Thursday, November 12, 2009

IDA you piece of S#!&....

This is what the weather looks like here in Virginia. And it's suppose to continue for the next two days with 45+ mile winds. They closed all the schools and sent all the military people home that are on the carriers (Well, everyone except Chris... he has duty =().

T.P. Assistant called in because school's were closed and she conveniently didn't have anyone to watch her kids. No comment on that situation.......

The Bank we use just called and said "Due to the weather conditions we aren't making runs today".

But here I am..... sitting at work.... crossing my fingers and hoping that the electricity goes out or something.

Happy Birthday to my Big Sister! She turns 31 day..........

So Chris got home a day early yesterday... YIPPIE!

And he surprised me with a nice dinner in the city at Kincaids. I really wanted to take pictures of all the yummy food we got, but I didn't want people staring at me like I was crazy for taking pictures of my food.


3 tower sampler:

1st tower: 4 large garlic prawns with mashed potatoes
2nd tower: Teriyaki steak bites with rice and ginger
3rd tower: Crab and Artichoke Dip with Rosemary bread


Me: Salmon Oscar: Salmon topped with crab meat, asparagus, spinach, and fingerling potatoes with a bearnaise sauce.

Chris: 12oz Prime rib with mashed potatoes and little crispy onion rings

and we ordered a side of baked mac ~n~ cheese with bacon


Chocolate Indulgence with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (which I ate by myself.... not all of it because the cake was too rich)

I was totally looking forward to having the salmon for lunch today, but I would like to give a BIG THANKS to Layla for being a pain in the ass and making me forget it.

I hope everyone is having a great Thursday!

~ciao bitches


  1. Yum! Dinner sounds delicious!

    Sorry your stuck at work! Be safe :)

  2. OMG, that food sounds fantastic! It's only 9am and I'm hungry again thanks to you ;-) That weather looks horrible, hang in there! I passed along an award to you on my blog, hope you enjoy your "Friday" :-D

  3. oh gawd!!! i hate it when coworkers get the days off because of their kids. why can't i take the day off for my doggies?! no one watches them ever when i'm at work! bah!

  4. You are making me soooooo hungry! That sounds wonderful!

  5. Take the day off!!!! DO IT!

    Um, be careful though. Driving and all.

    And will you make that dinner for me? LOL!

  6. My husband is in Richmond VA working and he can't believe the weather. All he does is call me and complain about the rain and how drenched he gets walking from the car to the office!!! LOL