Monday, November 30, 2009

So I think I am going to do something I thought I would never do....

Get an artificial pre-lit tree.

I love going and getting a real tree, but given that Chris is in and out all the time with work, I figured this would be the best thing to do. He leaves on Wednesday and won't be back until the 17th... so it really doesn't leave us a lot of time to go tree hunting.

I guess I will just have to get a Yankee Christmas candle to get that evergreen smell.

On another note...

Chris and I went and saw The Blind Side last night... it def. gets a big A+ in my movie rating. It is the best movie I have seen all year (I haven't seen New Moon yet). If you haven't seen it.... go ASAP to go see it.

I've heard some reviews say that Sandra Bullock did a crappy southern accent, but I thought she was suburb.

Hope everyone had a nice Monday back at work. =)

~ciao bitches


  1. I loved The Blind Side!

    I am so impressed with your Thanksgiving!

  2. I love it... "ciao bitches" :)

    Hope you had a nice spanksgiving! Nothing wrong with an artificial tree. We rock it. But that's mostly because the cats tend to eat the real ones.

  3. I loooooved that movie too! So GREAT! I cried because I was in love with Big Mike... isn't that weird? I just thought he was really cute and soo sweet.

  4. Artificial trees are the best, not watering them and you can just put it back in the box without taking the lights out lol

  5. we do live. but had artificial growing up. nada wrong with that, darlin!


  6. I'm all for the fake trees - no mess, and it looks perfect every year :)

    Ooh, I need to see that movie. I can't wait...but I'll have to - so I'll put that on the list, eventually I'll get there.

    p.s. Oh yes, the joys of being the baby in the family. Huge age dif between my brother and I - I got away with nothing but he gets away with way too much.

  7. I so want to see that movie and I think I'm going to do just that this weekend, in between Christmas shopping...though I have to finish the book first.

    And those Christmas tree candles are the best!!

  8. We broke down and got one last year. The thought of an infant and a real tree to deal with was too much. Ah ha. Totally don't regret it!

  9. That's silly because Sandra Bullock has done the accent before (Hint: Hope Floats) and is a very believable down home country kinda girl. Seems like they'll pick at anything these days lol.. I mean, the movie is about a phenomenal true story & THAT'S what critics talk about. Typical lol

    regardless, go on a whim. buy the tree! We bought a "faux" tree last year at Lowe's and I love it. When my husband is deployed or in training, I can put it up myself. It comes in 3 pieces!!! Plus, it was on sale for a RIDICULOUSLY cheap price. can't beat that :)

  10. The Blind Side sounds so great, I am going to have to go and see that. Your tree idea sounds like a good idea, I think real trees are really hard to handle sometimes even though they smell great.