Sunday, November 29, 2009

Fat & Happy and Hello's.....

HELLO to all my new followers!

I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving. Mine went by too fast... and I am already starting with the Monday Blues!

So here is a little recap from Thanksgiving..... and few pictures to add some color. =)

Let me start off by say Wednesday night wasn't very pretty... well it was, but I was a little over dramatic with Chris and his roommates.

I planned (in my head) that Wednesday when I got off work I would go over to the bachelor pad to start prepping for Thursday (any sane person would do the same). I get over to the BP and I walk into the boys being all dolled up and ready to hit the town!! Umm... excuse me.... WTH do you all think your doing??? Chris's response is "we are going out to get some dinner and have a few drinks".... I pretty much flipped a lid.... and said a few choice words. Thank goodness my sister was there because she pretty much put the fear of god in them..... they still ended up going out.. which was fine, because at that point I didn't want any of them in my face. And I may or may not have told my sister... might poison them.

But after their 5 1/2 hour "Dinner & Drinks" they told me how much they appreciated me...

Movin on........ Thursday came.... made the lovely breakfast... which for some odd reason I didn't take pictures of... I think I was just trying to stay on schedule.

Then time for lunch..... made the yummy lunch.. which again.. no pictures... sorry...

And on to the feast.... I did take pictures of this! =)

My very 1st turkey ........

It looks small in this picture, but it was huge in real life... it was a 20lb turkey...

My pretty table scape.... AND the very first bouquet of flowers Chris has given me...... (I think that was an ass kiss move to make up from the night before)

And the adorable little turkeys..... I had one at each place setting. (props to everyone who posted how to do this cute little treat)

Another view of the table scape...

See those little acorns in there??? I seriously had to argue with my 4 year old niece for about an hour to let me borrow her acorns. Don't ask why she started a collection of acorns, but I now know that she is a little anal about letting people borrow them. I had to trade her popcorn seeds for the acorns... and a promise to bring all of them back! Ehh.. really Skylar... get over yourself!
Sad thing is.... she's a spitting image of me.

This I am sad to say is the only picture I have of the turkey reveal.... =(
In between cooking the feast.... Chris ended up getting sick. He had a 101 fever and the cold chills. So needless to say he didn't get to enjoy dinner at all....... and NO I DIDN'T poison him! Although he swears I did. I just told him it was karma for being a douchenozzle the night before (a'la klaw).
We didn't even eat the homemade apple pies I made or the cheesecake cupcakes.... =( I did however manage to make the Banana Frosters... by that point I needed a little Captain Morgan in my life....
Friday, we woke up.....(not butt ass early as we had planned, to do black Friday) Chris ended up sweating out his fever we laid around and ate leftovers for lunch.... and Chris ate his plate I saved for him from the night before.
We finally went and hit up Best Buy.... and what did we get........
An early Christmas present from Chris!
Hi, I'm Carrie and I'm a PC. (although I didn't get mine for free)
Yes, I know I was talking about getting a Mac, but after Chris was talking to me about it, he mentioned a good point and that would be... that if anything ever happened to the Mac or it needed to be serviced that I would have to take it to the APPLE store. Ummm.... yeah... I'm totally lazy when it comes to stuff like that and he had a good point, I wouldn't want to take it in.
The APPLE store is a good 30 minutes away from where I live and that just seemed like a hassle.
I am super excited... no more holding in my adapter to charge my Dell! Good bye prehistoric laptop.... Hello... sleek white HP! I love you.... I shall call you...... Frannie. =)
And just a little random tid bit about Virginia...... we have thee most craziest weather here..... It can be nice and warm in the morning...... to turn around to have it sunny on one side of the house... and storm clouds on the other side..... skittle size hail.... and then it turning freezing.
And this happens all year round.......

~K~..... it's late... I need sleep.... sorry for all the randomness....
~ciao bitches


  1. Your thanksgiving looks fabulous!!
    Congrats on the new computer!

  2. LOL!!! love how the turkey looks, an is that an oreo???? you MUST teach me how to do that lil' turkey. Sorry for the boy being sick, boo!

  3. Aw, your Thanksgiving sounds perfect!! And I love your little turkey treats, so cute!! And your turkey looks delicious. Looks like you did an excellent job on your first try!!


  4. your dinner looks amazing! and i'm loving the little turkey doodad you put on the plates. you're so darn cute as a hostess :)

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  6. the turkey does look huge! i'm glad it turned out perfect!! the little turkey treats are so cute! i'm a bit jealous of frannie ;) i want a laptop!!

  7. Congrats on the delicious Thanksgiving. I hope I NEVER have to put on a show like you did! I couldn't see myself sticking to a schedule and a delicious menu. Chicken nuggets anyone?

  8. Awww, sorry about the boys being lame! I had a lame Thanksgiving eve too :o) Peeps are just freaking dumb sometimes.

    Glad you had a great dinner though... sounded delicious!

  9. Congrats. We got a new lap baby too last week! And darn those boyz and their lamo behavior.