Thursday, August 27, 2009

Lookey at where this lucky lady is going tonight! With these two fabulous people (My SIL and Nephew). =) And although it's not through marriage anymore (She nor I are married to the brothers anymore)... she is still nothing less then my SIL!

And this is what I have to look forward to this weekend! I mean geez.... looks like the East Coast is bound to get some type of Hurricane this year!
And I am sure Chris is going to be stoked when he gets home because he will actually have waves to surf on.
(early Sat Am.. that is where I am located)

Ahh.... yes, and this stud of a muffin returns sometime tomorrow!

And I think we are going to one of my favorite restaurants tomorrow for dinner it's called Aldo's. They have the BEST Italian food!

Chris emailed me the other night and said they had Taco night on the ship, and that they were awful! And then persisted to tell me he wanted good Italian food so he wanted to go to Aldo's! (Umm... hello, you don't have to twist my arm! I am totally down to go.)

So I haven't stuck to my No Carbs... I feel slightly bad about it, but seriously I live for bread, pasta, french fries, chips etc. etc. etc....
My breakfast consisted of Kettle Chips and coffee........
My lunch consisted of Kettle Chips and errr ummm..... 5 pieces of Dove Chocolate (You know the yummy ones with caramel in the middle).
But I strictly ate them for the words of wisdom sayings inside the wrapper!
~ Make someone feel good
~ Happiness is the experience of living every minute with love, grace and gratitude.
~Do all things with love.
~Open your eyes to the love around you.
~ Patience is a virtue.
And all 5 pieces were worth it!


  1. First off, your SIL is ADORABLE.

    What did you decide to do about The Shred?

    YEAH for Chris coming home tomorrow! And yeah again for a good dinner!

    Carbs don't count if they come with fortunes. This is a fact.

  2. yum, i love the cheesecake factory!
    the pic of your sil and nephew is so cute!!

    woo hoo for your man coming home tomorrow!

    i also tried to eat low carb but i have a love for all things loaded with carbs...i just couldn't do it!

  3. Sarah: I emailed Chris the other night about doing the Shred with me, and I didn't get a response back from him.. so I am guessing thats a NO (Not that he needs it, he has a 6 pack... buns of steel and Popeye Arms).** JERK** ;)

    Annie & Sarah: Yes my SIL is adorable, she is a great lady and deserves much happiness... more then what she had with my exes brother!

    And BOOO... to the No Carbs... I just need to get the Shed and suck it up, that way I can eat what I want. =)

  4. I love your blog!
    First of all, Cheesecake Factory rocks and I am in looove with the factory nachos. LOL.
    Second, that italian restaurant looks delish...but i think new york is a little bit too far away to ever try :(
    Third, who the heck can give up carbs and remain happy?!? I have tried and it is near impossible for me.
    Gotta love the dove quotes!!! :)