Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Motivational words from my sister and boyfriend

Last night while chit chatting with my Christopher and sister last night, I mentioned .. okay not really mentioned, but told him that I wanted a gym membership for either Valentines Day or my Birthday.
(But now thinking about it... I don't want to wait for a month or two.. I want it now)

I suuriously....... need to lose some weight.

And as I mentioned before, it is one of my NYE Resolutions (along with a billion other people).

I am sad to say that I need to lose a whopping 25 lbs. (And that's not just being harsh on myself.. that's gods honest truth)

So after Chris lecturing me about what I need to do when I go to the gym... blah blah blah.... what not to eat.... blah blah blah..... and how to burn the calories blah blah blah.....

I think I finally got it through his head that I was serious. And when he asked why (like he is oblivious to the cottage cheese on my legs, or my cafeteria lady arms (no offense if any of you work in a cafeteria))

Me: well.... ummm .... because I've gained 20lbs

C: you got a little to comfortable didn't you....

Me: thanks dick

My sister: can you see Carrie at the gym?! Chris wanna make a bet? I say she will only go 3 times!

C: I don't need to bet, cause I am sure that's what will happen!

Me: thanks you two.... both of you are dicks!

So I think that little NON - MOTIVATIONAL reassurance from both my boyfriend and my sister, makes me want to work even harder at it!

I WILL lose 15 lbs before my 30th Birthday on MARCH 9th!

Happy HuMp Day everyone!

~ciao bitches


  1. "no offense if any of you work in a cafeteria" Haha you crack me up :-)

    GOOD LUCK with your goals! You CAN do it!!!

  2. Good for you for sticking with your goal!

    You'll show those assholes!

  3. You are awesomeness, just prove them wrong! Good Luck Lady!!!!!


  4. Stick with it! You can do it and prove them wrong!

  5. that would give me more motivation as well! you can do it hun!! once you are in a routine you will enjoy it and want to go! promise ;)

  6. My sister and Pat would have the same convo!! And your right, it would totally motivate me ;) YOU GO GIRL!! I'll support you.

  7. Good luck! That's a very do-able goal, I bet you'll get there!

  8. oh my gosh you can DEFINITELY lose over 15lbs by then. not that my advice matters, since we obviously don't know each other... but try the following. i had a baby and i'm onto the second one but i lost 20lbs doing...

    1. World's Fastest Workout (it's 4 min's and you'll be hurting, trust me lol)
    2. Zumba
    3. Turbojam/Turbo Kick

    and if you're too lazy to go out of the house... turn on FitTv and do some of the All Star Workouts. they're awesome

    i just did those every other day and yoga sometimes in between... meanwhile just eating low fat and fat free stuff that i like. blah blah you don't have to stop eating good food lol. just trim the fat in the foods u like :)

    GOOD LUCK :)

  9. I would've punched them both :)

    And you're goin to shed those pounds like nothing!! I know you can do it girlie!!!

  10. lol! too funny!
    good luck! you can totally do it!

  11. HOLD ON!!! you're 29??????? WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF I thought you were like my age!!!! which is obvi amazing, cause that means you look 7yrs younger!!! GO YOU!!!


    PS: work at home... is the same but free