Monday, November 9, 2009

Found it...

I lost my camera cord briefly, but it has been located now!
And I thought I would post a few "post worthy " pictures. =)

Does anyone's "other " ruin pictures, by trying to be funny? Chris does this all the time! It's cute, BUT very annoying.
Aww... my baby girl! She was being a little jerk face and wouldn't sit still long enough for me to take a picture of her.

Don't ask why she sits like this. I think this is her lazy sitting, after our 4 mile walk. =)

My girlfriend Cat as Batwoman!

Christopher thinking he is a Pimp Daddy!

And probably the best costume all night.... Martin as the 80's Aerobics Instructor.

My weekend was kind of chill...
Friday: Went to my friends Kerri & Blake's house, and we drank strawberry daiquiri's until 1:30 in the morning.
Saturday: Helped my sister clear out her room, for the new carpet that was getting laid on Sunday. Then went back over to Kerri & Blake's house to watch a little college football and then the fight that was on.
I don't understand how grown men could possibly love getting the shit beat out of them. And on top of that rolling around in each others blood and sweat! NO THANK YOU!
Sunday: Helped my sister lay her carpet. I still don't know how I got sucked into that whole ordeal, but it's done. I am debating on if I want to pop over there tonight and finish helping her get her room back in order.
I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! =)
~ciao bitches


  1. I got sucked into watching that fight with some of our friends too! Those "cauliflower" ears were SO disgusting. I don't get it either. Sounds like a fun weekend :-)

  2. awww your baby girl is sooo cute! my dog sits like that too. when he's on a slippery surface, his leg that's to the side will start to slowly slide across the floor. it's hilarious!

  3. You laid carpet? I'm mad impressed!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. That pup! AWWWW. I want her.

    Um, laid carpet? HUH? Whoa!

    That is one hot batwoman!

  5. sounds like a good weekend to me!
    a night with strawberry daiquiri's would be fine with me ;)
    and your pup, she is a cutie!
    my brother is just like your man, always being silly in pictures!

  6. I laid down carpet in my old apartment and it was a HUGE pain! But, I didn't have to go to the gym that day. haha, it was workout enough!
    Your dog is adorable! I love her
    And YES the ruining the photo thing is cute and annoying. My boyfriend does silly faces in ALL photos after he rolls his eyes about taking a photo haha. :)

  7. Oh my god! Pat ruins alllll of our pictures... he thinks he's being funny. Really he is just being queer :)

    ANYWAYS, glad you had a fun weekend!