Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy November 1st

O.M.G... I am so not ready for the Holiday season!

I have already convinced myself that next payday I will purchase all my Christmas presents, so that way I don't have to bug about it.

I hope everyone had a GREAT Halloween. The weather here in Va Bch was a perfect 80 on Saturday!

Below are some pictures from Saturday, I wasn't very photogenic (feeling a little chubby and pasty) so there really aren't any good ones of me. =(

Here are the boys (aka Chris's roommates)

Martin: 80's aerobic instructor, Scott: Vampire, Chris: 1920's gangster, Nick: School Teacher Cat and Alicia
Myself, Chris, Heather, Mike Myers, Nick, Scott and Alicia

And of course I couldn't forget my Niece (Darth Vader, she's 4 and a Star Wars junkie! =( ) and Nephew (Optimus Prime)

I just went and blog stalked, and everyone looked great in their costumes!=)
Happy Monday!

~ciao bitches


  1. you look adorable, woman! not pastey at all!

    your niece as darth is HILARIOUS! i love it!

  2. you look super cute! love your costume girly!!
    glad you had a good halloween!!
    the kids are adorable!

  3. my first visit, you look really good. : )

  4. Cute pictures and sexy mama! Hope you had a good one lady!

  5. Nice little Halloween party ;)

  6. Everyone looks great! I know I super behind when it comes to the holidays. xoxo


  7. Fabulous costumes. The aerobics instructor is cracking me up!