Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday... Oh Monday

So here is my weekend RUN down for ya:
After a long 10 days Chris finally got home that afternoon! Only to find out that he would be leaving AGAIN on Thursday for another week! =(
The weather was kind of crappy so we took a long nap, and decided at 10 o'clock that we would go meet some friends at a local Tavern for a few drinks.

We had a ton of errands to do before our good friends Blake and Kerri's co-ed baby shower that afternoon. I must say I always love going to baby showers, something about seeing all the cute little things people buy. The Guys on the other hand, didn't look so thrilled about being there. But like a good friend and boyfriend Chris came along in tow. =) I did here all the Guys say "This is my 1st and last baby shower". They just don't get all this hype for a new baby! The picture below is the Diaper Bag I purchased for the new parents to be.. isn't it cute! I did however like a bad friend stray away from their registry at Babies R Us. I don't know what it is, but if I see something that I like better at a cute little boutique I always pick that up instead. And I (not that this matters but... ) didn't really care for the diaper bag they registered for. I was just crossing my fingers that someone didn't purchase the one she registered for.... and nobody did THANK GOODNESS! Not only did Kerri love it... it actually matches the stroller her mom bought her! BONUS!

* Funny note: Kerri opened her present that Chris and I had given her, and bless his heart, he thought that it was a purse or a beach bag! C'mon Babe really??? We are at a baby shower!

That night we went with two of our friends to our FAVORITE Japanese Steak House Otani's for dinner! Then went back to Chris' house and played Quarters (which come to find out I am not very good at).

It was a beautiful day, and since I am lucky to only live 5 mins away from the beach, so that's just what I did. Chris and I and two of our friends met us down at the beach so they could surf. And surprisingly there were actually decent waves (this hardly ever happens here in Va Bch). We ordered pizza for dinner, he played his roommate in PS3 college football while I finished the book Hope In A Jar. Which was an excellent book, if anyone cares! =)

Which brings us too......

Today at work I am playing Travel Agent for Dr. Foster. My job title is Admin. Assistant, but I consider myself as his personal assistant!

So while I am here on this beautiful day stuck inside an office, Chris is enjoying a day of golf! Phooey on him!

Not to much planned for tonight, Chris starts on another Softball team tonight, so it looks like I will be at the softball field for about an hour or two tonight.

Hope everyone has a great Monday!


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  1. That diaper bag is adorable!

    Speaking of coed showers, a girlfriend of mine was preggo and someone threw her a coed shower. Her fiancee had no clue about anything related to babies, so she tried to teach him baby basics before the shower (so he wouldn't look rude when they were opening gifts). She told him when in doubt to say things like " cute...etc..."

    The entire time she was opening gifts like bottle warmers he was so clueless and just kept saying "Thanks. So adorable."