Monday, January 18, 2010

Weekend Recap.... a lil bit of venting aka bitching....

Thursday not so great of a day...actually it wasn't to bad. I just get in certain moods. Which yes, I know those aren't great! I have a HUGE trust issue, which dates towards the end of my marriage. This is one of my many flaws that I have and one that I am not proud of!

I would like to think that I am slowly moving past this issue, but I am not going to lie there are days when it's really hard. And Thursday just happened to be one of those days!

Let me start off by saying that I seriously DON'T MIND at all when Chris goes out with the boys!

I do however have issues when he doesn't tell me (is this a little crazy since we aren't married/engaged?)! Or when he decides to go out on bad nights... like for example the night before Thanksgiving when I had to do ALL the cooking and he nor his roommates offered to help me at least prepare anything.... or Christmas Eve Eve when we still had tons a presents to wrap for the get together at my Dads house on Christmas Eve!

Well Thursday afternoon after I got off work, my sister and I went to my place to start packing up my stuff to move it into storage, and I swung by Chris's house to pick up my keys that were in his car... he of course is napping from his "hard" day at work... he wakes up and I told him that I just came to get my keys out of his car and that I would be back in a little bit to pick up my laptop since I was staying at my moms that night.

So he says (half asleep mind you) you can just take it now..... so I said eww.. nasty, whats the rush? He says nothing is the rush, so I tell him that I will be back later because I don't want it sitting out in the cold car (we only live a street away from each other). My sister and I get done packing some stuff up and I swing back by his house to get my laptop and his car is gone. I walk inside and let his other roommate know it was just me. His roommate asks if I know where the boys are (Chris and their other roommate). My reply was NOPE!

So later on towards the night.. I did the mature thing and sent Chris a little nasty gram. =) We text back and forth and I am still fuming...

Friday comes around Chris has duty so I don't really hear from him.

Saturday comes around I get done babysitting and I swing by his house and tell him I need to pick up my phone charger because my phone was about to die. I go over pick it up, and I am on a mission just to go in get it and walk back out (I told you how mature I was didn't I?). Well I thought I was being quiet, but I guess I wasn't that quiet... here comes Chris down the hallway with his goofy ass grin, and I with my stink face on. He asked what was wrong and I told him I didn't like him acting like a Shady McShaderson blah blah blah... he apologized.... he called me crazy... and told me I have nothing to worry about.

I hate when I get in these moods with him, because Chris is such an easy going guy, and I literally feel like I'm crazy when I get like this!

It's like I have to keep repeating to myself OVER & OVER again that Chris is not my ex-husband.. and to have a little trust in him!

Do I sound crazy to you gals?


Saturday Night we went and had drinks with our friend Doug ... who had a "Get out of the House" pass from his wife.

Sunday: Chris and I went and had brunch at a little cafe down the street called "The Wicked Sisters Cafe" and then we watched football after that.

I got bored with the game and decided that since it was so gorgeous out (70 degrees) I went to run some errands. I ended up at the devil a.k.a Target to pick up somethings... $130 later! I swear I can never walk out of that place without spending $100! (It's not even a Super Target) But I did purchase this really cute tube top dress that is reversible (black with white polka dots on one side and a floral print on the other side)

Came back home finished watching the Cowbabies get whooped out (THANK GAWD) and watched the Jets and Chargers game. (I am hoping for a New Orleans vs Vikings Superbowl)

After the game, Chris and I met up with my Mom and Sister at the movie theater to go see Avatar in 3D @ 9:45. I am super tired this morning, since we didn't get out of the movie until quarter to 1!

My rating for Avatar would be C+. Everyone that we talked to hyped it up so much and I was really kind of disappointed. Not that it wasn't good, but it wasn't fantastic either.

Not only that I was pretty much doing touch and goes the last 45 mins of the movie! =(

Alrighty... enough with my Babbling!

Hope everyone is enjoying their day off! Happy MLK Day!

I'm stuck at work! Don't be jealous! =)

Carrie OUT

~ciao bitches


  1. First things first: You are not crazy! Ohh girl, relationships are hard! Especially when you've been burned before! I have so many issues from previous relationships that it isn't even funny! (Some of which I've actually had to go talk to a professional about.) I know it's no fun to feel all like crazy and mad and stuff, and I really hate that that's how your weekend got started. BUT it sounds like your man is definitely nothing like your ex and that he loves you for who you are! :) You guys are so cute, and you deserve to be totally and completely happy! I am so glad that the rest of your weekend turned out to be a little better!

    P.S. I was a little disappointed with Avatar too. I mean, I didn't hate it, but it wasn't like this life altering movie either.

    P.P.S. I'm stuck at work too. Yuck!

  2. I have the same issues... and I admit that I get a little crazy sometimes... but for the most part, I trust Pat. I guess it just depends on where he is and who he is with.

    I'm at work too... yuck!

  3. You're not crazy at all, it's how you feel! My only thing is respect me enough to let me know the important stuff like where/when/who... Hopefully things have cheered up a bit for you! :-)

    The Vikings play the Saints this Sunday so I don't think we'd be able to play each other in the superbowl... but I'd love to have my MN team there for sure! :-D

    I feel your pain, I'm here at work too. BOO.

  4. trust issues in a relationship? THE HORROR!!!

    haha. totally kidding. we all have them, some more than others. i have big ones and it does towards all relationships in my life, not just boyfriends. it's okay to freak out every once in a while...when it gets to out of control then it's time to end the relationship.

    you're all good homie...not crazy at all :)

    happy monday! sorry you have to work.

  5. I'm sorry about your and Chris' arguement. Text fighting is always a bad idea! It seems like you guys patched things up though, happy to hear that.

    I am the same way whenever I go to Target. They just have too much good stuff at great prices!

  6. I'm at work too! Sucks! As far as the stuff with Chris, I don't think you are crazy. That is sketchy of him not to let you know what his plans were. Maybe it was spontaneous but I don't know how your conversation went. I think it is ok to tell him that yes you trust him, but when he isn't open and honest with you it makes you question things.

  7. Feel better? Damn I wish I could complain n my blog about my guy, but there is some people that I don't want them to know my personal life.

  8. i had to work yesterday too, boo!
    hun, i think all relationships have issues like that to some extent. you are not a crazy lady though, at all!
    i hope you feel better for venting about it.
    have a great day today!! :)