Monday, August 31, 2009

Itsa' Monday...

Besides the weather being gloomy, I am loving today!
The high for today is going to be 72... which is a whole helluva lot different then what it was on Saturday.. a nice humid 98 degrees!
I love the fall, and everything that comes with it!
And you know what make it even better? I am getting off early today! Holla! =)
Chris, and I were suppose to go out of town, but that didn't happen, so I decided to take a half day anyways. =)
First thing on my list when I get off is to take a nap!!! I have been so exhausted lately.
And then Chris and I are going suit shopping.
Chris is like a girl, when something comes up that requires him to dress up he has to rush out and get something new. So since we have a wedding this weekend to go to, and then his nieces christening at the end of September.... a suit shopping we must go!
Here is a quick run down of my weekend for ya....
Chris finally arrived home @ 2:30. He gets out of the car and none the less carrying a case a Bud Light Lime. Which then leads us to play quarters (I am getting better at this useless game).
I was pretty much dunzo by 3:20, when we ran out of beer. The guys went to store to get more subliminal's, while I took a nap.
Woke up to Burger King for dinner, and then went and played cornhole with a few of his friends.
Went to the beach with a group of friends. Chris surfed, which he was stoked there were actually decent waves (BIG thanks to T.S. Danny!
After the beach we went and met his softball buddies and their wives at their sponsers resturant and had a fabulous dinner.
Chris and I both had....
Chicken Cabernet - sauteed with mushrooms, onions and tomatoes in a cabernet reduction with fresh
mozzarella cheese and garnished with bacon crumbles
here is my take on it...
Imagine a little toastini with fresh mozzarella, and then a bite size piece of chicken, smoothered in a yummy sauce.... x's 5 of those little fella's = delicious (And they are probably really easy to make)!
Then headed back over to one of their houses to play cornhole AGAIN! Chris thinks he is "Nasty" at it (Go Figure)!
I did my daily Sunday babysitting routine! Yes, I am almost 30 and still babysitting! I have been babysitting Whitney for almost 16 years now (EHH... really showing my age). She is handicap, so it's totally different and it's a little extra mulla in my pocket.
Finished babysitting at 5:00, went back to Chris' house, rested for a bit and then met two of our friends for dinner at Aldo's!
I normally get the....

Our fresh ribbon noodles tossed with traditional white
sauce, peas & Proscuitto ham ( ~ hold the peas)
but the special they mentioned which was....

Hand cut 8 oz.Filet of beef cooked to perfection, topped
with a delicious Cognac and peppercorn sauce and lump crab meat and mushrooms, served with
a side of linguine aglio olio (I substituted the linguine for the fettucine mentioned above).
And to top it off, I left in tote with their homemade apple pie with cinnamon ice cream.
I hope all you had a fantastic weekend too!


  1. Your weekend sounds busy! Happy Monday!

  2. YAAAY! SO fuunnn! It stinks that the summer is over but the FALL is just the best! BTW my boyfriend and yours would totally get along...bud light...quarters AND cornhole!?!? MATCH LOL.

  3. all this food is making me starving!!
    sounds like you had a great weekend though!
    i'm jealous of the nap you will be taking after work ;)