Thursday, January 7, 2010

busy weekend

So tomorrrow this lovely lady one of my besties Courtney.... Will be graduating from the Virginia State Trooper Academy! =) She's been away in Richmond for a year and FINALLY the day has come to where she will offically be a State Trooper! Congratualtions Courtney, I am VERY proud of you!

So tomorrow I will be getting up at the butt crack of dawn to travel 2 hours to Richmond for her 8 o'clock a.m. graduation! (seriously who holds graduation at 8 am?)

Just to turn around to travel 2 hours back, pick up Chris to head North/West for a 6 hour car ride to Snowshoe!

Alls I gots'ta say is..... my ass is going to be sore from driving/sitting all day in the car!


On to happier thoughts.... one thing I <3 about blog world is learning about new clothing websites. I would like to give a BIG thanks to Natalie over @ The Brocks Rock for sharing this website with everyone yesterday!

What girl doesn't love shoes??? Well, I do ! And even though I am on a strict budget until the debt is paid off, these are some cute affordable shoes!

(All shoes are from




Are those not super cute? All of those will soon be in mine!

Hope everyone is staying warm and cozy!

Happy Thursday!

~ciao bitches


  1. i love that site too! also found it through the blog world!! i keep debating what all to order from there becuase there are tons of cute shoes/boots for the cheapest prices! & free shipping over $50! best deal ever ;)
    have a great day hun!

  2. WHAT a good friend you are for getting up so early to support her!! Drive safe!

    I had a SERIOUS double take when I saw those prices!! :-O Can't wait to look into the website more thoroughly. Thanks for passing on this gem! :-)

  3. Ugh, those heeels!!!!! I DIE! Im a size 7... just sayin'.
    Lurv ya! And CONGRATS to Courtney!!!

  4. Love the booties!! I mean L-O-V-E love them ;) Order some girl! Oh and have fun in the card ride....... yikes!

  5. Wow, that looks like a great website! I can't wait to check it out more in depth!

  6. fab shoesssss...what are you doing to me girl? i am going to have to shop NOW! lol

  7. congrats to your friend. maybe you should get her and you a pair of shoes from that place. they're cute and inexpensive.

  8. Ohh yea, they have amazing shoes and deals!! You have to sign up for their newsletter thing.

  9. Go Jane makes me so happy, I freaking die over there. =) So glad you can be obsessed too!!!

  10. Your blog is soo cool!!!

    Kisses from Brazil!!