Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Stupid Wednesdays.... and VaCa planning

This morning started off... a little crappy I must say!

I got to work early because I had to finish some stuff up from Tuesday, I get to work about 7:15 and realize that the office key is in my coat pocket in the office kitchen!

(Yeah... it was so nice out yesterday afternoon that I forgot to grab my coat as I was leaving.)

And then of course I have to deal with shitty rude patients on the phone! I mean seriously people it's bright and early in the morning, what could have pissed you off so bad that you are already grouchy at 8:30???

The day luckily is getting better! THANK GAWD!

I'm going to amuse you all with a conversation that went on between Chris and I...

So yesterday afternoon Chris rings me at work and the convo. goes like this...

C: Babe you have a list of stuff to do when you get off work
C: Wait what time are you getting off work?
Me: When ever you come and pick me up (long story)
Me: So what does this list consist of?
C: We need to go to Target, but we aren't going to spend forever in there! In and out.. I just have to get a few things... (he hates the fact that I can spend 3+ hours in Target just walking around... which is probably why I always spend $100+ every time I go there)
Me: Okay
C: Baby (Layla) has a Doctors appointment @ 4:30
Me: Okay
C: You need to help me pack (wow.... can we say needy?)
Me: Really... you don't know how to pack?
C: Finish laundry (He has gotten use to me just being over there and doing his chores! Plus when I do laundry it smells WAY better!)
Me: Whens the last time you actually had to do laundry?
C: And we need to get dinner! (now he's talking)
Me: Cool... where are you taking me?
C: Otani's (Japanese Hibachi Steak House)

Chris comes and picks me up, and we are chit chatting and he brings up that he wants to go on vacation AGAIN! (We just went to Jamaica this past June mind you!)

Which this is totally fine with me, I am always down to go on vacation somewhere, but he is getting ready to go out to sea soon for 10 months! And they don't even have a set date yet because the damn Military keep changing it! So I can't really plan anything.

I told him that when he gets back in Feb 2011 I will have something planned.

At first he mentioned something about going on a cruise with a group of friends... (but I doubt our flaky friends would be in to doing something like that)... which would be fine, but I don't think he would want to spend another week on a boat considering he was just on one for 10 months? IDK call me crazy.. but that's just me!

Then he mentioned something about Costa Rica..... Anybody have any input on this place of paradise??

Anyone have any good suggestions?

I've been a few places

St. Maarten
St. Thomas

But I think he wants to go somewhere where I haven't been. (not that I care.. as long as it has a beach, sun and cocktails I am good!)

Fill me in..... let me know any places you think may be good! =)

I hope everyone is having a spectacular Wednesday!

~ciao bitches


  1. You and your man are soooo stinking hilarious! Adorable, yet hilarious!

    And girl, you know that I am going to tell you that you guys absolutely HAVE to go to Grand Cayman! It's seriously like my favorite place on the planet! I can tell you tons of non-touristy things to do and inexpensive places to stay as well! Look into it! I promise you won't regret it! :)

  2. Vacation planning is so much fun! Ditto Miss Kriss, Grand Cayman is awesome! Great snorkeling, beautiful beaches, Stingray City.

    I've heard great things about Belize, but have never been myself.

  3. costa rica is gorgeous! i went for a mission trip, and even though i was in steel toed boots and sweaty EVERY DAY FOR TWO FREAKIN WEEKS you would have had to be blind, deaf, dumb, and ... uh, i don't know, DEAD not to see how beautiful that place is!

  4. LOL!! Boyfriends are sooo needy. I swear if it was an option, Pat would want me to wipe his ass!

    Can't wait to hear where you choose!

  5. 10 months? really? oh my. we will be here to support you!

    as for places...never been to most of these. go to mexico!

  6. I cannot imagine being without Hubbs for 10months. Argh. Just remember your bloggybffs will be here for you if you need us...and you should seriously check out that link to Playa Mujeres, its all inclusive, food and drinks lady!!! PS. Please forgive me for being so MIA lately!!!
    Xo Doll.