Wednesday, August 26, 2009

30 Day Shed..

If you don't mind me asking..... how many of you out there are doing this? And is it worth it?

From the looks of it, I might be the only person left that hasn't bought this miracle DVD!



  1. funny that you ask. i just received mine in the mail. haven't started yet so i'll let you know how that goes.

  2. i start, go for a day or two and then quit. i once made it three days in a row...ha!
    good luck if you attempt it! i hear if you stick with it, it's fabulous. and it is only 20 minutes.
    if i don't drag my butt to the gym i dont work out, period.
    my mind strays when doing a dvd at home...i think of all the other things i'd like to be doing and i slack on the dvd.

  3. I was doing it before I broke my foot and I loved it. It really kicks your ass though. I hadn't even made it past level one and I had been doing it for weeks!

  4. I own it and have done it a few times. I'm a wimp so I can't handle it. But I do recommend it. It works if you do it. I also like Biggest Loser yoga!