Friday, November 13, 2009

First things first...

Happy Friday the 13th everyone! =) I FINALLY submitted my picture to Summer for her 'stache contest. Nothing like waiting until the last min! =) That's my procrastination coming out in me. ~Sorry Summer =(

And my scarf swap partner probably hates me, because I slacked on getting pictures up here of my lovely, thoughtful gift.... Sorry again D... don't hate me.....

My lovely package before I unwrapped it....

All my goodies laid out.... I love the color purple and I love this scarf! I can't wait for it to actually get cold so I can rock it out!
Yummy lip balm (Minted Rose). I am seriously addicted to anything lip gloss related, I probably have at least 15 tubes of gloss in my purse (I'm not kidding either)... along with my handy dandy Burt's Bee's mint chapstick (I ALWAYS have one in my purse and one on my night stand).
And a "Adult" Mad Libs book. I haven't done one of these in ummm... FOR-EV-ER! It should be fun... and depending on how the first one comes out I may share or may not... so stay tuned. =)

And here is the picture of the gorgeous scarf on....... My sister informed me that white isn't my color! Thanks Dana.... appreciate it!
Again a BIG THANKS to D for my great gift! =)
The weather here in Virginia still blows... streets are flooded.... my Mom's fence blew over (great another thing for her to bitch about).... stranded cars every where..... it's just plan ole' gross here.
I posted some pictures for you to see ... in case you were interested. =)

The lake in my back yard ... where the trees are is the bank of where the lake should be...

The street to get to the house...

My girl friend Erica's brand new Ford Edge (only 3 weeks old) =(

Erica wadding back from her car! Her car that she just sold.... 3 years ago the same thing happened to where we had a major storm and flooded her car out... and now this happens to her AGAIN... =(

My 15 minute drive to work..... ended up to be a 45 minute drive to work, because of all the damn flooding...

And your probably wondering why I am at work on a Friday since I normally don't work on Fridays?

It's because I am raping the clock and getting more hours.... well not technically raping, because they asked me to come in and answer the phones... which hasn't rang once since I have been here!

Well I hope everyone has a fun and safe weekend! Happy Friday. =)

~ciao bitches


  1. Your stache is out of this world AMAZING!!! Wow!! I still have to send mine in so I procrastinate even worse...
    And Mad Libs... love 'em!

    Happy Weekend!

  2. OMG, being in flood is my worst nightmare!!! :-S And especially with a CAR!!! SO scary, and I feel bad for your friend and her new car. Cute 'stash picture :-)

  3. What a cute 'stache! ;)

    WOW! WOW! WOW! I cannot believe how much rain there is... and your poor gf's car! BOO :(

  4. Holy shit batman! That's some serious damage! I had no idea it was that bad. Now I feel bad for wishing Ida to move up north from me :(

    Hope you have a great weekend! LOVE the stash and the scarf!

  5. is that a sequined stache I see? friggen love it! hate staches but when you bedazzle it like that it makes it 100x better!

    and boo to the craptastic weather. i would cry if my new 3 week old car got flooded like that.

  6. Great 'stache chica.

    My folks live in VA too. Right at the very tip of the DelMarva Peninsula so I've heard the first hand accounts.

    Good luck with the clean up and drying out!

  7. Happy Friday! I love the scarf. Very pretty! Those colors are awesome.
    I can't believe the rain you had, we are getting it tomorrow in Mass. Only an inch though, so no complaints!
    Have a good weekend!

  8. I love it! Love it! You procrastination paid off bc it is awesome! And bananas is a fan too! Even better.

    Major flodding, man. My thoughts are headed your way.

  9. I love your stache, it is great and oh so goldish looking! Sorry about your friend's car, that is a whole lot of rain. Hope your weekend goes well!

  10. LOVE the stache pic!!! and the scarf is so pretty, you look adorable!
    what a bummer for your friend :( i hope the rain has stopped!!
    have a great rest of your weekend hun! :)

  11. Oh my, I am so sorry for the flooding. I hope there's not too much damage.

    That bling-y stache is awesome!

  12. Oh if only us ladies could get away with a stache....I would wish for a stache just like that!!! LURV IT! Hope the flooding goes away soon girly!!!


  13. love love love the jewel stache. did you know november is novembeard?

  14. Oh your poor friend!! It's bad enough to have it happen once, but twice?!?