Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Last Wednesday I babysat for my friends Kerri & Blake and decided to make use of the new Nikon. =) *beware tons of baby pictures*

Skylar Reese

Big Sister & Little Sister

Little Princess

Kylie & Skylar

Look at those perfect little lips

K & S snuggling

All the kiddos

I love this one of them
So Chris emailed me last night, and said that his PTS got denied again at work. =( Which means that he can't stay at his rank and can't cross rate over to another department in the Navy. He has put in another form so he will hear in January if it is accepted or denied again, and if it's denied he get booted from the military! =(
This whole scenario is confusing, because he passes all the test that are given.... exceeds at all the physical training that he is tested on, barely takes leave and does everything plus more that is asked of him.
He just emailed me and is pretty bummed about everything. And for Chris to be bummed is UNHEARD of!
But like I told him, everything happens for a reason, and that I would be more then happy to be his SUGAR MOMMA. =)

Hope all you crazy's are having a great day!
~ciao bitches


  1. Those pictures are so precious! I love the Big Sister & Little Sister ones the most.

  2. aw!! how ADORABLE!! i want to watch a little baby!! or just have one ;)

    sorry to hear about chris, so sweet of you to be his sugar momma ;)

  3. awww very sweet but i stick to fur babies ;)

    boo about chris. i hate when things don't go as planned. way to be supportive.

  4. Girl, this gives me baby fever... okay I lie a little...but those kiddos are too sweet! Hope he finds good news in January! I'll keep my fingers crossed for him!! Awesome way to support ya man girl!


  5. The kids are cute! :) AWW!

    I don't know military lingo but it sounds like a big ol' bummer! BOO! Everything will work out though... it always does!

  6. Awwwww I hope everything works out for him.

    PS: LOVE the picss <3