Friday, August 21, 2009

Fall where are you.....

I am so ready for Fall! Not that I don't love being all tanned up in the summer, but seriously me and the heat do not get along at all! It never fails, if I am out in the heat for too long I always get a raging headache (I've learned to take Ibuprofen before hand now).

Maybe it's me showing my age? I use to stay out in the sun all day long growing up, now it seems like I can only bear it for so long now. Ewww.... whats happening to me?? I don't like it!
Well I started my day nice and early, I took Layla for a nice, hot morning walk. Now it's time to hit the shower and head to my Dads pool for a bit.
This 100+ degree weather is for the birds! Bring on the fall, because I am ready for the turtlenecks and boots!
Everyone have a FaBuLoUs day!

1 comment:

  1. I am with you on this. I am completely over this ridiculous weather. It is too damn hot outside.