Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dear Mr. Stouffer's Man

Recently I purchased two of these lovely items. The picture on the outside makes it look oh so yummy and scrumptious.....

That is until I opened up the package and was shocked to see only 4 small pieces of chicken on the inside! WTF..... I was uber hungry so I of course ate it anyways (not that it would have held me back from eating it).

But then today, I opened my other purchase the delicious Chicken Alfredo with broccoli and again I was disappointed! This time there were only 3 small pieces of Chicken!

I mean what does a sister have to do to get some chicken in her flat bread sandwich? Please fix this problem ASAP! Please & Thank you.


On a different note........

Chris emailed me last night and told me that his PTS FINALLY got approved!

Which means he gets to reenlist come July and will not be booted! =)

So once again he will be studying his ass off for the 1st class exam come March! =)
I hope everyone is having a fab Thursday!

~ciao bitches


  1. Yay on the good news!

    Boo to the bitches that make your frozen treats.

  2. Those frozen dinners SUCK!!!
    I'd rather spend the $3 on lunchables...they at least fill you up and come with a dessert and a drink :)- Lol

  3. Bahahahaha! Sorry lady, wish i could help. Need me to kick someone's ass cause i so will.

  4. I know, those frozen dinners always look so much better than they actually are!

  5. Those frozen dinners look sooooo good on the front....and never like that when you are finished making them. Maybe we can come up with a few that look as good in the box as they do on their container and start selling them...make a few million on the food then retire:) Only thing is, I'm not the best cook.

    And I'm with KLaw...yay for Chris!!!

  6. Woot woot for the good news!