Thursday, August 20, 2009

Procrastination or just plain Lazy...

So I FINALLY went a got links taken out of my watch, that Chris got me for errr..ummm... Valentines Day! I know, I know, BAD girlfriend! But I did it, so that will be a nice surprise for him to see when he gets back. I really honestly think, he thought I didn't like it! But I really do adore it! I haven't worn a watch in years. So I think he will be VERY happy to see I got off my lazy butt!

Here is a picture of my Lovely Movado watch he bought me....

So now that is out of the way I have 9 minutes left for my THANKFUL THURSDAY! So here it goes.......
#1. My BFF Jessica, I LOVE her dearly! We don't get to see each other as much as we use too, but she will always be my BFF (and my hair stylist). I would do anything for this girl, as she would do the same for me! <3>
(her lipgloss be poppin)

#2. My Christopher, he is my complete opposite, which I love (to some extent)! Wouldn't change a thing about him!<3

(he thinks he's so cute)

#3. My dearest Kerri, enemies turned besties! what can I say! =) We are like two peas in a pod AND share the same FaBuLoUs name! And our B.F.'s are really good friends too, which is always a bonus!

(Chris and I went to her and her hubby's baby shower last weekend)

#4 Catherine a.k.a Cat! =) She is total tomboy, but girlie at the same time. She keeps it real and will tell you how it is whether it be good or bad!

(here she is in her favorite spot Miami)

#5. Jessi, the newly wed. We've been friends since high school, and I truly adore her. She is always there to pick me up when I am down. And I am super sad the stupid Swine Flu happened during her original date for her destination wedding (which Chris and I were scheduled to go until military put restrictions on enlisted to go there.... so we went to Jamaica!) She rescheduled her date, and had her dream wedding in Cancun, Mexico.

(This picture was taken on one of her many weekend get aways with her then Mr. to be. Yeah, he would just wisp her away for surprise trips! I told her I was going to send Chris to her hubby to learn some lessons.)

#6. Que' Sarah, another high school enemy turned bestie! She moved away for a few years to N.C., but her and her hubby FINALLY moved back to the area, and now we only live 10 mins away instead of 3 hours!

(Sorry Mike didn't mean to crop you out)
#7. Last, but not least... my token Asian friend Gwen. Another balls to the walls kinda gal! She's a germophobic, so she comes off rude when she doesn't shake people's hands.... I politely have to explain her situation to people. She truly is GREAT!

(She has GINORMOUS boobs, so this picture I picked so people wouldn't stare)

So those are who I am Thankful for this week! My besties. Of course I have tons more girlfriends and guy friends... but those are the top 7! They love me for who I am, and have been by my side through the good and the bad, and I truly appreciate ever single one of them. =)


I am heading to bed, Chris had me up at 3:30 this morning to drive him to the ship, so I have been extremely tired ALL DAY LONG. Plus Layla needs a little TLC. Chris' roomie called me at work today and said Layla had been throwing up all day!!! So I finally got to the house she seemed fine.. hasn't thrown up anymore, but her eye had goopies in it, and it was kind of pink! =( So like a good mommy, I went and got a warm washcloth and wiped it out. =)

Can dogs get pink eye (is this a stupid question)?

Nighty night fellow bloggerettes! Have a fabulous Friday!


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  1. Love the watch!

    I am sure dogs could pink eye...I mean I don't know why they couldn't. Or maybe it's allergies?