Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Heidi you biznitch....

(photo from US weekly)

Ummmm....... really

On top of your Beauty.......... fashion style.... and Uber cuteness.....

you just had to go and show everyone up and walk the Runway 5 weeks after your baby girl!

I hate you! Not really... I am just super jealous of all your dedication to get back in shape!


  1. Yeah, I'm guessing that's what I'll look like five weeks after shoving my child out too.


  2. i know right?! i saw her before this and i thought... HOLY HELL! didn't she just have a baby! crazy!

    anyway, morrocan oil is oil made from natural something in morraco. it's supposed to do wonders to your hair without leaving it greasy or feeling heavy. it smells delicious too. so far i like it.

  3. I guess she is not just lucky. She got personal trainer and lots on people take care of her body.


  4. Seriously...those are some crazy good genes in addition to her workouts! She is freaking amazing.

  5. oh goodness, she is way too gorgeous, but I love how sweet she is in interviews!

  6. I had the same reaction when I saw that photo! So jealous!!!

  7. I am sure she doesn't follow the no sex for six weeks rule either. Bitch.

  8. biznatch...hahahahaha!!

    fo realz. I mean...who looks like that after a baby??

    A BIZNATCH..that's who!! LOL!!!

  9. She is so amazing, but it is her career to stay in shape, so if you think of it that way I think we could look like that if we worked at it 24/7 like she did! She's gorgeous.