Tuesday, January 12, 2010

breath of fresh air...

I am super excited!

After 2 years of my W-2 forms being screwed (thanks to an incompetent former employee who is no longer here) and only receiving $300 each year instead of over $1000 that I am use too. I am FINALLY back on track! And boy lemme tell you it feels GREAT!

Not that I am going to see any of that money, because it is going straight to my credit card! (yes, I know! I get an at'ta girl for being so responsible)

My 1st Resolution for the New Year to be debt free is only a month and a half away! And I am already starting to feel a great deal of relief!

Chris's shoulder is doing semi better. Thank you for all the well wishes for him! Just F.Y.I he is a big baby... how much could it possibly hurt to have a 2ND degree sprain?? (which he has) I mean seriously... suck it up buttercup!

Yesterday, afternoon he called to give me the results from the Doctor about his shoulder and he starts it off like this...

C: Well looks like I broke my shoulder

Me: What?

C: Yeah, the Doctor said I broke it, and I will be in a sling or 6 to 8 weeks

Me: Oh, babe I'm so sorry

C: So it looks like you'll have to wipe my booty when I use the restroom!

Me: Ummm... okay!

C: Just kidding babe, It's sprained... she taped me up real good I have to go back in three weeks to see her.

Me: Good cause I really wasn't looking forward to wiping your ass... I mean I would if it came down to it, but I wasn't looking forward to it.

Happy Tuesday ya'll

~ciao bitches


  1. Girl, you are tooo funny. Glad Chris is feeling better!! Woo Hoo for paying off debt! We are in the same boat...ahhh! We can do the "HAPPY TO BE DEBT FREE" dance together!

  2. I may have thrown up in my mouth a little just thinking about wiping the husband's ass. Bwah ha ha ha! Glad he's doing better. Debt Free? I wish!

  3. Oh lordy lord...no thank you! Wiping a grown man's ass?! Ha...you couldnt pay me! Sorry dave.

  4. Trust me I would say to his face I would do it, but when it really came down to it I WOULD NOT DO IT! Good thing he has a removable shower head! =)

  5. oh my, haha!! that is too funny!! i wouldn't do it either! ick!
    i'm a tad jealous you are just about debt free! great for you hun!

  6. Awww I can just feel the love.

  7. Debt free is a great resolution! I'm glad that he didn't break his shoulder...yeesh.

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  9. lol your conversations with your boyfriend seriously crack me up... "i wipe my own ass!" ~ big daddy

  10. too funny! Glad he is okay, and it is GREAT to pay down credit cards, even though the cash is sorely missed ;)

  11. lol! too funny!
    good job with your CC! its always a great feeling to have a zero ballance!

  12. Oh my god, Chris is too funny! Yay for getting a big tax refund!!