it easy giving to your brother and sis!

    I'm almost done with my shopping too. I just need to get two gift cards and I'm done. It feels good!