Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sunny day... sweepin the clouds away......

(google all pics.)

Happy 40th Anniversary to you Sesame Street Gang!

I <3 you! I loved watching you everyday before kindergarten. And I hope you are around when I have off spring!

I however, DID NOT like this Chester! Mr. Rogers to this day still gives me the heebie jeebies! I don't know what it is, but I don't like him and never will. (sorry if any of you are related to this fella) And his little sidekick puppets were just as creepy.

And what was up with the routine with putting on the cardigan and shoes? It's just weird.

My sister on the other hand LOVED watching Chester.


Well as you all may remember I was a little stoked about getting my braces off and moving into Invisalign. Well that didn't happen! =( But Doc said I wouldn't be in my braces for that much longer. (I'm doubling up on my rubber bands to get more movement)

I am SUPER STOKED about the lovely grill piece coming off... so I ordered these babies. Bleaching trays for ortho. patients! WHOOO.... HOOO...... =) They go right over the g. piece and voila... they whiten from the inside out so I won't have the discoloration from where the brackets were.

So as soon as Doc gives me a certain day when the nice bling bling is coming off... I will be whitening away. =)

Have a fabulous Tuesday gals!

~ciao bitches


  1. Oh exciting!!! You'll have to take some photos after they come off!
    Big Bird had an interview on my favorite radio station this morning. I got to drive to work and listen to him all the way! It really took me back.

  2. You didn't like Mr. Rogers? WOAH! Can we be friends? Because I loved him. But now that I think about it... you've got a really really good point. Chester chester!

  3. Mr. Rogers spooked me out and still does in a way.

  4. nice! i want to whiten my teeth!!
    mr. rogers is a creeper ;)

  5. WHAT?! loved mr. rogers. i think i cried when he died. he was such a big part of my childhood. but the changing of the cardi and shoes was weird. who does that?!

  6. Too cute I love Mr. Rogers and was sad when he passed away. Have fun getting your teeth all nice and white!

  7. You mean to tell me it's not a beautiful day in your neighborhood?