Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Guess what I got talked into today?????

NO CARBS for 2 weeks!!!! Yeah, you read that right! And for anyone who knows me, knows that this will be a BIG challenge for me. How I let my co-worker (aka big sister from another mister) talk me into this I have NO IDEA! I am sad to say that I am not totally looking forward to these next two weeks, and I am hoping for once I can actually stick to some what of a diet. Although I hope it works, because I would really L.O.V.E. to get back into my Citizen Skinny Jeans, because right now they are just marinating in my closet! =( Plus I need to seriously lose 20 lbs (I totally have my serious face on)!

My lovely co-worker decided this while we were looking at my new Alloy catalog, and while I was sitting there drinking my mega high calorie, high carb special from Starbucks. She brought in brownies for a co-workers birthday she allowed me one, and I only drank half of my Starbucks! Only to find out we were having Panera delivered for lunch! I stuck to the salad and added turkey to it. Yippie........... salad!

******************* ~ I HATE DIETS~ *********************

So the birthday girl at the office today is the dental assistant. I don't really get along with her...... well not that I don't get along with her, I just don't have time for her drama or pettiness! This is pretty much all I hear at work.....

~ how broke she is (p.s. its so UN-classy to talk about your financial problems with patients... they really don't need to hear it)! I can go on and on about this subject, but I will spare you all.

~ her boyfriend: he is abusive, has a drinking problem, doesn't pay for anything, barely works, and yet she hands over her paycheck to him?!?! (does anyone else see this as a problem?)

~ her kids: well sweetheart nobody told you to go get knocked up at the age of 16! And have 2 baby daddy! (** this is not a dis to single/young mothers**)

~baby daddy drama: that explains its self!

So yesterday, my Office Manager asked what we were going to get her, and me being the blunt person I am lately said "I'm not getting her anything"! "I didn't get anything for my birthday from anyone, so why would I get her something?" ***Yes, I am that girl! The one that doesn't give because she doesn't get. But it's not like that all the time I promise! Cause I know God doesn't like ugly.***

Is that mean of me that I didn't get her anything?


So Chris leaves AGAIN tomorrow morning for another week.... then he gets home again leaves in 13 days... then goes back out for another 11days.... to be home for 10 days to just turn around and leave again for another week!

I seriously hope they go out for the cruise sooner rather then later. I just want him to go and get back! Tis' the life of dating someone in the Military.

I hope everyone had a good HuMp DaY! Anybody do anything fun or exciting?

I'm off to go cook my low carb dinner for Chris and I...... chicken and broccoli!



  1. How do you handle the no carb thing? I think I'd die!!!

    And screw that craptastic assistant. Sounds like she needs some therapy sessions rather than something else.

  2. Ehhh.... I have no idea how I am going to handle the carbs thingy. I should have really started tomorrow or Monday! =(

  3. Yikes! Good luck with no carbs! I did it in college once (my college boyfriend was doing it to drop weight before Spring Break) and it was tough. If you are going to cheat, cheat in the you have all day to burn it off! It might be a little easier to do without Chris around because you might be less tempted to eat crappy foods (plus when S is gone, I tend to be less hungry because I'm walking around feeling sorry for myself)...

    About the not getting a co-worker something...Unless we have a personal relationship outside of the office, I don't do presents. Not for birthdays or Christmas. We aren't friends so why would I spend my personal money or my personal time getting them something, you know?

    Try not to be too bummed out about Chris leaving! At least he is getting to come back (even if it is only briefly) between trips.