Sunday, January 10, 2010

Snowshoe Recap

As I type this little blog... Chris is staring at himself in the mirror trying to see if he dislocated his shoulder from his "awesome snowboarding skills"! Ha ha ha ha..... and I'm not kidding.. he totally is. More on that later.

We had a great time even if it was freezing outside.

Here are some pictures from the weekend. Just a quick little snap shot of the condos we stayed at...

Highland House Condos, where we stayed....

Again another shot of the condos.... right smack dab on the slopes.....

Just thought this tree was cute...

Our friend Matt with "eye" cicles on his lashes and brows..

Chris and Cat.... we taught her how to snowboard, since her BF was a little impatient. =)

Just a picture of the view..

Christopher posing with his new board....

Cat & I .... figured I would take a picture with the board so it looked like I actually did something this weekend...

And a picture of Christopher and I....
So going on about Chris and his dislocated shoulder.... Chris is literally good at EVERYTHING.. (my serious face is on when I say that too) so for him to hurt his shoulder in the trick park is a BIG ego crusher for him!
Poor thing only had 8 runs in when he hurt his shoulder, so I think he was a little upset that he didn't get to spend the whole day on the slopes like he had planned.
This is what happened in his words...
"Babe I was doing so well.. I landed the trick 5 times before I hurt myself... I jumped up on the box and my board caught the end of it, and it through me off a little bit. But when I landed my shoulder caught my fall and I felt something pop out and then pop back in."
My response to him.....
1.) your name isn't Shawn White! 2.) your not 21 anymore crusty! 3.) apparently your not that nasty at boarding! =)
He only had a probably with the 3rd answer I gave him! =)

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! I have tons of reading and catching up to do.
Happy Monday!
~ciao bitches


  1. That looks amazing! And so beautiful. Glad you had a nice time. Hope Chris heals soon :)

  2. it looks gorgeous there...cold, but gorgeous! i have never snow boarded before. i'm afraid of being embarassed on the baby slopes. i own a pair of fab boarding bants and gloves though! that's the furthest i've gone. haha.

    have a good monday! (couldn't even type that without cringing)

  3. Omigosh, your pictures make me soooo want to hop on a plane and fly over to Colorado to go skiing. If only... looks like you all had a good time though! The snow looks gorgeous. Too bad about Chris's shoulder! OUCH! Hope your day is going well!

  4. i love all the pics hun!
    i can't believe he has ice on his eyebrows and lashes, it must have been really cold!
    what a bummer about chris' shoulder!! poor guy!
    i hope you guys had a great time! :)
    looks beautiful out there!

  5. I love your pictures, so pretty! I hope Chris' shoulder recovers quickly!

  6. So gorgeous, ahh I would so love to be there right now.

    Hope Chris will be okay soon!

    Cute blog lady, now following! :-)