Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Your all I ever wanted.....

Don't you just love early morning (4:30 am) car rides? No? Well, neither do I! 1.) Because I have to get up butt ass early..... and 2.) That means Chris is gone AGAIN! =(

But, I do love the XM radio because they play the best music earlier in the morning. And another good thing is..... you don't feel bad about listening to all the "classics", singing along and acting like an idiot because NO sane person is on the road at that time! =) The 80's and 90's were on my channel switching this morning.

So THANK YOU 80's & 90's for a little bit of this...

N' Sync: I want you back

Enrique Iglesias: Bailamos

M.J: Billie Jean

Lindsay Buckingham : Holiday Road (Think National Lampoons European Vacation)

Debbie Gibson: Only in my Dreams

Drake: Forever

Varsity Club: Future Love

That was my morning jam session!


So I have my serious StAnK face on today! I think ... no wait I know this job is burning me out.

I know, I know you are probably thinking how hard could it be to be an Admin. Assistant (receptionist) at a Dental Office?!? Well lemme tell you it's more then that... .honestly!

Here is a handful of my daily crappolla...

~ Have to deal with mean patients who:

  • Don't like to wait and huff and puff at me because their Hygienist is 2 mins late on bringing them back
  • Don't like to fill out new Health History's (Just FYI... it's mandatory we have a new one every year, we can get fined if it isn't updated)

~ Travel Planner:

  • This is a new thing for me..... (3 years)
  • This is not in my job description or at least it wasn't until 3 years ago
  • I am seriously thinking about looking into becoming a certified Travel Agent, just so I can get the Doctor better deals!
  • I have to have my own Day Book with all of his travel plans. I have book everything! Seminars, Flights, Hotels, Cars.... map quest everything from Airport to Hotel..... Hotel to Conference Center etc.

~ Patients:

  • Who don't think it's necessary to call back to confirm their appointments... I call for a reason!
  • Don't pick up your phone when I call, but then call me right back as I am leaving a message on their voicemail. And then I get "I just missed a call from you?" Ummm... listen to your voicemail!
  • Or when I have to cancel appointments due to the Hygienist or Doctor not being here, I call and give patients a heads up. What bugs me is that they don't listen to their messages!! For example last week, the hygiene schedule fell apart, I called the last patient the day before (in the morning) letting her know that we needed to reset due to the schedule. What happens.... the patient came in... I kindly asked if she got my message I had left for her and she says "You know what, I did... I just didn't listen to the whole message, because I just thought you were confirming it."

~ Co-Workers:

  • Ghetto Queen Assistant:....... get off Facebook, and do your work! Your the assistant, you shouldn't have time to sit on your ass.
  • Office Manager: Love ya, but it isn't my job to go over financial issues with patients. Also isn't my job to go over their lengthy treatment plan!
  • Hygienist: No complaints there.......
  • Me: I can be on the computer because I am on it all day.... plus I read and type blogs while I am calling 60 + patients a day and answering the phones. =) And dealing with crazy people who actually thought it was okay to use Clorox Bleach to whiten their teeth! (True story)
  • And one more thing..... I am not the office bitch...you see the water cooler is out of water GO GET A NEW ONE! It needs to be changed, and I refuse to change it! Since both the Hygienist and the Assistant have told me today that it was out of water!

Which leads us to this.....

I am seriously thinking about going back to school. Call me crazy, but I would love to be a Teacher..... or Interior Designer. But I don't really know what I want to do so that causes a problem. (Yes, I do it's actually to win the lotto but that hasn't happened yet)


I've decided that tonight I will be starting up my 4 mile walk again. I seriously miss my size 4/6 jeans! I figured since Chris is out to sea for pretty much the whole month of November, that this would be the perfect time to start it up again.

Hope all you lovelies are having a splendid Tuesday!

~ciao bitches


  1. you can do it! that is what i am doing- going back to teach.

    i feel your pain, lovey.

  2. Oh girl! You're having a day like me. F the thirsty bitches that get you down. Drink a beer, have a bath and call it a night. And if you so desire, celebrate Taco Tuesday. That always makes me feel better.

  3. LOL I so understand your work frustrations! It seems that the healthcare field is stable but most frustrating (of course, dealing with people in general can be frustrating)! Doesn't it just suck to have to always be nice to people?? I think it would be fun to work at Dick's Last Resort in Myrtle Beach! If you don't know what that is, google it.

  4. Oh god, story of my life too! Or at least, in regards to patients (I work at an eye clinic) I love the peeps I work with, so I sympathize with you on that. Hey, at least you have a computer where you can blog all day to keep your spirits up! :-)

  5. patients are the WORSE!!! they're like customers really. i never worked in a dental office but i worked with patients before and i hated some of them with a passion!!! UGGHHHH!!! so i feel your pain but thank god for 80's and 90's music. those are the JAMS!

  6. Go girl, if you do it I'll do it...use to be a 5-6 and am now a 9-10 :(

  7. sorry to hear you are not very happy with your job hun. i think you should do something to change that....if you can that is.
    maybe working out will be a release for you!! the walking might help relieve your stress. i know that helps me.
    i really would love to start doing some kind of workout once i get off my lazy bum. i'd like to start fitting into my snug jeans much easier as well ;)

  8. These days are killer i tell ya! The ones where you sit and think...what the hell am i doing here?!!
    Oh...and i think the office B**** is the water cooler for running out of water on you :)-

  9. Randomly the other day, I hit traffic in a spot that NEVER has traffic and I was PISSED, but when I switched the radio station, I heard Paula Abdul, Jackson 5, and Journey. It was like the traffic gods were rewarding me for my patience!

  10. Whoaaaaaaaa. Sounds like fun....NOOOT!!!! Poor thing, at least you're sitting down and in a computer with actual internet and not a crappy POS system. BOO!