Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Stupid Hump Day.....

While everyone is getting this........ We are getting rain.... rain.... and more rain!
The temperature yesterday was 45 today it is in the 70's and tomorrow it will be in the lower 50's.
Maybe this year we will get some snow, but I'm not holding my breath we NEVER get snow here in Hampton Roads.
I've been in a funk lately.... nothing to blog about... nothing exciting happening in my neck of the woods.
Happy BLAH Wednesday.
~ciao bitches


  1. UGH!! I totally feel ya!
    last night here in Portland,Or it was 9*.. 9*..
    and SUPER dry!! no snow and no rain!! If I snap my finger on one more thing I might scream!! it hurts :(
    so frustrating!! I would love snow!

  2. it's supposed to rain here this weekend. booooo...i hate rain! especially when it's cold at the same time.

    boo blahness.

  3. Rain is no fun, but 70 degrees sounds like paradise right about now!

  4. Just spent an hour shovelling snow, love your rain go dance in it you are lucky!