Monday, August 10, 2009

Never fails..... (beware.. Lots of Rambling)

Why is it that I can ALWAYS count on Monday's that I will be swamped with patient phone calls???? For once I would just like to come in on a Monday, open up the Dental office, drink a cup a coffee, and check my email without one phone call before 8:30! Just once, that's all I am asking.

Here is a run down of my morning....

7:50: Get into the office

8:00: Check in some patients

8:10: Phone starts ringing.... and of course it has to be a patient, that I always dread coming in (I know that's mean, but I promise I only have a handful)... More on 8:10 patient in a min.

8:12: Another patient scheduled for the afternoon calling.... (more on 8:12 patient in a moment as well).

8:15: I have a mental breakdown, get up from my desk, walk to my Office Manager crying (literally) and tell her that I need to go home and that I don't have time to deal with these people today!

****** Yeah, the first 15 minutes of me being in the office, SERIOUSLY nobody deserves crap first thing in the morning on a Monday none the less!

Okay, so about the 8:10 patient. I am a pretty friendly person, but one thing that ANNOYS me the most is when patients come in or call and they can't speak English. I always do my best to accommodate them, but I mean c'mon your in America learn just a little... PLEASE! Okay that rant is done. So the patient calls in... (mind you she doesn't speak English well... use whatever accent you would like if you are reading this.)

Patient: Yes, I had a call that you needed to move my appointment from 11 o'clock ( I automatically know the patients voice)?

Me: No, we have you down for 12:00. When did the "person" call you?

Patient: No someone called me and told me they needed to move my appointment at 11 o'clock.

Me: No, ma'am we have two patients at 11 o'clock, so we wouldn't have put you at that appointment time. We have you down for 12 o'clock today!

Patient: But somebody called

Me: I called you on Thursday to confirm your appointment, but we have you down for 12 o'clock are you still able to make that one?

Patient: My card says 11 o'clock

Me: Well, I am pretty sure that I wrote down 12 o'clock on your card last week when you came in for your original appointment. Remember when you were 15 minutes late, and you still had to talk to the Office Manager about your insurance? And we had to reschedule your appointment because the hygienist didn't have enough time to clean your teeth?

Patient: Well, my card says 11 o'clock!

Me: Hold on one second....... * at this time I go to the Office Manager and tell her that I can't talk to her anymore, and that the patient isn't getting the point.

~ enter in the 8:12 call.... I pick it up, and it's another patient. Her and her daughter are scheduled in the after noon right back to back starting at 2:30.

Patient: Carrie, me and my daughter can't be there at 2:30. I called last week and talked to Linda, I called in advance. My daughter doesn't get out of school until 2:30! You try to get from this place to yours in that certain amount of time!!

Me: Well I spoke to you personally, and you reschedule those appointments for those times!

Patient: Well, I told you she doesn't get out of school until 2:30!

Me: I can't remember every patients schedule, just get here when you can.

Patient: We will be there by 3.

**** Insert breakdown right here!

Now the funny thing about the non English speaking patients is... she came into her appointment, and had her appointment card out and said "See I told you the card said 11 o'clock." And I looked at the card and I said " Yeah, your right it does, but that appointment was on August 4Th, your original appointment that you were late for!" Her response.. "Oh"! I mean really, I am all for fessing up to my mistakes and hell we all make mistakes, but if your going to call me out for something PLEASE make sure your right!!! I get pure enjoyment and satisfaction when I get to prove people wrong, and I am not nice about it.

So she comes to check out from her appointment, and I give her the balance which was $152.00. She takes out her checkbook, and writes a check and signals me to stamp it with the office name, she hands me the check and she has it written out for $1502.00! Again, SERIOUSLY! Tell her kindly that she didn't write the check correct and she asks me to write it for her because she doesn't know how too! RIDICULOUS!

As for the patient and her daughter.. well she came in with a funny comment that I was on a roll this morning, with attitude and she was afraid I was going to hurt her. I said I won't be the one doing the hurting the Doctor will be back there! And like any good frustrated employee would do, I refused to check her out when she was ready to leave. =)

YEAH..... Sorry that was a lot! And that was just the morning.. imagine the rest of my day!

Anyone else have any crack patients/clients or ridiculous co-workers??

Hopefully my night goes a little bit better. Have a groovy night!


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  1. What an effing nightmare. I hate when people think that it is your job to make up for their stupidity. Ridiculous.