Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Walkin Wednesday

Thank goodness tomorrow is Thursday! DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA here at the work place! Same girl who complains, same 3 situations she ALWAYS complains about, just different days! I personally (and I know this is mean) don't feel sorry for her at all! Either change the situation you are in OR deal with your choices you make. Just my opinion!

Anyone else have this problem?

So I made it through day 1 of Chris being gone! It wasn't to bad. I hate that I can't just text him or call him whenever I want. =( He did email me a couple times today, and when I got to work this morning I had a "Good Morning" email from him on my work email, which was nice start to my morning.

Here is a picture of the first night we met. Did I mention to you that I thought he was a complete asshole???? Cause I did! Well apparently he thought I was a total bitch! =) And look at that... things worked out for the better. He is now one of my Best Friends and my BF

In the picture: Scott (aka Birthday Boy, Roommate (Vomit)! Chris, Adam, My BFF Jessica, and Me
That whole "bitch" first impression that Chris got of me is TOTALLY NOT TRUE! You can't tell from the picture, but the reason I was being quiet (not a bitch) was because I just had my brackets put on for my braces! My mouth was sore and I was a little self conscious of having them on in the first place...... so it wasn't me being a bitch I was just being quiet! =)

I know I said I would post the pictures of damaged shoe my precious puppy chewed up, but for some reason my crackberry isn't letting me send pictures!!

So I posted these little snap shots that I took of her the other night while Chris was packing.

Her she is after about the tenth picture I took of her... this is her "Annoyed" look.

Does anyone else have a T.V. junkie dog?? For this habit I would like to thank her lovely Daddy! I mean I know they say dogs can't actually see the T.V., but Layla can! I have pictures to prove it..........

Here she is..... In this picture she is watching Baseball!

And here as you can see, she is watching The Dog Whisperer. This is her favorite show of all time! (Maybe she will get some hints about how bad it is to chew things that aren't suppose to be chewed!) So yes, Cesear Milan is her favorite.

Well time to go eat my leftover lunch Wonton soup for dinner, and take Layla and I on our new nightly ritual of walking. I hope everyone has a GrEaT night! =)


  1. Aw Layla is SO cute... I love rottweilers they are such sweet and smart dogs! Obviously chewing monsters haha...


  2. Dude, I wish I could tell all the stories from work on my blog. We have a woman who continues to get herself in the same situations and does nothing about them but complain!

    Hope you are coping well with Chris being gone :( I feel your pain!